The change in short video has led to a significant increase in the efficiency of information transfer and education.

“Spring is coming.”

When the “Quick Hands Classroom” was launched, the tone of the teacher’s sudden improvement was still uncontrollable.

Mr. Gong’s full name Gong Qinglin. In Binzhou, Shandong Province, he is a mathematics and physics teacher in an offline education institution. He has no more than 100 students in one day. In fast hands, he is a “Math Physics Physics Teacher” with 846,000 fans. Video courses are very popular, and the two most popular ones are purchased by more than 15,000 people.

Mr. Gong’s video lesson is not expensive, 30 lessons for 9 lessons. But by the test month, his income in fast hands can reach three times that of online. Starting this summer, he spent two-thirds of his time on the production of short video courses. He told reporters that the next step is to prepare for “full effort.”

Quick solve problem: short video + education =?

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This is not an isolated case. According to the “2019 Fast Hand Education Ecology Report” released by the Fast Data Research Institute, the number of short video authors in fast-hand education is over 990,000, and the cumulative production is as high as 200 million. At the audience end, the total daily play of the works exceeds 2.2 billion, and the average daily praise is more than 60 million. The average daily viewing time of the educational live broadcast reached 734 years. Subject education such as mathematics and physics is only one part of it. Quality education, agriculture, rural areas and vocational education are also important components of the knowledge content pool.

There is a huge picture behind the numbers. These billion-level data means that the educational ecology of fast-handed players has begun to take shape, and “I am a teacher in fast hands” will become more and more common.

Quick hands are interested in deepening the educational ecology. Following the launch of the fast-paced class in June last year, the Education Eco-Partners Program was released in July this year. Good future, knowing, Himalayan, fruit shell, breeding school, star station TV, and other well-known enterprises in various fields have poured in. Recently, this plan has been further upgraded, and the fast-handed will provide refined support for C-side and B-side partners from multiple dimensions such as traffic, capital, operations, brand, e-commerce, and data services.

Everyone builds a fast-handed school

Mr. Gong has been a fast-paced user since 2015, and started producing short videos explaining math and physics knowledge one year later. At the beginning, the content was very simple: the lens was aimed at the title and the scratch paper, and the outside of the painting was explained. This did not win too many fans for the teacher, “I thought, is this form too boring?At that time, there was still a lot of entertainment content.

Mr. Gong soon began to reform: the content was adjusted from problem-solving to a more practical point of knowledge, coupled with the popular music, while communicating with fans in a more lively, grounded language. Later, when the first-year students began to learn the one-yuan equation, the teacher’s explanation video quickly circled hundreds of thousands of people, and for a long time thereafter maintained a daily increase of 4,500 yuan.

Quick Problem Solving: Short Video + Education =?

The teacher is very encouraged. Online, although he has 10 years of teaching experience, there are only a limited number of students who can teach in one class. Thinking of giving lectures to hundreds of thousands of people in fast hands, Ms. Gong felt that her educational dreams had been realized to some extent. More importantly, Ms. Gong felt that she had established a closer connection with the fans than the teachers and students. “I almost always have time to look at the fans’ messages and private messages every day to see what students want to hear. Then I will do it.” Ms. Gong thinks that the most precious thing is that fans are very honest with him. I’ve been brave enough to express my feelings. “We haven’t met before, but they can help for a while while they are growing up. There is a sense of accomplishment.”

This kind of joy is also felt by other fast-handed teachers who are contacted by reporters. When asked why they are teachers in fast hands, the audience has a wide audience and the old iron relationship has been mentioned many times. This is largely due to the fast-handed genes.

The fast track of “recording the world, recording you” always recognizes the value of every ordinary life, so in the fast hands, users can see 36,000 lines. The huge amount of traffic and the richness of the content ecology have determined that all types of users can quickly find areas of interest to learn.

At the same time, under the universal value, the fast-handed adopts the decentralized distribution mechanism, the content and the user are highly matched, and the fans and the creators are closely connected, which is convenient for establishing long-term contact. For the education industry that needs to build trust for a long time, the characteristics of the fast hand are highly adapted.

For a long time, the knowledge of all walks of life and all kinds of interests was quickly transmitted by short video and live broadcast. The 2019 Quick Hand Education Ecology Report shows that in fast hands, education has nothing to do with age and gender, more about personality and interaction, and presents significant differences between regions and preferences.

In terms of age, users under the age of 18 are not only interested in acquiring subject knowledge, but also interest in computers, anime hand-painting, gymnastics and clay; users aged 30-45 can operate agricultural machinery, write calligraphy, and play saxophone; 45 -60-year-old users are more concerned about wealth knowledge, planting flowers and erhu. Gender characteristics are very different from everyday perceptions, and female users pay more attention to