Another test before the drop is on the line.

The front line 丨 滴 dripping money to recruit Shun Road orders product experience officer, is the ride really coming?

Learn that Drips began recruiting the product experience The event will be held from October 16th to November 16th at Beijing, Dalian, Tianjin, Xuzhou, Xinyang, Yantai, Yinchuan and Zhuzhou. The rule of this activity is that the user can register as a new driver of Didi, set up the function of taking the order product, and submit the experience experience or suggestions for improvement to get 100 yuan cash reward.

It seems like this is in the warm-up for the re-launch of the ride. In August last year, the shuttle business was “indefinitely offline”, although Liu Qing repeatedly stressed that there are only 1 million to 2 million orders per day before the downline, which accounts for only 5% to 10% of the order for the whole day. However, with the drip dripping pressure to retreat and unregulated capacity, the main capacity of Drip is also losing, and some areas have also appeared “difficult to take a taxi”.

Additionally, during the exit of the shuttle track, the original rider’s driver has flowed to the platform of the hustle and bustle that has been catching up. In order to defend the competition and make up for the imbalance between supply and demand, Didi has to be on the windmill. The edges are constantly “tempting.”

In March of this year, Didi tried to operate the “excellent carpooling” function in Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian and other places. This function is similar to the user experience and price of the ride. It can only appear in certain time periods where the travel demand is strong, and the route needs to exceed 10 kilometers. Users need to make an appointment in advance. Recently, it was discovered that Didi has released the reservation request for special carpooling.

The last two security incidents have pushed the drops to the forefront. Nowadays, Didi has not been able to withstand any security risks. The attitude of Didi is quite conservative when it comes to users.

After more than a year off the line, Drips has re-iterated more than a dozen versions internally, and has experienced more than 200 functions. This “shunting order” is very likely to be a “before the ride”. “The sample”, but currently this function is only open to the driver, the driver can choose the familiar area or the destination at the destination of the owner’s app, the latter only has three choices per day.

After selecting the order area, the driver has two options for the order mode. One is to select the “general drop” mode with a detour of less than 30%. In this mode, the driver can receive multiple orders at the same time. The two modes are the “super-shun” mode within 3 km from the destination. After the selection, the driver will arrive at the destination.

In order to get a better ride on the line, Drip has done a lot of corresponding safety work.

On October 25, Didi announced that the results of the safety self-inspection launched on September 4 last year showed that Didi currently obtained the “Network Appointment Taxi Business License” in 144 cities; The function has covered all orders, and there are 228 cities on-line SMS alarm function; increase customer service power allocation, customer service team expanded to 9,000; related cases, in the first half of this year, drip net about car sex crimes compared with the same period last year The decline was 70%, and the case detection rate on the platform remained 100%.

In the future product positioning, Didi said at in August this year, will be exempt from information during the trial operation in the future. Service fees, and will not take scale and profit as the main goal.

Next, if the feedback and experience of the driver are positive, then it may not be far from the actual launch of the drip-fighting products.