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If CBS wants to continue shooting “Deadly Woman”, they should be able to book Yu Yu and Li Guoqing’s schedule earlier. Because only in the marriage of Yu Yu and Li Guoqing, CBS can find all the drama factors about money, derailment, and homosexuality.

If you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of this new Internet, I will sort out the following:

In early October, Li Guoqing broke an awkward cup in an interview, calling his wife and co-founder Yu Yu, and drove him out of Dangdang, which he founded. Before the fall of the cup, Li Guoqing also repeatedly said on his Weibo and TV shows that his wife was not good. On the evening of October 23, after Li Guoqing shared a “I am still young” in the circle of friends and made some comments, Yu Yu replied to her husband with a long text of more than a thousand words. The reply includes a variety of elements such as money, derailment, homosexuality, clean-up, and widowed parenting.

In the fermentation process of the whole thing, Li Guoqing has been speaking on Weibo. @Dangdang founder Li Guoqing This Weibo account is his favorite and most influential voice.

As one of Li Guoqing’s 5.24 million fans, DT Jun, who knows nothing about marriage life but is very curious, collected 5377 microblogs (as of 16 October) , and selected a series of keywords.

We took a peek at Li Guoqing, the outstanding entrepreneur and top speaker, starting from the creation of Weibo account on December 1, 2010, and published in marriage, family, wife, career, social news and other fields. Various remarks.

This time the story begins with Li Guoqing meeting his wife Yu Yu.

I. Li Guoqing and Yu Yu, the real version of “Smiths”

The relationship between Li Guoqing and Yu Yu is the real version of the “Smiths”. In 1995, Li Guoqing, who was not successful in business, went to the United States to look for opportunities. He met New York University’s MBA Yu Yu at a dinner. In the movie, Pete and Julie used it for 6 weeks, and Li and Yu spent three months. Subsequently, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu returned to China to establish the current Dangdang.

The bridges where the speed of light is in love are very similar, and I can’t wait to copy the plot of the opponent’s hand, Li and Yu. Dangdang was in the early stages of its establishment, and the two returned to the United States in 2010. With Dangdang missing several development opportunities, the company’s growth began to slow down. Until now, Li and Yu have smashed their faces on the face due to multiple factors such as family and career.

In addition to the evaluation company, Li Guoqing often mentions his wife on Weibo – but Li Guoqing prefers to call Yu Yu a “wife”. Focusing on the two keywords of “wife” and “Yu Yu”, we analyzed Li Guoqing’s Weibo content and found some interesting points.

Li Guoqing has created a microblog since the creation of Weibo. A total of 113 Weibo mentions the term “wife”, accounting for 2.5%. Aside from the fact that Li Guoqing sometimes sells books for sale, and there is a very small part of the fictional story in Weibo, the word “wife” is used exclusively in his Weibo to refer to Yu Yu.

We have noticed in particular that the slightly-loving name of “wife” has also changed greatly in time in Li Guoqing’s Weibo, which roughly corresponds to the hot and cold relationship between Li Yu and the two.

Of the 113 Weibos mentioning “wife”, 99 were sent in 2010-2016, and only 13 were from 2018.

In the whole year of 2017, Li Guoqing only mentioned a “wife” on a Weibo. The content of this Weibo is “…I am a few years old, but my parents are gone, my son is big, my wife is still small…” Even though Li Guoqing is only one year older than Yu Yu, he still I feel that my wife is “still small.”

The content and meaning of this Weibo is very consistent with the relationship between Li and Yu at the time. According to the timeline we have combed before, when Dangdang received a quote from HNA, the husband and wife had a dispute because they wanted to sell the company. The same is the founder of the company, Yu Yu is going to sell, Li Guoqing is not giving. In this way, Li Guoqing felt that Yu Hao was “small” and it made sense.

With 2017 as the boundary, Li Guoqing’s attitude when referring to “wife” is also very different. Before 2017, Li Guoqing often mentioned “wife”, quite a part of the content is “I accompany my wife to go shopping” “Wife cooks for me” “I listened to my wife’s words and sat in the business class, really comfortable” Graceful post.

But after 2017, every time I mentioned “wife”, I made some complaints like “I let my wife leave the company” because “I love my wife so I endured her”.

We searched and found Weibo with keywords such as “marriage”, “love”, “love” and “wife”. Among these Weibo, similar to “entrepreneurship” and “dangdang” are also frequently mentioned – this is undoubtedly a family deeply bound by business.

So, once the couple has a business disagreement, the family will inevitably become crumbling.

Second, Li Guoqing’s real name is actually “Li Dazui”

In addition to the changes in the relationship between Li and Yu, Li Guoqing’s Weibo also truly reveals his character.

We looked at Li Guoqing’s Weibo fever. Over the years, he has experienced seven “highlights” moments on Weibo. These 7 moments are from 9 Weibo (specifically, the 9 Weibo with the highest interaction), 2012 and 2014 There are one, three in 2018 and four in 2019.

In 2012, Li Guoqing sent a microblog about “Dangdang custom 1 million red flags.” The comments on this Weibo are 90272, 11733 and 5. Found it? 90,000 rpm, 10,000 comments, but only 5 likes.

Seeing this data, the first reaction of DT Jun is – “Buy the comment?” Considering that the age is too long and unreliable, out of rigor, we have not made a final conclusion, but continue to look down.

In 2014, Li Guoqing’s one-vibration Weibo once again attracted a lot of praises, but this time it was true. From this section of the sneak peek of mobile phone traffic, we can see some of Li Guoqing’s “naughty” style.

After 2018 and 2019, Li Guoqing successively made several hot searches because of his support of Yu Minhong, Liu Qiangdong and his opinion on the 996 working system.

Looking at it, the logic of Li Guoqing’s hot search is “retrograde”, saying something contrary to common sense. So when Yu Yu said in a circle of friends that Li Guoqing had a group of professional public relations personnel who are good at controlling the media, DT Jun actually has reservations about this point. After all, if the public relations team is strong enough, this Weibo number will not let Li Guoqing run the business himself.

In analyzing the recent Weibo, DT Jun finally confirmed the argument that “Li Guoqing is an incompetent Weibo operator”.

In the past three days, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu were one of the biggest hot spots on the Internet. Li Guoqing’s Weibo fever also reached the highest point in history. On October 24th, Li Guoqing sent 3 Weibo posts about Yu Yu, a total of 12,000 reposts, 14,000 comments and 227,000 likes. Interestingly, Li Guoqing added a large number of topic words at the end of each Weibo. For example, #李国庆 officially proposed a divorce to Yu Yu##俞渝回李国庆##妻俞渝朋友圈开撕李国庆#.

We are amazed at Li Guoqing’s conscious addition of topic words to increase the heat of his own Weibo, but he forgot to advance the topic to get a better exposure – Baimiyi.

Although Weibo’s operational skills are somewhat lacking, as a successful entrepreneur, Li Guoqing’s patience to start microblogging from the details is hard to come by.

And this small omission does not prevent Li Guoqing from maintaining the image of “a funny person.” When the Internet supported Yu Yu and almost denounced him, he still voted for a Weibo vote (Maybe he voted Yu Yu , but I don’t know if I automatically like it after the vote. In the final analysis, I still have insufficient operational experience). In the vote of this 132,000 people participating in Weibo, 95,000 people thought that Li Guoqing was lying and sympathizing.

As far as the current situation is concerned, Li Guoqing’s release is not as strong as Yu’s complaint, and his behaviors such as falling cups and smashing tables have revealed his violent tendencies to some extent. Will such a person still have friends? With this question, we still find the answer through Li Guoqing’s Weibo.

Three, Li Guoqing is a contradiction

This time, we use Weibo’s interaction and forwarding number to evaluate who is Li Guoqing’s Weibo’s “good friend”.

Through the characteristics of Weibo, we found the most users of Li Guoqing Weibo@sp