Fascia fitness is a red history.

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Compared with the eternal theme of “Growth and Fat Reduction” in the gym, “fascia” is becoming a hot topic for many people in the gym. For example, the fascia gun becomes the gym version of “Dyson”, fascial relaxation class has attracted much attention, Pilates fascia stretching, yoga Zen soft fascia effect.

The fascia theory is also included in various types of training in sports recovery and exercise rehabilitation, and even the rise of fascia theory has also boosted the rare cases of Chinese and Western diagnosis and treatment. The fascia seems to be a human novel training site, his training science and training effect is a new gym Discovered islands.

The fascia that everyone is talking about has become a fitness talker.

Everyone is in fascia fitness|GymSquare

The popularity of fascia fitness is largely due to the definition of deep fascia in the first fascia conference in 2007,but the “muscle theory” was the beginning of the anatomy at the beginning of the last century. The fascia theory has been left out.

Explore the value of gym fascia training, let fascial fitness suddenly become popular, even in the already mature anatomy