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NetEase is going to market in the US today, with an IPO price of $17 per share

It is reported that NetEase will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange on October 25 (Beijing time today evening) under the stock code “DAO”. According to Bloomberg, the IPO price is set at $17 per share and it is planned to issue 5.6 million shares of ADS.

氪星晚报| Tmall double 11 first batch of special school district room; Netease has a way to go to the US; Renren network 1.0 return to

Tmall Double 11 Hangzhou’s first batch of special school districts on the line, will be sold on the 29th

It is learned that the first batch of special school districts of Tmall Double 11 will go online this year. From October 25th, consumers can start to purchase and pay the deposit, and they will concentrate on selling on October 29. The property is mainly concentrated in Shangcheng District and Xiacheng District of Hangzhou, covering the school districts of Changshouqiao Primary School, Gaoyinxiang Primary School and Qinghe Experimental School. Tmall said that its starting price is at least 30% lower than the market price.

Users claim that Jingdong Financial Account has been stolen by 150,000, and the suspect payment link is safe. Vulnerabilities

It was learned that a user named “Tang Power_saucerman” released Weibo on the 22nd, saying that in mid-September, his bank card was stolen by Jingdong Finance for 150,000 yuan. In this regard, BOE first let the provision of stolen brush proof, and confirm that the stolen brush can actually go through the payment process. After providing the evidence, the excuses to cooperate with the police investigation refused to pay, refused to investigate the progress of the investigation, no formal processing, no settlement time. The user stated that there were major security breaches in Jingdong Finance’s payment link and instructed BOE officials to provide professional and timely responses and positive compensation measures.

Huawei obtains China’s first 5G base station equipment network access license

It was learned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued China’s first 5G radio communication equipment network access license. Huawei took the lead in obtaining the first network access license for 5G base station equipment, marking that Huawei’s 5G base station equipment can support China’s scale deployment and formally access the public telecommunications commercial network.

Jingdong will launch a “Double Hundred Plan” during the Double 11 joint venture and vibrate


It is learned that during the double 11 period this year, Jingdong will launch the “Double Hundred Plan” to link up with the top 100 brands, and unite with hundreds of heads to reach the market through the combination of fast hand and vibrato. Create content and create new marketing solutions for merchants. In addition, during the Double 11 period, Jingdong will also cooperate with vertical-type media betta, B-station, micro-vision and other platforms to create user-friendly live content.

Drip: Time-limited rectifications are all completed< /p>

It was learned that Didi Travel issued an official WeChat message saying that since the safety self-inspection and rectification started on September 4 last year, the current time-limited rectification project has been completed and the safety management will continue to be promoted. In terms of safety, Didi has established safety committees at all levels of the Group and various business divisions; in terms of safety response, for suspected safety entry, it can be upgraded to the safety response team within 10 minutes and processed in about 130 minutes; The travel recording function has covered all orders, the recording function covers about 40% of the orders, the recording and recording data availability rate is about 85%, and the whole process is encrypted.

The Vice President of Fast Businessization Yan Qiang: The 15 billion revenue target for this year can be successfully completed

It was learned that Yan Qiang, vice president of fast-hand commercialization, said in an interview that the main purpose of upgrading the marketing platform at this time is to strengthen the role of socialization in the entire fast-hand marketing system, and want to use this way to enlarge the social skills of fast-handed players. For the 15 billion new marketing business revenue target of 2019, Yan Qiang said that the overall progress is still relatively smooth, and the marketing target pressure will not be too great, and there may be breakthroughs.

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