The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on.

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On October 25th, the Venture Capital Daily will check it. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~

Technology financing information “Tianshenghua Information Technology” completed tens of millions of B round financing for high-end manufacturing Provides intelligent solutions; Voxel8 completes the B-round financing of DSM, multi-material full-color 3D printed upper technology The enterprise digital service provider “Cloud Migration Technology” received 350 million B round of financing, which will be a large-scale commercial landing.

Other aspects “Cool Home” was awarded the D+ round of financing by Gaochun Capital. The value exceeds 1 billion US dollars; 3C digital rental platform “Mermaid” completes the C round of financing, the investor For the Hong Kong New Creation Group ; “Muguang Times” to start tens of millions of businesses a year Yuan Financing, Cultivate the community with stars and variety;“Group Solitaire” received $5 million in Series A financing, do mode morelight Group purchaseCommunity; electric vehicle charging station management software “EV Connect” With $12 million in Series B financing, I want to build an open charging ecosystem.

Online judicial identification platform, high-precision positioning visual sensing, immersive creative exhibitions, chain burn clinics, social platforms for retired people, luxury car e-commerce platforms, vertical CRO for gene therapy, B2B marketing service platform, Trendy Fish + Little Red Book, Short Video Industrialization Produced MCN, New Drug Discovery “Water Man”, Brainbox Interface Industrialization, floating 13 early projects such as the aircraft solution provider.

Finally, let’s take a look at the smart customized future shared by the guests in the “WISE×C2M Smart Custom Eco Summit” in Shanghai – Think about C2M customization from a smarter retail perspective, how to “play “New retail format.


Early projects:

1, “Enzo”, in one sentence: luxury car e-commerce platform

Enzo” mainly provides online sales services for new luxury cars and used car consignment services. Among them, the new car sales service mainly provides a nationwide luxury car online shopping platform by integrating authorized dealers across the country. At present, there are a thousand cars available on Enzo. At the same time, they are updated and maintained every day. Users can choose to compare local quotations in Enzo. If the consumer has the intention to purchase, Enzo’s service consultant can assist in the purchase of the car, and the shop pick-up will be accompanied by the staff of Enzo. After the transaction, the car purchase service fee of 1% of the original price of the new car will be collected.

Second-hand car consignment, Enzo only accepts high-end boutique used cars, and staff members check the condition of the vehicles on the door to ensure that all the information of the vehicle is true. The transaction commission for receiving two points of the transaction price of the buyer and the seller is not subject to the pressure of collecting funds.

Enzo has developed from a hobby website. Since 2019, it has officially formed a team. Since 2019, the scale of the platform transaction is about 300 million yuan, and the service fee income is about 3 million. (Author: Lin Lu ratio)

2, let some people first cool up, “Bengbu City” to be the “free fish + small red book” in the trend world

The recently-accepted project in Handan City is a C2C brand-name second-hand trading platform, and slogan is “let some people get cool first.” Like a free fish, buyers and sellers can communicate directly to complete the transaction. In addition, Handan City also provides value-added services for identification and cooperation with third-party platform “get”…(See more Here)

Financing Disclosure:

1, 3C Digital Rental Platform “Machine Honey” completed the C round of financing, the investor is Hong Kong New Creation Group

3C digital rental platform machine honey has completed the C round of financing at the end of September this year, the investor is Hong Kong New Creation Group, the amount was not disclosed. It is reported that this round of financing will be used for machine honey to expand online and offline business platforms, improve the rental service chain to enhance user experience ……(See more here)

2. Light mode for community group purchase, “Group Solitaire” received $5 million A round of financing

Competing with other community group buying companies to undertake a series of services from selection, warehousing, distribution, after-sales, etc. The head of the group is only responsible for selling goods, and the mode of group solitaire is lighter, only exists as a “opening tool”. Provide publishing, statistics, collections, sharing, interactions… (See more please click here) Span>

3, EV Connect, the electric vehicle charging station management software, received $12 million in Series B financing and wanted to build an open charging ecosystem

Founded in 2012, EV Connect has developed a cloud SaaS platform, EV Cloud, for online management.Electric vehicle charging equipment. The B-end users of this platform are mainly private charging station operators and parking lots with charging piles… (View more Please click here)

New Technology

Early projects:

1, “Hua Chuang Technology, in one sentence: computer vision spatial orientation

Camsense (Shenzhen Huanchuang Technology Co., Ltd.) Established in 2014, it focuses on the development of high-precision positioning vision sensors, providing core technology and product support for various types of artificial intelligence applications.

Currently, Camsense has core algorithms and chips with completely independent intellectual property rights, applied for 19 invention patents, and has obtained 3 licenses. The company is the first company in China to have the sub-millimeter-level positioning accuracy capability of monocular large space. The company’s products are widely used in industrial, medical, robotics and other fields. Completed the A+ round of financing in 2019. (Author: Lee Nien)

2, Raven Aerostar wins $10.4 million in aerostat system contract

Raven Aerostar Technology Solutions received a $5.7 million contract to provide backup hardware for the existing six Afghan aerostat site TIF-25K® Aerostat systems. Raven Aerostar Technology Solutions also received a $4.7 million contract… (See more here )

Financing Disclosure:

1, multi-material full-color 3D printed upper technology, Voxel8 completes DS-led B-round financing

Not long ago, Voxel8 introduced a multi-material ActiveLab digital manufacturing system for product development, wear testing and production of high-performance sports uppers. It is designer-friendly, automating and customizable without the need for additional tools. It uses ActiveMix extrusion technology…(See more please click here)

Industry Internet

Early projects:

1, “Small identification, in one sentence: an online platform for providing forensic services

小帮鉴定 is a consulting service platform dedicated to the field of forensic identification, breaking the barriers of forensic identification services as an entry point, through IP short video To identify knowledge science activities, and provide disability identification assessment, handwriting identification, product quality identification, and electronic data authenticity identification services. By aggregating forensic experts in various fields to directly serve users, the company solves the problems of industry information asymmetry, resource mismatch and high cost of service acquisition.

A small app has been on the line for a year, and has realized 7,000 natural registered users, nearly 50 daily lives, and 10-30 new users with a unit price of 1,000 yuan per day, with a conversion rate of 20%. The platform currently has nearly 100 forensic doctors and more than 40 national cooperation agencies. At present, the identification of the small help has been supported by Shanghai Fushun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the developer of the only designated case identification management system of the Ministry of Justice.

The founder of the company, Zhang Bo, worked at the Sichuan Gene Judicial Identification Institute and has eight years of experience in the Internet industry. Co-founder Gong Dao-Yin graduated from Huaxi Faculty of Medicine and received his doctorate in forensic science in 2013. Xin Dan, the person in charge of operations, has worked in the Internet industry listed company and has eight years of experience in operations related. (Author: Lijia Yang)

Financing Disclosure:

1. “Coca-Cola” was awarded the D+ round of financing by Gaochun Capital, with a post-investment valuation of over US$1 billion

In November 2013, Cool’s platform was officially launched, providing home decor designers with massive materials (three-dimensional models of floor and furniture) and a 10-second SaaS design tool. The first solution is what you think of. Platform users mainly include building materials/home improvement companies, independent designers, owners, etc., and revenues are… (See more Click here)


Financing Disclosure:

1. With the help of celebrities and variety products, the “Muguang Times” entrepreneurship has completed tens of millions of dollars in financing a year

Muguang through the high-quality lifestyle content matrix, grab traffic and sink in various business lines, open the content of long video and short video, design interactive video in the content of grass interactive community ZAO SPACE APP, through star life Home and content planting grass…(See more please click here)

2, returning to the content itself, “Popcorn” wants to create a standard paradigm for short video industry content

Unlike the traditional “network red brokerage company” that everyone knows, “popcorn” is mainly through the industrialization and standardization of short video content production capacity, establishing short video generation operation and self-operated, content training and other services, nationwide. Inside…(See more please click here)


Early projects:

1, “Qanlan Medical, in one sentence: Chain Burning Clinic

Qanlan Medical was established in Suzhou in 2017 and is positioned in a chain-burning scald clinic. Its characteristics are that in addition to providing medical services, it also has a full range of its own product lines, patented technology, can directly through its own brand of equipment supplies, remove intermediate links, reducing the cost of clinical use.

Qanlan Medical has opened more than 10 stores, with one doctor and two to five nurses in a single store. Among them, doctors need more than five years of experience in the industry. After training and internship at the Suzhou headquarters, they can only be employed. In the service, ask Lan Medical to grab time in the medical treatment process, register for real-time appointment, outpatient service, 24 hours of professional services for doctors, online rehabilitation services, and 24 hours of professional services in the call center. In addition, it supports remote medical treatment and gets rid of medical treatment. The depth of personnel is dependent.

As of now, Wenlan Medical has cured nearly 50,000 patients with scald burns. (Author: Dayton Yuting)

2, “Water-supply” for new drug discovery, “Chad Bio” provides preclinical CRO services from genes, proteins to cryo-electron microscopy structures

Different from the main business of WuXi PharmaTech, Kanglong Huacheng, Medicilon and Zhaoyan New Drugs, which covers the pre-clinical research phase, the compound is optimized to pre-clinical research services, and “Chad” focuses on drugs. Discover the front-end areas of CRO, including the production of drug target proteins, structural identification of drug target proteins, and structure-based drug molecular design… (Click here for more)

3, the brain-computer interface is in full swing, and “Bo Ruikang” is implemented in serious scenes such as scientific research and medical treatment

This company originated from QingThe Neuroengineering Laboratory of Hua University relies on the brain-computer interface technology of independent innovation and the core team of the “Twelfth Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program “Weak Information Collection Technology and Product Development in Brain-Computer Interface”… (See more please click here)

Business Services

Early projects:

1, “ Voice Marketing, in one sentence: B2B marketing platform based on operational data of industry population

Sound Marketing is an organization that provides marketing consulting and technical services for the B2B industry. The services include marketing consulting, operational landing and technology platform. Build.

Sounds MarketingThe service customers are mainly professional industries, including plastic materials, intelligent Internet of Things, etc. High, the customer group is narrow, and the founder of Voice Marketing has many years of experience in industrial vertical media and has accumulated corresponding knowledge reserves. The voice marketing solution is marketing generation operation + IT technology service. The combination of the two allows customers to directly experience the value of the marketing technology platform while reducing the customer’s operating costs.

Voice Marketing just launched the “Evolutional Intelligent Marketing Management System” to support customers online conference/live, offline exhibitions, emails The five major contacts, such as WeChat micro-station and official website, launched marketing operations. The future Tianying system will precipitate and build a common CDP platform for the industry, and in the future, it can provide accurate marketing services to industrial customers through desensitization.

In order to reach more industry customers, Voice Marketing has also made arrangements on the content and media side. At present, it has invested in vertical media such as New Media and PN Chinese. Voice Marketing has just completed the RMB 3 million angel round of financing. (Author: Lin Lu ratio)

Financing Disclosure:

1. Providing intelligent solutions for high-end manufacturing, “Tianshenghua Information Technology” completed tens of millions of RMB B round financing

Tianshenghua provides complete digital and intelligent solutions for defense military and high-end equipment manufacturers. Its main business includes digital enterprise and information system planning consulting… (See more please click here)

2. The enterprise digital service provider “Cloud Migration Technology” won 350 million yuan of B round financing, which will carry out large-scale commercial landing

The digital transformation of enterprises has been a hot topic in the past two years, and the vigorous “making the Taiwanese” movement has also received much attention. In terms of products, the core of cloud migration lies in “technology + data dual-station drive”, from its inception to the present… ( Click here for more)

Older people

Early projects:

1, “inch grass heart, in one sentence: a mobile app designed for retired people

寸草心 is an interest-oriented social app designed for retired people. It was done in 2017Report. After the report, Insula was awarded the multi-million-dollar angel round of financing by Zhongjin Capital and Yuanguan QiChuang in early 2018, and is currently seeking Pre-A round financing.

From the product point of view, the company contains tools, content and social media, including radio, news, beauty, health, games and other content tools, as well as social networking functions such as the heart circle and the heart group. The heart circle meets the social needs of strangers. It will match the user tags and location data generated by content distribution. Users can pay attention, forward interaction, release dynamics, etc., and also generate some small and medium KOLs in the platform; In particular, the user has created a very good creative atmosphere in the heart of the grass, with a daily theme of 2,000 articles and 20,000 comments, all of which are based on high-quality long texts and beautiful articles. The heart group is interested in socializing, such as photography, fishing, tourism, etc., or both have diabetes and want to communicate, you can create a group; another advantage of the group is that the group will be active with each other. In contrast, similar to the game family’s PK, the core members will spontaneously pull friends to join in order to improve the quality of the group, resulting in fission.
At present, the weekly active users of Inch Grass are 60,000 people, the average daily usage time is more than 45 minutes, and the average age of users is over 60 years old. In terms of cashing ideas, at present, advertising revenue is the mainstay, but the rewards and payment props of Xinyou Circle have also generated considerable value-added service income.

Next,Inch Grass plans to complement the platform qualification, strengthen community operations, increase advertising and content delivery on other platforms to acquire more users, and develop their own WeChat applets. On the team side, founder Xu Jiantong was an IBM consulting manager with 10 years of IT experience, leading the design, development and implementation of many large IT projects such as Volkswagen, CCTV, and Abbott. Co-founder Zheng Fei was the principal responsible for the mobile development of Ant Financial International Payments.

WISE×C2M Smart Custom Eco Summit

1. Liang Wei, Deputy General Manager of Suning Technology Group: Thinking about C2M Personalization from the perspective of smart retailing

Through the past four or five years of C2M personalized customization, I found that a problem has not been solved, why do customers buy custom? When we look at the people around us, we talk about costume customization. How many people are custom-made today, how many of the things you wear and use are customized? Why buy custom…(See more here )

2, “playing” new retail formats

LLJ folder is an innovative attempt based on the Japanese doll machine retail format in the Chinese domestic market. Why is there a trend in the 30-year history of doll machines in China? Why are so many people willing to line up outside? Into the store, why are some people willing to set aside a wall or even buy a house to collect our products…(See more please Here)

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