Comply with the general trend of home testing.

Cervical cancer is one of the common malignant tumors in women, and the incidence rate is second only to breast cancer. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is an important cause of cervical cancer. After infection with HPV virus, the disease is not obvious. Therefore, many people do not know that they have been infected until the virus cross-infects, causing genital warts. Perhaps more serious problems such as cancer will be discovered. Early diagnosis and early screening is the key to solving the problem. Fortunately, cervical cancer is also the only cancer in all human cancers that can be eliminated by early prevention and treatment.

About The prevention of cervical cancer is currently only available in vaccines and education. However, although the vaccine is effective, it is not a panacea. This requires the use of a second line of defense, namely early screening and corresponding treatment, Currently, the main clinical use of cytology (ie, removal of cervical exfoliated cells for examination, including Pap and TCT), and HPV detection two methods < /strong>. Due to China’s large population base, shortage of health resources, lack of pathologists, and experience of “unpleasantness” and poor public compliance, cytology detection is difficult. According to statistics, only 20.7% of women in China have indicated that they have suspected cervical sampling tests.

Urine test can accurately predict high-risk cervical cancer?

Pap smear for cervical smear cytology (from Oriental IC)

As for HPV testing, due to the etiology of HPV and cervical cancer, its clinical recognition is getting higher and higher and has been promoted and applied. There are four methods approved by the FDA, including The second generation hybrid capture method, fluorescent PCR method, enzyme digestion signal amplification method, and mRNA detection method. However, the relevant products currently on the market need to be completed under the guidance of professionals.

Based on urine testing, early screening of cervical cancer becomes a reality

Recently, Tumor Screening Biotech Co., Ltd. “Nuohui Health has launched a more convenient and convenient method of testing – urine testing, the corresponding landing products are in the certification stage, the next 1-2 years Can be officially listed.

Urine test can accurately predict high-risk cervical cancer?

Nuo Hui Health Chief Scientist Chen Yiyou

According to Chen Yiyou, the chief scientist of Nuohui Health, the product is mainly based on the multi-fluorescence of urine samples to judge the currently recognized 14 high-risk viruses. The indicator, “Is it 16 or not, the other 7 subtypes are infected, and the other 5 (no vaccine protection) subtypes are infected, through 4 indicators users judge, do not play Whether vaccines and existing vaccines can protect them from infection.”

According to him, the current detection sensitivity (detection of precancerous lesions) is almost the same as cytology.

Chen Yiyou said frankly, in fact, from a technical point of view, this product is nothing special, and its innovation is more reflected in improving the user experience. He believes that cervical cancer eradication techniques already exist, including vaccines, screening and government push, but we are still “last mile” from conquering cervical cancer, that is, screening compliance That is, whether women are willing to accept such screening. Nuohui Health CEO Zhu Yeqing also said that the most important thing for early diagnosis and early treatment industry is that everyone needs to be aware and more people to participate, followed by the advanced nature of technology.

The key to solving this problem is to explore a simpler and more private screening method. Chen Yiyou said that his team has conducted a lot of research and found that the urine sample is the most adaptable. If the virus can be detected by urine, it will definitely benefit more female friends; therefore, the company has experienced Three years of research and development have turned this idea into reality.

According to him, this product has no restrictions on the sampling location, whether it is in the clinic or at home; secondly, with its unique sample stabilization technology, urine can be stable at room temperature for two weeks; Third, it is painlessCreate, to avoid the privacy problems of many women; its Fourth, urine samples can be fully automated detection, to ensure that the test results are objective and repeatable. In addition, from the channel promotion, Chen Yiyou said that it also is in line with the Internet early screening mode, that is, users directly place orders online, and complete sampling at home < /span>.

Home early screening is an inevitable trend of early tumor screening

In fact, before entering the cervical cancer early screening track, Nuohui Health has been deployed in the fields of colon cancer and lung cancer, and has been introduced to the market“Chang Weiqing” and “fee A number of products such as Zheng Qing, Wei Guan, and Chang Wei You.

Urine test can accurately predict high-risk cervical cancer?

Nuohui Health Company has listed products

Among them, “Chang Wei Qing” is a multi-target fecal FIT-DNA test product developed for the genomic characteristics of the Chinese population. It is a non-invasive, painless, non-invasive product. Invasive, home-operated genetic testing products provide intestinal health assessment services to medical checkups by timely detecting early colorectal cancer-related genetic variants. “Feizhengqing” is an early detection product for lung cancer sputum. It detects qualitative detection of telomerase reverse transcriptase subunit (hTERT) mRNA in exfoliated cells in sputum, and lungs such as lung nodules. The benign and malignant lesions were assisted.

At present, innovative technologies such as 噗噗-tube and Changweiqing multi-target fecal FIT-DNA test have been written into the “Chinese Experts Consensus on Early Diagnosis and Screening of Colorectal Cancer” and “Anti-cancer Medical Examination” In the Standardization of Experts Consensus, industry standards have been established.

It is not difficult to find that the above products have a commonality, and they all face the scene of early screening at home. Zhu Yeqing said that this is related to the company’s overall strategy. He believes that home early screening will become a trend of early screening of tumors. First of all, China’s medical resources are scarce and it is unrealistic to cover everyone. Secondly, China’s consumption level is still very large. It is difficult to cover everyone with one technology and product. Third, for screening, the mostThe important thing is compliance. Now people are not willing to do it because the hospital is too troublesome. In the end, the cost of going to the hospital is relatively high. In order to achieve the popularity of early cancer screening, it is inevitable to promote home screening.

However, Zhu Yeqing also stressed that early cancer screening is still in the stage of relying on national policies and technology upgrades, in addition to product costs still need to be further reduced with market growth, Volkswagen on such products The understanding and acceptance also need to continue to improve. To this end, Nuohui Health also launched the “Green Silk Road” public welfare activity with the China Cancer Foundation, Aikang Group and “Fashion Health” to promote the early screening of digestive tract tumors. The concept and consciousness of diagnosis and early treatment.

The market is hot, but industry needs to upgrade

In fact, behind Nuohui’s health-enhancing layout is the huge market size of early tumor screening. At present, major players are competing to enter the market. In the A-share market, there are more than ten listed companies such as Huada Gene, Dean Diagnostics, Berry Gene, and Meikang Bio, which incorporate early screening into their business areas; there are also many enterprises in the primary market. Expand the layout here, such as Nuohe Zhiyuan, Firestone Medicine, Kang Liming Bio , 觅瑞早筛.

However, Imagine is very beautiful, the reality is very skinny. Due to the high technical barriers (the products are very expensive to sell, probably tens of thousands), and relatively low market awareness, most of the tumor early screening products on the market are not selling well. Zhu Yeqing said that the root cause is that most products do not have enough clinical data to support them.

“It’s technically put into clinical use, it’s very good in the lab, it’s completely impossible to enlarge the sample. The sample of 7 people has no meaning, if it is the data of 70,000 people. Persuasive.”

For this reason, Nuohui Health has also stepped up its upgrade in recent years. Zhu Yeqing introduced to it, mainly reflected in severalAspects: First, do more exploration in the clinic to ensure compliance; second, focus on high-risk cancer in China, and propose more solutions that meet clinical needs and market recognition; , expand sales channels; Fourth, expand production capacity, including the introduction of automated production lines, expansion of factories and so on.

According to him, the company’s earliest is relatively fast with the medical examination and insurance institutions. With the increase of product brand awareness and the gradual accumulation of bed data, it has now begun to infiltrate the hospital. channel. Correspondingly, Nuohui Health has a relatively high income growth rate of more than 300% this year. It is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 100% every year for the next 3 to 5 years. .