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Missing the summer file, missed the National Day file, after four months of crouching, “You of the Boys” opened the day, the box office broke through 200 million.

This film is based on Hao Yue’s youth pain novel, “You are so beautiful, so beautiful.” On the eve of the release, it was a wave of twists and turns, originally scheduled for release on June 27, three days before the release. Dismissed the news; in February this year, due to “post-production reasons”, the exhibition unit of the Berlin Film Festival was withdrawn.

The public’s enthusiasm for watching movies has not been blocked. Weibo’s reading on this topic is nearly 4 billion, and the topic is discussed at nearly 60 million. On October 25, after the official announcement, it immediately boarded Weibo. As of press time, the reading volume exceeded 1 billion.

In the cat’s eye, the audience scored as high as 9.7, more than 1 million people said they wanted to see it. The total pre-sale box office exceeded 100 million. According to the official data of the cat’s eye, the first day’s filming rate exceeded 40%, and the box office was close to 70 million. Steady to lead the market.

Youth, Youth, and Redemption

“You of the Juvenile” tells the story of the fate of two teenagers due to a campus accident, the plot is not beautiful, and even can be said to be cruel and cold.

Good student Chen Nian (Zhou Dongyu) The classmates suffered from bullying for a long time and ended their lives with a jump. Chen Nian became the target of bullying because of a good deed, and life slowly deviated from the predetermined track.

In this process, because the street teenager Xiaobei (Easy Millennium) was beaten, the fate of the two people was intertwined and opened.The journey of warmth and redemption began.

The pain of the teenager is not exported, full of difficulties and struggles, so the solution to the problem is to “violent violence.” Xiaobei, who believes in “beating must fight back,” carefully guards Chen’s dream of “protecting the world.”

The film was created by the original class of “July and Ansheng”. In the “Youth of You” official, director Zeng Guoxiang said, “You are young” and “July and Ansheng” are completely different in style. The only continuation of the film is to keep the characters’ delicate treatment of emotions. Producer Xu Yuezhen said, The “Youth of the Teenagers” proposition is bigger than “July and Ansheng”. When you discuss more things, you will dig your heart more.

Repressed music, realistic pictures, the use of extreme restraint of color, plus a number of close-ups, make the film without ill-fated disease-free, no familiar routine of domestic youth abortion, only the cold tingling of reality.

Wraping the coat of the college entrance examination, families, schools, and society are involved. The growing troubles of the teenagers and the exquisite self-interest of adults have become the propositions being explored.

After Chen Nian’s murder, Xiaobei decided to play for Chen Nian’s role as a police officer. Zheng Yi, in order to seek truth, deceived Chen Nian that Xiaobei might be sentenced to death.

Adults sometimes always use the name “for you”, but they don’t really get into the heart of the teenager.

“Is it my sin to be bullied?” Chen Nian shouted to represent the police of justice, and the old police asked the new police: Is it mature now? Hard to drag both down.

Chen Nian and Xiaobei, who have truly become adult, may find the world of adults more cold. As the film says: We will become adults when the college entrance examination is finished, but there has never been a class that taught us how to change. Become an adult.

Golden Horse Shadow and Traffic Xiaosheng’s showdown

In addition to the practical significance of the theme itself, “You of the Juvenile” has attracted much attention from the two actors who took the lead: Zhou Mayu after the Golden Horse Shadow and Yi Qiann who challenged the big silver screen for the first time.

Zhou Dongyu, a representative of the chick movie, changed the ghost horse spirit of the past, in addition to giving people a pleasant impression of the hair type, powerless, forbearing, and stubborn image shaping… Some netizens said, “performance bursting” “crying drama is delicate and hierarchical, Can be called a textbook level.”

In an interview with Lens, Zhou Dongyu said that the producer Xu Yuezhen told her that she must perform better than “July and Ansheng”, otherwise it would be a failure.” Director Zeng Guoxiang repeatedly told her at the scene: “I don’t want Zhou Dongyu, I want to recite Chen.” “For various methods, forcing her and marrying her, I was a bit fierce that day. In the end, she really fell a bit, but she entered that state.”

In the propaganda film of “Youth”, only a few minutes of publicity, Zhou Dongyu called JOJO (supervisor Xu Yuezhen) as a mother, and director Zeng Guoxiang is a “back dad.”

Beyond expectations, there are still thousands of words, these four words have already represented the heat and flow, “Yi Yi Qian Jiu Jiu You” “Yi Yi Qian Qian acting” “Zhang Yi Qua Yi Qian Qian”… …

“This is the best movie I have seen this year. Millennium is the first time I have seen you. It’s great! It’s great…” Zhang translated to Yi Qian, said: It’s really good to have a low red eye and a recognized sense of joy.

Writer Zhang Wei evaluates Yi Qian Millennium: You are an actor, not an idol.

In the interview with Lens, the supervisor Xu Yuezhen revealed a lot of moving details. After the scene of Xiaobei’s scene was finished, Yi Qian asked the crew to move the furniture of Xiaobei home. “Millennium may be in my heart. There are many things that can’t and don’t dare tell you, but his sensitivity, his abundant emotions, you can feel full.”

This is true.

After the film has been aired for a day, the discussion is still non-stop. “The actors are immersive and the audience watched immersively.” “I can’t stand him laughing, he wants to cry when he smiles.”

With the Li Biyi in the historical suspense drama “Chang’an Twelve Hours”, the sense of stability of Yi Qianqian’s “juvenile old man” and the manipulation of the sound table have left a deep impression on the audience, although it does not reach The standard of professional drama, but also people are reluctant to classify it as a stream of students.

“You are a young man” is a key step in the transformation of Yi Qian Qian Qian from the flow. Of course, I will also question myself. When I was asked at the meeting of the founding team on October 25, when asked about the feelings of Zhou Dongyu’s kiss, he said that the whole drama was serious and heavy. I don’t know if I can express the gentleness between the two. Cold things, bluntly said it is difficult.

The Yishun Millennium in the film is no longer a juvenile idol who is braving a pink bubble. It is stripped of the landscaping of the filter. It is presented to the public as a tough guy, Xiaobei, who has said that there has been a period of time from Xiaobei. The shadow of the pursuit, the ultimate pursuit of the role and the immersive performance, from the perspective of the filming effect, the public’s expectations have not failed, Yi Qian thousand from the idol to the actor’s transformation has also begun to bear fruit.

Outside the movie

After talking about the movie itself, I want to talk about the meaning outside of this movie.

As a theme film about campus bullying, “You of the Teenagers” is not the first person to eat crabs. Prior to this, the first anti-campus bullying movie in China, which was edited by Guo Jingming’s novel “Sadness Against the River”, has already been discussed.

Although the drama tension of the film itself, the actors’ acting skills, and the comprehensive division of the plot have been criticized, it is a victory to be able to face the problem itself. We are not doing enough in this regard.

Talk about this, there is a movie