Ang Lee’s film technology innovation seems to have failed again.

Three years ago, Ang Lee brought the world’s first 4K/3D/120 frame movie “Billy Lynn’s Midfield War” (hereafter “Billy Lynn”), but In fact, not many people have seen the 120-frame version because only five theaters around the world supported this screening format.

▲ Image from: Billy Lynn

This film suffered a double defeat at the box office and word of mouth in North America. At that time, Li An said that he was most afraid of the world’s next 120-frame movie or what he shot. Three years later, the most fearful thing for Ang Lee It still happened.

Ang Lee conducted a second high frame rate experiment on “Gemini Killer”, but this time there was no movie theater in North America showing a 4K/3D/120 frame version.

The “Gemini Killer” has been more severely criticized than Billy Lynn. 25% rotten tomato freshness, IMDB 5.7 points, Metacritic 38 points, no different from rotten films. Only Douban 7.1 points is still unsatisfactory, but this is also the penultimate score of all of Li An’s works, only The Hulk at 6.7.

Even if there are dozens of theaters in the country that can display 120-frame versions, it is unlikely that the current cost of $138 million will be recovered from the current box office trend, analysts The Twin Killer is expected to lose $75 million.

The 4K/3D/120 frame high specification experience of Billy Lynn and Gemini Killer does not open the 3D movie like Avatar, although Ang Lee still believes that 120 frames is the future, but Can’t help but ask the audience:

It’s only me who is shooting this way, I have a problem, stillIs there a problem in the world?

“Gemini Killer” 120-frame viewing experience: I feel a technical sample

What is a 120-frame movie? Simply put, every second of the movie contains 120 pictures. Most of the current movies are 24 frames per second. The result of accommodating more frames per unit time is that the picture is smoother and the details are clearer. .

▲Image from: Imgur

The 120-frame movie mentioned here is inseparable from the 4K/2K and 3D formats, because 120 frames are dedicated to 3D movies.

Compared with 2D movies, if the object moves quickly in a 3D movie, the motion blur will be more intense and even dizzy. This is especially strong when I watched the movie “The Extreme Car Theft”. The long drift of the 360-degree rotating film in the film made people feel dizzy. Of course, some people think that this is a unique film style.

The difference between 120 frames and 24 frames. Let’s take a look at the two images below. In the 120-frame picture, the train running at high speed can be seen very clearly, and even the figure in the car can be seen.

▲ 24 frames (top) and 120 frames (bottom) contrast Image from: “Gemini Killer”

Billy Lynn three years ago, although it also used 4K/3D