This article is from WeChat public account:Gu Yu Lab (ID:guyulab), author: Wei Ling, photography: Feng Xinhui, editor: Lin Shanshan, produced: Gu Yu X story hardcore, cover from the original

The Menlo Park, California is very bright from early morning. The lake is exposed to the blue-green color of the pool. There is no shadow everywhere. A clean, perhaps too bright place. Four years ago, Chen Tianqiao moved here, eager to do a good job.

This is a thick brick red board room. In the middle of the board house, a large tree casts a shade, covering the atrium garden and open-air tables and chairs. Two printed house numbers were inserted on the grass outside the house, one for “Shanda(Shengda)” and the other for “Morgan Stanley(Morgan Stanley)“. The grass stretches, connecting buildings and shrubs to the distant lake. The Chinese koi is darker here, swimming in shallow water, and the abdomen is shining.

The change happened to Chen Tianqiao. He put on his braces, quit drinking, and then sugar. In order to overcome the family’s genetic sweetness addiction, he held a ceremony in the kitchen on the day of the sugar-free day. The three daughters came over and hugged him, kissed him and agreed to work as a supervisor. “They are the bosses of your life, and the three bosses look at you every day.” Chen Tianqiao said. He didn’t even have a bite to eat their daughter’s birthday cake.

Chen Tianqiao would rather spend time thinking, so that the action can be done once and for all, it is very difficult, but it will increase one’s confidence. He has a big eye and is not fat at all, but he looks very “large” and sits in a chair like it is welded inside. “Moving is a more emotional choice than rationality.” He said that Silicon Valley is the hometown of the Internet, and then he has to be in science for half a lifetime, and staying in the promised place of science makes him feel safe.

He is a packageA plane came here. If you also know a patient with severe anxiety and panic attacks, you will know that it takes courage to kill an elephant. Really. He had three companies on Wall Street but no one ringed the clock; when working with Harvard and MIT, the principals had no choice but to fly over the Pacific to visit him. There were other things and moments that didn’t get him on the plane. Like an Aladdin lamp story, the things that eventually got him on the plane included aspirations and fantasies: a newspaper newsletter, said Caltech’s brain neuroscientist Richard A. Andersen let a paralyzed patient wave with ideas The robotic arm.

The robotic arm waved at him across the sea, like greeting the arrival of a good life. A life that is not played by the chemical electrical signals in the mind. Chen Tianqiao was 42 years old when he boarded the plane ramp. One thing he understood earlier was that it was not money, nor love, drugs or time. It was the truth that gave freedom. The engine roared, he thought if this is the only correct way, then start working now.

When he was young, he was a game business. At the age of 28, he had enough $300,000 to buy the Chinese agent of the Korean game Legend. The game rewarded him with 60 million users. At the age of 31, wealth is like the rainy season water line mad to 15 billion yuan, “the youngest richest man in history” – that day Chen Tianqiao accompanied his wife to walk in Shanghai Fuxing Park, bought a newspaper printed with this line, he laid it on the grass Lying up, lying up, closing your eyes, the three thoughts are almost as strong: 1. Get the first place in the money making game to prove that he is a good player; 2. Feel no happiness; 3. Then?

Alcohol is a trick of deception, sweets, psychotropic drugs, and dopamine. He is self-disciplined like the Puritans, perhaps because he hates deception in his heart. Is fear a trick? Why do people see a thing that will fear, and others will not? When I was lying in the park grass, a man four years older than him called a taxi, drove to the community gas station, bought bulk gasoline, and then drove him into the office building, poured oil on his body and pulled out the lighter. He raised his voice and asked to meet him. The four-year-old man said that he “does not want to hurt anyone including himself, but just wants to solve the problem.”

The problem he said was to ask for the return of the virtual equipment confiscated in the game. Those equipments disappeared because of a setting modified by Chen Tianqiao a few days ago. Because of the tension, the man lost his hand and lit the lighter. The flame climbed up to the sleeves and raised black smoke. Dry powder fire extinguishers, smoke, ambulances, second-degree burns, and newspaper layouts, stock prices, and voices. It was a distant afternoon.

A strange man came to your office to burn himself on the normal day, before going home from work, because you changed the game code. “input(input) and output(output)?

The feelings of people living in their own minds. But the mind is a black box.

Chen Tianqiao flew over the ocean, got lost in the car for a long time before reaching the destination, passing through the marble main building, fainting, like triggering the game clearance, he saw the school’s motto was “The truth shall make You free(The truth will make you free)“. It was not long before he made the decision to build a brain science college here. “Investing $1 billion in advance,” he promised at the donation ceremony. Professor Anderson, who wielded the robotic arm, was appointed director of the New College Brain Interface Center.

For four consecutive years, Chen Tianqiao is dating a brain scientist like a class on the assembly line. He is methodical, never finished, and carpeted scans of American universities and research institutes. From California to New York, from Washington to Arizona, in the fall of 2019, more than 300 scientists were enrolled in his mind.

He took notes, listened and asked questions, and as the reporter used to throw Professor A’s questions to Professor BCD, in order to cross-certify, at least two hours before they were willing to let go. There are also 28 university presidents. The best university. They described to him the vision of the school in the field of brain science for the next decade. Of course, he spends more money and needs more money. Everyone can see that Shanda’s investment has become active.

He studied the two major undergraduate textbooks for brain science students that Stanford’s principal gave him at night, while learning the language and knowledge.

This is nothing. Chen Tianqiao has long understood the fact that if money is not used with intelligence and will, it can be extremely limited. (You will not see it) . Merchants only trust numbers and their own eyes, but what he pays for now is “a very imaginary thing.” Just like you have to hit the name of the line after the 5m bet of 5.19km before the marathon and bet on your life savings. “There is no light, no guideline, like a scorpion (giving your money).”

He is 46 years old and his time is getting faster, forcing you to make choices about the way you sell your vitality. Discharge sequences for easy goals, difficult goals, unrealistic goals, and non-impossible goals.

The land of science promises is also undergoing change. The New Yorker’s article on Silicon Valley says that in less than two years, the situation has changed. Internet companies and entrepreneurs have long been considered pioneers of American ingenuity and astronauts of our time, and are now working with standard oil companies and other gold-plated The monopolist of the era compares.

If “cool” is the only criterion for youth, is the Internet going old? Being a reporter makes me like a real estate agent, walking into someone else’s house and seeing the lives of others. I have seen people with “equipment”. Giants, entrepreneurs, successful people in the art market, stars, fear of loss make humans almost instinctively choose comfort in comfort and reality, and choose to maintain in maintenance and change. It is your mentally long fat that eventually erodes your willingness to act.

The truth is that choices are often more important than operations. The truth is that people don’t always have the vitality of a full battery. The truth is that you have the option at any time.

I have no way of knowing Chen Tianqiao’s decision system. Maybe he has different factory settings, maybe the disease is his alarm clock. There is nothing else that makes him really fearful than the equipment dissipates.

Three months, Chen Tianqiao continued panic attacks. When it went dark, he went out to walk, his wife followed, the distance from a table to a room.

“In the unlikely event that he has what he needs, he is sometimes uncomfortable, or does not want to say that he will pass when he raises his hand.”

Marriage life teaches you must have a clear understanding of your partner.” “It is very fun for someone to make money, retire, and fish.” The person she married is not one of them.

Chen Tianqiao is really grateful for marriage. Whatever his wife said at every turning point in life, he can repeat the original words and how he can benefit from it.”He said that I reminded him of this, but it must not be me… I am like his reminder(memo) on his mobile phone, he himself I know, I only help him make a memo.” He said.

The nerves in the attack period are as crisp as a spider’s silk. The more “not exist”, the better, worrying for him, helping him to do things, can not be seen and known. Her fear comes from “isolation”: “The disease has no physical manifestation. You don’t need to sweat him and take an oxygen bottle. Everything that happens is completely concerned.” Chen Tianqiao was alone in the enchantment. What does it feel like? Most people have to go through it once in a lifetime, if you are awake when you die.

A panic attack lasts an average of 10 minutes, reaches a peak in a short time, and then subsides. It is hard for people who are in it to believe that they will pass so soon, but it is. They walked in the darkness one after the other, waiting for fear to leave on their own.

Chen Tianqiao and 雒芊芊

Chen Tianqiao has repeatedly stated that there is no “story” to speak about, he relies on “logic” and “problem” actions. “A person stabbing you with a knife, stabbing this position, this strength, if the knife edge is sharp, you must die, but what you can do is not because someone wants to stab me to die, I will commit suicide, what you can do is try to make this Don’t stab the knife.”

Many explanations are boring, but he can also explain. His temper became better after moving, this is the secretary’s opinion. He doesn’t feel competing with Elon Musk, even though the two continue to publish similar results. “Our goals are different.” Musk sooner or later implanted a chip for each normal brain, but Chen Tianqiao refused to eat even an anti-anxiety drug. Snape, a bicyclic hydrogenated hydrazine derivative, a single right-handed optical isomer of racemic citalopram, 5 mg sufficient to inhibit the reuptake of 5-HT by central neurons – intervention for panic attacks.

“My way is to sell all the companies, so compare orGanic(organic).

The domestic Internet landscape is changing. Chen Tianqiao also looks at it, but he has lost interest in “Fon Neumann’s stone” and does not trust all computer simulations of human brains. “If there is more data, you can generate awareness.” – Human beings are the monkeys who have accumulated through the data. They should come out of the forest from generation to generation of monkeys, right? Give 500,000 years, another group of monkeys come out, why not?” He showed the joy of debating victory, “I A penny is not awarded to neuron network(neural network).”

“As for toC, to B, to BC, Bto C, Cto B, what are you doing? Yes, it’s all the waves that are thrown out of the water in the water, a wave of waves.” Chen Tianqiao Turn over the phone and read the WeChat sent to Tencent CEO Ma Huateng not long ago. “I see that you have been fighting for 20 years and your body is still eating. It’s amazing…”

Occasionally, he also showed a competitive heart, like a season cold, blowing a cow, and then recovering. It will also “window shopping” to endure the old American news magazines that have not been acquired. “It is harder to endure this than to quit sugar.” He waited for people to come to the brain science square, “because the bottleneck encountered by the industry can only return to the academic world to find the answer.”

He understands what entertainment is all about. The existing technology is a game that deceives the brain, the rabbit that comes out of the hat. Drama, movies, games, VR, AR, magic upgrades, exhausted the pattern. “Why do you have to cheating your brain (deceive the brain), why can’t hack your brain (black into the brain) ?” Chen Tianqiao said. You should respect the opponents you don’t know, do it positively, and not try to lie to it from the outside.

The third year of moving, Richard, a neuroscience professor at the TCCI Brain Computer Interface Center, stimulated a patient’s nerves that were permanently unconscious, causing him to feel something crawling on the back of his hand. A 100% simulated, non-existent touch.

“This means that the world can be thought of by the brain.” Chen Tianqiao said.

After you step into the snow in the morning, you will have a chill, and Chen Tianqiao knows that he is closer to the core than before.

Story Hardcore Interview with Chen Tianqiao, 雒芊芊Dialog Record:

Do Chinese entrepreneurs buy the world? It is easy to hang the name on the building. The inside of the black box will make you wake up and sleep in 20 years to pick up this dream.

Story Hardcore x Gu Yu: Let’s get started. Doing charity is much better than I imagined. Is it just a meeting?

Chen Tianqiao: This afternoon, a University of Arizona and a professor at the University of California, San Diego came over and talked to me about an idea. I hope we can support it. Very interesting, they said that they can “enlighten” through the help of external forces and technology.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Is it the “enlightenment” in Buddhism?

Chen Tianqiao: Right. He said that you can make you more focused, more peaceful (calm). A brain device. So you see this is a very interesting area. You must have real enthusiasm and be convinced of the tremendous impact you can make in the future, and you will be fully committed.

Many Chinese entrepreneurs are considered by the outside world to have money, come in and buy, and pay a big price – of course, suddenly they are not allowed to buy it recently – that Chinese entrepreneurs will buy the world. But I talked with Yi Dan (Note: Chen Yidan, philanthropist, co-founder of Tencent) Yesterday, we can bring a world Different Chinese entrepreneurs not only buy, but also give out(giving).

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Switching from making money to giving money, what has changed?

Chen Tianqiao: It’s harder to give money than to make money. Make money with your return(return) is easy to define, there are numbers. There is no way to use money to measure the return of money. Social influence is a very imaginary thing that you can hardly see. There is no light. There is no guideline, like a scorpion.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: I am very curious. When you give money, will you care too much about the quantitative degree of return?

Chen Tianqiao: TCCI(Chen Tianqiao Institute) is a research institution, we give money, I hope you can discover the truth. Of course, I really mind if my money goes out and can solve a specific problem of scientific research, even if it can be solved, then the two directions we set are (disease treatment and brain development) ) Is there any help? You said that a zebrafish neuron is in charge of sleep. What does this have to do with me? Can it be directly related to solving insomnia? These are all evaluated. The return of this non-monetary currency takes longer than you think (takes longer than you think). Maybe it’s ten years back, maybe it won’t come back.

Story Hardcore x Gu Yu: Will you challenge the scientist directly with this string of questions?

Chen Tianqiao: Of course. I will ask everyone when they come. For example, today’s professor, I asked first how do you solve the damage of your device to neurons? Second, how do you accurately find the position of the “enlightenment” in your mind? Third, how can this laboratory device be tested on humans and benefit the public, not just a concept? I asked one by one, and when I asked clearly, I was able to give money.

This is a difficult place: when we ran five meters in the marathon, we predicted that he was a good marathon runner.

Story Hardcore x Guyu: Can this be done?

Chen Tianqiao: This is hard to do. You know that your judgment may be wrong, this money will be wasted, but you must also do it.

Story Hardcore x Gu Yu: Do the professors feel that there is a lot of pressure to talk to you?

Chen Tianqiao: Right. They must (feeling pressure). This is the so-called philanthropist of different generation(intergenerational). Our generation is more difficult. If I am 70 to 80 years old, I will find a famous Nobel laureate, throw out the money, or hang my name on a building. It is very easy because your name is visible on the building.

But we are different. Every penny we earned was hard earned, not my father passed it to me. I am 40 years old, at least 40 years can enjoy(Enjoy), you can see your results. If I invest money, after 20 years, I feel that I am very sad.

If I am 90 years old, I will be in a hurry, but I can’t see it anyway, right. So I have to study hard and have to focus(focus) what they are doing, I will not waste my money.

Story Hardcore x Gu Yu: It’s much harder to say that doing things now is more difficult than making money. It actually needs to be judged all the time.

Chen Tianqiao: Yes, this is a fundamental question in life. Life is made up of one decision, who made the decision? Your brain. In fact, the brain is a black box.

We haveInput(input), we don’t know what it did, and finally output Output). At the most, 40 million people play online in our games at the same time. We changed one data. Some people went to Shanda to burn, and some people were happy. Why is the same input, the behavior is completely different? We don’t really know. We only keep trying to make mistakes, oh, A goes in C, I don’t want C, then I try B, B goes in C, because I don’t like C, so I banned AB.

I know that A goes in and he wants to kill, B goes in and he wants to kill, I will ban AB. But in this process, why does A go in and kill, and C is not? How is the brain handled? If you can figure out the black box, I believe we can output good, happy things.

Story Hardcore x Guyu: Even the best minds have to face choices, that is, you have to solve the problems you can solve in this life, or the more ambitious problems in this life. I sound like your choice is like the latter.

Chen Tianqiao: You have to know where the so-called self is and how it is formed. I can’t solve this life. But in the process can produce countless by-products, each of which may be revolutionary, for example, to solve depression, for example, to make memory faster. Maybe I can’t let you download the dream like in the Pirates of Dreams space, but I can wake up after your dream, you can sleep again, continue(Connect ) This dream. Maybe I can do it within 20 years.

I don’t know what nightmare you are, but I monitor neuron performance if it is a nightmare, I will help you stop(stop), if Sweet dreams, I will give you a new stimulus, let you pick up the dream just now.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Is this based on your personal desire?

Chen Tianqiao: Every one is my personal wish. I believe it is also your wish. If dreams can be connected, this is the ultimate entertainment. You are in a dreamYou can see the tiger, you can see the lion, you can see your lover, and it is real, it makes you feel, visual, auditory, and even emotional, right? Prove that your brain does not need your body at all.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: I am curious about what is your own selfishness, not from the rationality and social help maximization.

Chen Tianqiao: Frankly speaking, I can satisfy my general wishes and do not need to do charity. I want to eat, want to drink, want to live longer, I invest in some pharmaceutical factories, do not go through this way. My personal interests don’t have to give others dollars in this way. If I am interested in a small thing, I can directly recruit that scientist and become a grand laboratory. I don’t need to be in such a big framework.

I have always considered the issue from the top down. I have been thinking about it, what is the ultimate entertainment? It must be something that you think is happy in your heart, and it really mobilizes all your senses and touches. I think it is a dream. But I don’t think there is a download dream in technology. In the future I can see, I have seen so many professors, I can’t reach you want to kill dinosaurs, I will call you.

Story hardcore x valley rain: How many people did you ask to kill the dinosaur?

Chen Tianqiao: After this, there have been 300 professors.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Do they all say that they can’t?

Chen Tianqiao: Some of them directly ask, some of me chat from the side, for example, they say that C can’t do it. I think C is the root cause of the download dream, it won’t Ask him again, otherwise he will think you stupid(silly).

My solution is to sell the business – the Chinese Internet seems to grow and repeat – the next stone – the moment when humans are free from fear

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Did your panic attack get technical help from here?

Chen Tianqiao: panic attack (panic attack) is medicated, but this medicine is, just said A goes in, C comes out, but I don’t know why, so it has many side effects. My solution is to sell all the businesses.

When I sold my business at its peak, Tencent was only 70% to 80% of us, right. So sell what light brings you pressure, and go free to pursue what you really want. Over the past ten or twenty years, I have accumulated a lot of problems that may also be part of your stress.

I put the company down the market, many funds ran over and said that if you go public in China, you can become the richest man again. You can be the one with hundreds of billions. But my wife said that you are the richest at the age of 30 and the richest at the age of 40. What is the point? Why can’t you be different from others and make you feel excited?

Story hardcore x Gu Yu: So you made a cool decision.

Chen Tianqiao: My wife said that I should first dissect my brain and see what my brain’s reward mechanism looks like. I never have any pleasure from repeating and copying. For example, we were the first to free it, the whole society was jealous of me, our stock fell from 40 to 11, I remember the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, I complained to him, Wall Street did not understand me. When asked, he said, oh, I replaced you with it. I originally charged it, and suddenly I lost it.

Our literature (Shengda Literature) is also built from scratch, a billion(billion) is sold. I don’t want it, the back is repeated. I can’t get happiness from repetition and continuity.

I am sick, I have been raised in Singapore for a year, and I am ready to kill it again. My wife said that this is not the best chance to climb another mountain. I think from 2013 to 2015, what can you do if you leave this, what is your happiness, and what is the best application of your wealth. It must be rational and emotional.

We also invested a lot in education, giving poverty and giving children, but in the end we feel that the brain is the root of everything. We sell everything out. I am a cow, I am also a Taurus. I really think that I should sell everything and concentrate all my energy on doing this.

Story hardcore x谷雨: A small selfish question, is it so cool to sell so much wealth and such a large amount of money in one time?

Chen Tianqiao: The moment of the sale is very cool, but the back is the pressure. You are in Shanda, you will not look at the stock, you work hard, and each season will naturally grow slowly. But now that you don’t have a company, there is no such feeling of control. When you invest in others, you will think that he can work hard. This kind of uncertainty will always exist, and it still exists. So cool is just a little while.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: You are very working.

Chen Tianqiao: Yes, I am very working. You see that I talked with Ma Huateng last time. I said that the rivers and lakes are too chaotic. I think it’s not easy for you to fight for 20 years. He returned a sentence I can’t say. I said that your body is still eating, it is amazing, I can’t afford to toss. Finally, I added a sentence saying that the key is to repeat the boring. This is my idea.

China’s Internet seems to be growing, but it is actually repeating. Do portals, do games, do e-commerce, do AI, do clouds, wave after wave, to C, to B, to BC, to CB, C to b, what are you doing, yes, they are lost Under the information technology, this stone blasted in the water, a wave of waves. In fact, I am looking for a stone.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: So you didn’t leave the race to find the next stone.

Chen Tianqiao: Of course. In my opinion, AI follows the current von Neumann computer architecture. I think it is impossible for us to create a biochemical robot in this life. If you follow the brain (direction), then we have this ability.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: That is to say, you will not invest money in the simulation done on the von Neumann architecture?

Chen Tianqiao: Of course. I didn’t give a penny. I am investing in brain science. Many people say that they want to do chips, do neuron network(neural network), I think this is just a concept, with The real thing is not the same thing.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: In the big basket of brain science, how do you know how our awareness arises is one of your most interesting questions?

Chen Tianqiao: Right. The ultimate question is to understand what the world is and what its truth is. We have two ways to understand the truth. The first is to seek out and go to outer space. The second is to seek inward, but all vision is made up of your brain’s perception, so I think that seeking inward is the right way to find the truth. When you find the truth, people can be more free. Why did I give Caltech, the first is that its school motto touched me, it said that the truth makes you free. I feel that I have to find the truth, what is my fear.

In the middle, there are many process goals, some are even secular, for entertainment, for education, but in the end, my wife and I are very consistent, we just want to find this ultimate truth (ultimate truth). I don’t think my generation can find it. I don’t think the next generation will find it.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Selling a company, including choosing what you really like, can avoid fear again?

Chen Tianqiao: Can be avoided as much as possible, but it cannot be guaranteed. Because who knows what will trigger. When you are serious about learning brain structure and knowledge every day, when fear comes, you have self-awareness. This is the role of some chemical substances. It is a bioelectrical signal, not a real problem. But in the end, the day when you really discover how the brain works is the day of freedom and liberation.

Story Hardcore x Gu Yu: is the moment when human beings are free from fear.

Chen Tianqiao: Yes, it is a sense of fear, there is no need for fear, human beings can not.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: In fact, this choice to overcome fear is a very courageous face.

Chen Tianqiao: Yes, you must face it. Why did I suddenly get sick at such a peak? I could have done better and bigger.

My anxiety comes from no chance for me to continue. When I left in 2009, Alibaba was just listed on the To company. Tencent games only have 70% and 80% of us. Why do I feel that I am sick? Why not give me this opportunity? Now I have passed that stage. Occasionally, it may be like a cold, a cold.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Will you still catch a cold?

Chen Tianqiao: Sometimes I will see this thing, oh, if I am doing it, I will do it. That must be a cold.

Industry bottlenecks can only return to the academic world to find answers—the lack of scientists’ funds is a shame for our logistics force—the tipping point is coming—I am going to build another company

Story hardcore x谷雨: It seems that the industry, including many large companies, has attached importance to basic science.

Chen Tianqiao: Every philanthropist and entrepreneur is very mature. They must make this decision. They must also see that the basic science is facing the frontier of breakthroughs and see young scientists. It is a weak link at the moment. The bottleneck encountered by the industry can only return to the academic world to find the ultimate answer. This is everyone’s consensus.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: You have a shift from investing institutions to direct investment.

Chen Tianqiao: Yes, we have to remove the intermediate link, and we are not removing it. It is two simultaneous. The university has not changed in the past few hundred years. They have traditional values ​​and limitations. Our entrepreneurs are laymen, but our advantage is that we as outsiders have no burdens.

雒芊芊: We can look at the problem from another perspective and see what is missing in your current structure. Cross-school, interdisciplinary, global collaboration, the concept is veryDifficult to achieve in a well-defined social structure. We need to brainstorm and come up with a model.

Chen Tianqiao: I also often tell my friends that those who are financially free, energetic, and interested in a certain field will do it. Don’t be afraid of problems, you are wrong. Failure is also a good case study(case study), telling everyone not to do this again, it is a waste of money. If you succeed, the value to society is immeasurable.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: It can be seen that Shanda has become very active in investment.

Chen Tianqiao: First of all you need a sustainable financial support. Secondly, when you can’t really concentrate on running a company on a daily basis, and focusing on doing business like Ma Huateng, investment is the only way to make money. I am 70% to 80% focused on running a company called TCCI, so 20% and 30% of the rest can only do so much. The investment is case by case(one is one), every time you vote, there will always be people paying attention.

But I don’t deny that we are very hungry and hope to make more money to help brain science. It does require a lot of money. If we regard the whole human being as an expedition, then all our non-scientists are actually a logistics force, right? If scientists look back at the unknown and look forward to loneliness, there is not enough money for him to explore, which is a shame for our logistics forces.

Story hardcore x谷雨: Just now, everyone’s common strategic judgment is that the critical point is getting closer and closer, how to understand the critical point?

Chen Tianqiao: In a narrow sense, some of our major diseases and breakthroughs in major industries may be in sight.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: How should I understand?

Chen Tianqiao: In the next five to ten years, such as breakthroughs in AI, such as depression, anxiety (treatment ) breakthrough.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Some people say that Elron Musk’s many work in brain science is consistent with TCCI. Is he the strongest competitor?

Chen Tianqiao: I am not in a path with Elon Musk. The purpose and dream of Musk has always been to install a chip for every normal person. His fear of AI led him to be sure to have a radical reaction, including implanting electrodes into humans and immigrating to Mars. I don’t think this danger is so imminent.

In fact, human beings have a dilemma in BMI) (Brain machine interface): signal accuracy and no trauma There is a contradiction between them. So far, without opening the skull, there is no way to intercept the signal so accurately that every neuron signal can be obtained by opening the skull. Musk is now experimenting only on mice, not to be human, and he is also invasive, even though it is called “minimum trauma”, but it must also be lined up like a sewing needle.

Muske’s chief scientist is a postdoctoral fellow with the director of our center. If the skull is opened, our laboratory is precise enough to control the neurons and let the paralyzed patient feel something crawling on the body. We can let this person see the piano as soon as he sees the music in his mind, we help him pop up.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Are more and more strong entrepreneurs entering the field of brain science, will you feel excited?

Chen Tianqiao: Of course, because there is no competitive “enemy” in charity, there is no one who digs you, you are black into my stuff. Everyone is a partner. If Musk says that I am coming over a billion, opening this up is a very happy thing for me.

雒芊芊: We have all solved poverty and let your poverty foundation do nothing. Is it a more happy competition?

Chen Tianqiao: I also said with Ma Huateng, you must pay attention to the field of brain, which is a very exciting field.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Are you satisfied with the current work progress?

Chen Tianqiao: I am very satisfied at the moment. Caltech is a very good partner. We and Huashan Hospital have made very good progress. Four or five projects are advancing, and the results of the laboratory are further advanced. Including our recent efforts to do it, how to directly give money to scientists, to establish a new model, we spent about two or three years, last night, this morning is still discussing, today I am going to the car to have a meeting, 芊芊 still Chasing it out, chasing the car and telling me new ideas.

雒芊芊: It’s two people’s debates.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: When will it land?

Chen Tianqiao: We hope this fall. We want to be perfect, like a business model. Because the academic circle is very complicated, as I said, the business circle is actually simple, making money simple, because everything can be measured by money, but the academic circle has his dignity, mutual confidentiality, expert system. , evaluation, etc.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: This is very interesting. If you want to be more efficient, you have to break the barrier.

Chen Tianqiao: Right. We want to design something that both breaks it and lets everyone accept it, right. You make the school happy, can’t make the department unhappy, make the department happy, can’t make the postdocs unhappy, right? So like a game. Fortunately, I am an expert in designing games.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: The critical point is coming, will you consider re-doing the company yourself?

Chen Tianqiao: I am re-running the company now. Recently, I feel that there are some ideas. I can’t find anyone in my investment. I have recently taken some time to build another company.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Which aspect do you do?

Chen Tianqiao: Various aspects, several.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: That would at least not be like the previous company.

Chen Tianqiao: Of course, definitely not.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: So far, which of TCCI’s results is the most exciting?

Chen Tianqiao: My most exciting thing is that BMI can stimulate your brain to create feelings. Because physically, this person has broken the cervical vertebrae, the head and the lower limbs have been broken on the nerves, and it is impossible to feel anything. But after we controlled his nerves, he felt something was crawling. In a philosophical sense, the world is what my brain thinks. In fact, there is nothing to climb in your hand, the brain can create these.

Follow the ripples back to Silicon Valley – brainwashing children – original sin and respect – doesn’t care – do you buy Yao Jinbo’s stock now?

Story hardcore x谷雨: Why did you move here, why is Silicon Valley?

Chen Tianqiao: Frankly speaking, it may not be the right decision to come here. But emotionally, you will have a sense of security and belonging in Silicon Valley, because you are benefiting from that stone. The stone was thrown away from here. Of course, you naturally follow this ripple back here. This is a more emotional choice than rationality.

Fortunately, this world is free. If there is any place that can help us get closer to the truth and help our goals, we will not hesitate to move away from here.

Story hardcore x valley rain: I won’t go back to China after this.

Chen Tianqiao: Also back, can’t go back as far as possible, try to take less planes. I don’t travel in the US.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: I remember a detail saying that you have successfully brainwashed your daughter so that they all want to be brain science researchers when they grow up.

Chen Tianqiao: Yes, yes, of course, children can’t understand the greatness of this thing. You can only tell her that you see your father’s hair getting whiter and white, you want to let Dad always be old. go with? She said don’t want to. I said that you have to go to school, because the real is always the brain. So when they are younger, they have to pray, saying that I hope that I will study brain medicine early so that my father does not become so old. So fortunately my hair is white, every single of my hair is a whip that motivates me to advance several daughters.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: Do you really arrange brain science homework for them?

Chen Tianqiao: Up to now, I don’t have push(send to) them, I just buried in her heart A happy little mine. I told them that our Chen Family (Chen family) is to help humans solve this brain and psychological problems. My generation may not be able to Find out where the real humans come from, who we are, why we survive, but your generation must continue to find.

Everyone is very proud. My eldest daughter went to live on campus for the first time this year. She chose psychology for her class. I think this is the result of brainwashing her.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: I saw you saying that I hope that generations of relay research, brainwashing should be carried out in different generations?

Chen Tianqiao: Of course. If I can’t wash the next generation, I will wash the next generation first, right?(laugh).

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: I saw that you want to treat most of your property as “the hen that lays eggs”, and keep investing in laying eggs to maintain a lasting investment in brain science. 2% to 3% for your own children.

Chen Tianqiao: Right. Our children can live above the middle class – in fact, I think the money given to them is no longer a middle class, I think it is enough. The extra money, if they are not able to spend, can’t use it well, it is a responsibility and burden for them.

雒芊芊: We want to use brain science as a heritage of our family, but it does not mean that a certain child must take this class. It may be too old for this thinking.

Chen Tianqiao: Like me is such an old thinking.

雒芊芊: You are looking forward to it, but it is not necessarily that this must happen.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: With this thinking, will you look at the child at home, look at the child, and observe their interest or ability in this area?

Chen Tianqiao: You have to accept that a few children are completely uninterested or incapable. But emotionally hope that they can continue. Of course, you will continue to look at it. Just like the brainwashing I said, I always do some work and hope that they are interested.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: What is the child’s reaction, do you feel your father’s eager eyes?

Chen Tianqiao: Yesterday our Chen Institute building was capped. Caltech specially sent a piece of iron, and all of our family of five signed it, buried it on the last beam, and placed it forever. Of course, children will be very proud when they sign.

Story Hardcore x Valley Rain: And it’s a secret, because you can’t see it inside.

Chen Tianqiao: Right. Of course, there are also public ones, and there are also big brands