It’s coming, it’s coming, the double 11 comes with a rule like a Martian password and a comparable number!

“The rules of Double 11 are getting more and more complicated.” In recent years, Double 11, you can always hear such a slogan. This year, Tmall’s planning team did not let everyone down, and the rules of brain burning reached a new high. Improving the mathematics ability of the whole people has broken the heart.

Participating in the double 11 consumer last year, may remember the fear of being dominated by Ali’s whole family barrel, and this year’s gameplay can be seen as an upgraded version of last year. Please see the summary of the netizens in their ingenuity:

▲ The summary of netizens can be described as a hit, from: @驴立领

There is a business, and I have nothing.

Mathematics is not good. I don’t understand the class: paying a deposit and reducing it by XX yuan

The deposit is a double 11 continuation of the old game for many years, but only how the deposit + tail can meet the requirements of testing the mathematics of the whole people? The approximate rules are as follows:

The payment is reduced by XX yuan, the amount of the reduction is a multiple of 5, the amount of the reduction is ≤ 40% of the total price of the pre-sale, and the maximum deposit for the pre-sale is reduced by 400 yuan.

Don’t ask, the question is that the mathematics slag has been left.

However, this rule of shut up and take my money is already very friendly, and the real test is still behind.

Pull heads

“Help me get the coins”, “Come and help me a little, friendship is a long time”, “I will join my team immediately, and build a 2 billion red envelope together…”

When I saw this password with a cipher and garbled in the WeChat group, I knew that the double 11 came. It is almost the same as last year. In addition to the more people playing the game than last year, this year’s double 11 did not play new tricks in this respect. Of course, the route of tirelessly polluting the WeChat group cannot be shaken.

Holding thighs

In the official words, the user can get the corresponding red envelope through the “Ali Digital Economy Channel” – in fact, the Ali family bucket, complete the “designated interaction”.

It sounds similar to last year, but the so-called “designated interaction” is not just like signing last year, it has become more targeted, for example, you want to use Youku to watch 3 minutes of video, use Gaode map to check bus lines, Use word of mouth to cooperate with the store to scan the code, use UC to read the novel… A double 11, revitalize the entire Ali ecology, so I call this kind of operation “holding the thigh.”

No business class

Whether it is Taobao, word of mouth, Alipay or hungry, it can be turned into a small game platform during the Double 11 period. However, it is also a good place to open a dice, and the name is different on the surface. French allows you to browse the store, share, punch, and from time to time to collect energy or coins, probably Ali feels that only their own employees want 996 others are very busy.

In addition to this, there are also shopping allowances that seem to be very strong and may not have been reduced. It is better to give 0.15, 0.3 yuan red envelopes, check-in red envelopes, hand-to-hand red envelopes, etc. That is, “A single operation is as fierce as a tiger, and a total of 5 pieces of 5 are taken.”

Thanks to the double 11 for such a complicated gameplay, which successfully ruined my desire to shop, and made me miss the innocent era of no-tricks ten years ago.

How do double 11 become more complicated?

Double 11 has already passed the 11th year of this year. 11 years ago, on November 11th, there was only the “Single Day” that only netizens would ridicule. At that time, Tmall was also called “Taobao Mall”, the first session. Only 27 brands participated in the Double 11 Shopping Festival. The sales of RMB 50 million may seem insignificant now, but it was already a record number at the time.

▲ 2009 Taobao Mall Double 11 Promotional Banner

The success of the first Double 11 relies on the sincerity of true and 50%. There is no routine, no need to work hard to grab the red envelope, calculate the optimal combination, and add the participating products to the shopping in advance. The car, on the 11th, at 0 o’clock, the price is directly halved.

Dividends are always coming quickly, and the double 11 is getting louder and louder. More and more merchants are participating, and sales have hit new highs, but the benefits that consumers can enjoy are becoming less and less.

At first, Tmall did not have so much thought, but the merchants played a small calculation, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. They didn’t want to miss the traffic dividend of Double 11 and did not have so much profit margin to benefit consumers, so they first increased their prices. Discounts have become the norm, consumers have been half-day full reduction, resistance to wait for more than half a month, to the hand price is only a little cheaper than usual.

▲ deposit expansion N times to now is just an appetizer

Although Tmall has made many restrictions on this, for example, the price of participating in the double 11 product must be the lowest price in a period of time, but the height is one foot, the height is one foot, and the savvy merchant can always find something like Before the event, the method of getting off the shelf, changing the product link, etc.

Gradually, not only is the business insincere, but Ali also begins to harvest traffic. It is not enough for consumers to raise the GMV for the whole year. Can socialization be done? Ali applications can not be divided into a cup, wrong, a bowl, a pot?

Therefore, the gameplay is more than a year, and the battle line is getting longer and longer. If last year was obviously for the Ali system application diversion, this year it is intended to use other collection + upgrade mode games and live broadcast to further occupy user time. .

Why can’t you be sincere?

A lot of people complain why the double 11 can’t be as kind as the original, so that the planners are not so tired, can consumers buy and buy happily? However, for the current Ali, the meaning of the double 11 is no longer just to stimulate consumption and volume. Too big to say that it is an annual brand image propaganda. To a small point, it should also maximize the value of the traffic. How can a discount be worthy of the brothers that Tmall wants to feed?

Someone often compares the double 11 with the black five in the United States. Compared with the big 11 games of Tmall and even a large number of e-commerce companies in the country, Amazon, Bestbuy, etc. are really like honest people. The most complicated is just the full reduction of the audience. (Only discussed online).

If from the consumer’s point of view, aside from the discount, Amazon’s approach is much more generous, but from the perspective of the platform and the business, the double 11 is only a promotional shopping festival, it is too Lack of imagination.

▲ “Black Five” on the day of the Americans’ purchase is mainly online. The picture is from: CNBC

In addition, the tradition of the birth of these two festivals must also be taken into account. Unlike the double 11 is an online shopping festival created entirely out of thin air. Black Friday after Thanksgiving has always been regarded as the symbol of the beginning of the US Christmas shopping season. Discounts can be regarded as traditional customs, bringing this habit to the line. E-commerce may not dare to consume tradition too much.

For the reason that the double 11 rule is more complicated year after year, there are two commonly accepted explanations, namely price discrimination (excluding derogatory) and price confusion.

Price discrimination is very common in daily life. Consumers who are unwilling to spend money or don’t know the preferential information need to pay a higher price. Those who are dismissed by the double 11 complicated gameplay are obviously People who are “discriminated”.

Price confusion, which makes it difficult for users to compare prices through different pricing models, here we quote the Edinburgh University Business School Assistant Professor Wang Tong is answering the question:

Buy a box of toothpaste, now there are two brands to choose from: one is “20 dollars a box, buy one get one free”, the other is “25 yuan a box, buy one get one free”, then obviously Very easy, we only need to compare the difference in quality and price difference between the two in our own minds.

But ifThe first brand is “20 yuan a box, buy one get one free”, the second brand is “29.5 yuan a box, now 65% off, if the consumption is over 100, then return 20 yuan shopping coupon”, so compare It is relatively difficult to get up.

Different pricing models can avoid competition, and consumers are more difficult to distinguish the size of the offer. At the same time, the use of simple content, but the steps of the game can increase the user’s sunk cost, ask the grandfather to tell the grandmother to like the team to smash so many red packets, grab so many gold coins, do not buy is a person? After all, looking at the dozens of red envelopes on the account, there is always the illusion of losing hundreds of millions of dollars, so I originally only wanted to buy 200 pieces, and finally spent 500 pieces in order to use the 400-50 shopping allowance. In the face of overwhelming and pervasive double 11 promotion entrances, even those who are determined to be determined will not be able to participate in this warm atmosphere.

▲ Image from: Alibaba

Multiple-pronged, it’s no wonder that everyone is youngTucao Double 11 activity is not sincere, but still can’t help but push the GMV of Double 11 to a new high, but after the cancellation of the order, the return rate, Ali will not tell you.

The GMV of Tmall Double 11 last year was fixed at 213.5 billion yuan. There is no suspense in this year’s record. Only the GMV that has not been allowed to decline has become a heavy shackle of Tmall Double 11 and its growth is slowing down. Significantly extend the pre-sale period, the volume of the Tmall is not enough? Then count the turnover of Lazada, an overseas platform. According to this speed, it may be that the pre-sale of the double 11 may start from the National Day, and the volume of the Ali system platform such as word of mouth, hungry, and lottery tickets should be handed over.

I don’t know how to play in the future. But one thing is certain, the days of simple discounts are not going back.

So double 11 Is there any real benefit? Yes, if you look at the flower garden, you will not make up the excitement. You will silently raise the amount without any operation. As always, you are afraid that you will not be able to participate in this project of hundreds of billions of ammunition.

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