Short video marketing, promotion, and circle events?

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How hard is it to find hot search now? Everyone in the entertainment industry feels the same.

“Hot search words are manually reviewed. Sometimes the team can’t do a lot of planning. The netizens think of one is inexplicable but go up.” Phenomenon-level IP for anti-aging, 133 days, can dig out 55 kinds Marketing tools, 20 innovative ways of playing.

One of the most exaggerated arguments – “When the heat search is outside the delivery room, the child is born, long and excited, excited and confused.” The first is the warmth of this “non-human line”. For them, the most direct kpi assessment is “hot search for a few, up to a few.” As for the work rhythm? “We are 007, not worth having a rhythm.”

We are very curious. In the current ups and downs of the market environment, the five major positions represented by film and television dramas, variety shows, movies, online movies, and entertainers are the practitioners of the market. how is it? We found five practitioners to listen to their stories.

The episode:Short video marketing, promotion,Out of the circle is more important

Art name: a girl 啵

Field: film and television drama

This year is my third year in the film and television drama.

was just a career choice. The reporter switched to film and television and wanted to change direction. The essence of the drama is to let more people see the show, even if it is an element of communication. Its importance is to make a project intuitively increase exposure by at least 50%.

Under the winter of 2019, the budget cost was significantly reduced, and the net drama of Taiwanese dramas was more obvious. For the decline in demand for hard and wide, the shift to short video services has increased the demand for official media and the demand for creative gameplay for cross-border marketing.

My personal KPI has also changed. The short video marketing and the promotion of this announcement will have more specific requirements. Therefore, I need to spend the budget at the core of the situation, consolidate the main battlefield: Weibo, vibrato. And what we value most is the market fever and word of mouth, as well as the event marketing of the circle.

We interviewed five practitioners and tried to dig into the new trend of entertainment in 2019

Every time a new project comes in, the cycle is long. The preparation period and the shooting period are relatively easy. Before the broadcast and during the broadcast period, the rest does not exist. Hot search is a standard for episode heat monitoring and must be rushed. Although “not good”, but master certain rules, and cooperation with all links, it is OK.

The biggest difficulty in our work is when the artist side, the platform side, and the project team have different opinions. There is a crash, but the solution will always be. (This sister is really super optimistic!)This experience, my greatest sense of accomplishment comes from “every minute of ruin,” and the core competitiveness lies in the grasp of the core resources of each channel.

The biggest gain is that you don’t panic, you can quickly find bugs and solve problems effectively. Of course, the most tiring thing is that there is no fruit in communication and no effort to do.

In the future, I will of course stay in this industry! An industry really needs to take root, and it takes time and experience to accumulate. The Xuanfa industry is not only a type of work that accumulates project experience, but also has a high requirement for comprehensive capabilities. The methodology of doing things is very important.

The winter is a good time for the industry to go to the water. The film and television industry will slowly explore a system with more mature laws. The links are becoming more and more standardized, which is an inevitable trend. Early recognition of market trends, control of film and television projects, the market is not so pessimistic ~

Variety:The retreat gameplay has been eliminated,Xuanfa is more practical.

Art name: Xiaoyang

Working area: Variety

I have been in the business for 3 years. “Because I like film and television content, I like it from an early age.” This industry is not as bright and colorful as the surface. A lot of things are very repetitive and boring. But it makes sense to think that many things we do can affect the market.

The essence of Xuanfa is to influence the market reputation. Its importance, personally feel that the current market influence accounted for 40%, the future may be higher, of course, the foundation is still good content. Nowadays, the announcement of variety shows is getting harder and harder, and we must accurately cut the pain points in the market.

I feel “sympathetic” in the cold winter, such as the budgetary cautiousness and the operational difficulties of the film and television companies around me. The good thing is that a lot of reckless gameplay has been eliminated, and the announcement is more effective, and you need to see the real content. KPI still requires good content and good performance conversion.
  However, the budget is low, and profits continue to be compressed, and a penny has to be smashed by several petals and spent on the cutting edge.

Testing our results, hot search is the most direct.

As soon as the new project starts, it will basically stop every day, talk about the media, produce materials, write a copy… It’s time to plan for the week, and we need to determine the content of next week. Because we can’t let the publicity break, we need to keep sounding and maintain market sound. And heat.

A project that I am more satisfied with in 2019 is a “comprehensive N generation”. As a masterpiece of the super network, the story to be told is a bit difficult and deep, but we do quite Ok. The content of the communication is quoted and endorsed by the industry, and it does bring a sense of accomplishment. In the past few years, I have felt that my understanding of things and ideas are different, my vision is wider, and my ideas are more mature.

However, the biggest difficulty is that you are too tired and don’t make money.
  Dealing with Party A also has the process of confrontation and mutual negotiation, but often can only surrender, after all, service is first.
Unable to work overtime and endure the torture of Party A, especially the body feels more and more, the cup and Chinese medicine are our standings.

I don’t think about the future. All in all, I have a love and affection for this industry, and the accumulated experience and resources are in this industry. In the future, the content and publicity industry will accelerate the survival of the fittest. From the recent process of taking the project, I feel that I want to get a good project, and the understanding and strategy of the project become more and more important.

Movie:On the promotion level,Importing the government to endorse the film is very important

stage name: 33

In the field of work: Film promotion

I have been playing this line for 2 years. This is an industry that does not care about day and night, but it does gain a sense of accomplishment. When each movie is handed over to one’s own hand, it will go with the same mood as the old mother, and tap the child’s shining point, hoping more people will praise him. In 2019, the winter is very obvious.

Content is ok, and promotion is sometimes powerless.

If you encounter a film that was originally unsatisfactory, plus it has not been released, even if you are working hard on the promotion, you will not be able to arrange it on the real release.
  “There is no row, which means there is no box office.”

Many head companies have done a lot of head projects and explosions, and they claim to be in a profitable state during the winter. But now many companies have fewer and fewer projects, and most of the films are not selling well. Even inside, layoffs began.

The biggest change in the market today is that from the initial docking of corporate customers and ordinary customers, it will gradually go to the government.
  Because of the current environment and policies, there are more and more types of films in the film market.
  It is increasingly important to be able to pull the government to endorse a film or a production company.

At present, when the budget is low, the marketing party knows that it can control the cost by reducing the cost required on the channel or reducing the number of landing activities that can directly save the budget.
  However, if a work can be endorsed at the government level, it will save a lot of effort at the level of publicity.

Once we get in touch with new projects, it basically means the beginning of overtime. Waiting to reply to Party A’s information 24 hours a day. At the same time, be prepared to accept the daily needs and ideas of Party A’s fathers and make adjustments in a timely manner.

The characteristics of the work of propaganda are: high pressure, less earning, no life. Faced with the strange ideas of Party A, it is the most collapsed.

Sometimes an ordinary manuscript may have to be changed more than 10 times. In serious cases, there is no solution. As Party B’s mentality, we can only try our best to meet the requirements. In my opinion, many parties are a group of abstract artists, hoping that we can turn the extremely abstract ideas in their minds into reality, but often they don’t even know what they want. What is it.

The incredible requirements have met a lot: the most recent encounter was that Party A asked me to write a news article that was real and imaginary and mysterious. This year, my most tiring time, I continued working overtime for two months until two in the morning. The reason is simple: Party A is wonderful.

  We interviewed five practitioners and tried to dig into the new trend of 2019 entertainment.

Of course, make a declaration It is also a sense of accomplishment, such as when the project is diverted. In particular, it is not for the marketing of a film that was originally very bullish, but for a small film with a good product but a low budget. Through the innovations and flash points in your marketing plan, it is the most fun to help the film get the attention of the public.

Our core competencies: good ideas, put them in the right channel. In the past few years, my biggest gain and growth: I can judge more accurately, what kind of film can be fired. The most tiring place is really to be “serving” Party A as Party B. Faced with such strange conditions, we must be patiently satisfied.

In my opinion, the winter can really test the hard power of a company, but the company with the ability to declare the whole will still have more powerful ability to resist the winter than the pure marketing company.Perhaps in the future, pure marketing companies will need to face transformation, or they may eventually become a marketing department.

Web Movies:Reservations, Actual Heat,Accounting scores are more practical and important

Art name: Xiaozhi

Field of Work: Online Movies

I have been in the business for three years because of the interest in the video industry and online content. Internet rumors are not the same as traditional rumors, with more games, updates, and more challenges. I believe that the essence of Xuanfa is to better serve the work.

宣发 is very important, too important! However, Xuanfa can only be a icing on the cake. If you want to do it in the snow, you still have to look at the content itself. In recent years, the environment for the promotion of online movies has been changing.

From the cost of advertised to the audience, it has become broader, of course, based on the attention and policy support of the video platform, and more online movie creators. The industry winter in 2019 is real, and the cost of the same type of project is reduced compared to the previous one. Fortunately, our company’s projects are still quite a lot. Now we have more gameplay. Pay more attention to marketing ideas such as new media and short videos, and not just simple channels.

Our Kpi assessment is also becoming more complicated. The amount of reservations will be requested in the early stage, and the amount of marketing materials will be required. In the past, it was just a simple broadcast volume or a sub-accounting score. Now it is necessary to wire up and down various dimensions.

The budget, how much money to do, of course, we will try our best to win the cost-effective way for customers.
  The biggest problem encountered is communication. Some films have insufficient experience and information is not equal, which will cause some problems.

As for the pace of our work? We are 007, not worth having a rhythm.

It’s not a day to talk to Party A, it’s day and night. It’s not so easy to search now, after all, every day.many. Weibo hot search is also costly for online movies, and there is no way to measure the conversion rate. At present, the biggest difficulty in the online market is that there are too many online movies of the same type in the market, and it is difficult to innovate in the marketing part.

In 2019, one of my most satisfying projects was to complete marketing innovations for online movies based on the innovation of the theme, including
  Paper media publications, media reports, etc.
Our line, core competitiveness, not only have
  Good resource channels, good ideas, and the ability to predict the public’s sensation, the future requirements can only be higher and higher.

In the past few years, my biggest achievement has been to watch the online movie industry grow vigorously, and it is developing from the “weeds” to the “orderly” direction. I will continue to do this industry in the future. Because this is an industry that continuously exports ideas, I also hope that I can keep improving with the times at any time! !

Artist:Hot search is a manual review,“Manually planning is not as good as a carnival”

Art name: Star Girl

Working Area: Artist Promotion

I am in the business, just one year and four months. 18 years of iQiyi “Idol Trainee” set off a wave of drafts, fresh and beautiful little brothers drown my heart like a tide.

Because crazy likes the four sons of Kunyin, I have done the most crazy thing in my life in 24 years. I resigned from Shenzhen to Beijing and resolutely went north. I didn’t go to Beijing to find a job at first, because I didn’t have work experience, and I didn’t even know about this circle. “At that time, I had already made plans to return to Shenzhen without being able to face it.” Fortunately, I was greeted by the lucky god, entered a company and became a new media promotion for artists.

This is an industry with no rules. The threshold for entry is very low, but it is difficult to get a higher position. The personnel update is also very fast, and may be promoted by the artist who docked with you last month. You may have resigned after looking for her next month.

In my opinion, the essence of Xuanfa is advertising. Find the right selling point based on your product (artist, variety, film and television drama) and then communicate it to the audience (fans, viewers).

Now artists or works will be buried without making a declaration, and even some works will not enter the public’s sight without making a declaration. But the right hair is the most important thing. Good works + moderate hair is the icing on the cake, such as “Pharmaceutical God”, good works + excessive declaration is the addition of snakes, such as “The Last Night of the Earth.” In the past year, I feel that the artist’s budget is decreasing. The bigger artist is to reduce the budget. The smaller artists have not even made a big deal, and only do some daily control and maintenance.

The most intuitive change in our market is that many people who are engaged in the film and television entertainment industry or announced are turning around. The big environment is not good. The artists don’t have the money to make money. The funds used for publicity are less, and the budget of the project is also sharply reduced.

We interviewed five practitioners and tried to dig into the new trend of 2019 entertainment.

We don’t have a KPI assessment. However, there are also hidden ones. At the end of the project, you will see how many hot searches the project or artist you brought during the project.
  What we mainly do is new media marketing, Weibo, it depends on a few hot searches, up to a few.

Generally, if an artist’s TV series is on, we will watch the film half a month in advance. Make a detailed publicity plan based on the plot and the performance of the artist.
  Specific to each episode we will do publicity, including hot search direction, hot search keywords.

After the publicity of the schedule and budget, Party A will follow the schedule and will also adjust it according to the situation of the TV series and the discussion of netizens. “Chong” hot search is inevitable. If the project itself is hot, it is better to “rush”, after all, there is concern.

The most fear is that there is no attention to the situation without water, this requires us to plan, for example, let the artist to cooperate with us to send Weibo, or interact with other artists to make some events. The hot search is not good now, and the platform management is stricter. We all know that hot search words are manually reviewed. Sometimes we plan to put a lot of topics on the list, and suddenly the netizens have sent a strange topic.

The biggest difficulty in working at present is that there is no inspiration, and often the mind is exhausted. Crash when there is often, but it’s just a ventLet’s work next time, think about everything going to “money”, nothing is a thing! It is required that Party A is a good party in a reasonable range.

Party A who does not mention the incredible requirements is not Party A! Have you seen the posters used by Mito Xiuxiu to change artists? I heard that the owner of the artist feels that the poster made by Party B is not good enough, and he has adjusted it with Mito Xiuxiu.

The most difficult thing for an artist is not the project itself, but it is docked with the father of Party A. Maybe what you obviously do is that the artist’s propaganda has been overworked and exhausted, and then suddenly inexplicably wants to give his company an emergency public relations. Some sensitive topics remind artists not to touch, but there are artists who want to send Weibo to stop them. It is really tired when they encounter such things.

The biggest harvest and growth of this year should be to do a few good projects, out of the circle planning, in the process met some excellent people, and learned the work with them. Skills and skills.

I will continue to stay in this future. I have only done publicity planning now. I may want to be an artist broker, or do a show or other in the future. I still have enough curiosity and enthusiasm for this industry. My passion has not been exhausted yet! ! (Applause) All things that go in the right direction have to go through the survival of the fittest. The worse the economic environment may be the better time for the entertainment industry, because at least entertainment will not die.

There is excitement at the entrance, the day and night of the project is snoring, and there is also a mediation with the “abstract artist”, which may have tremendous exhaustion, anxiety, self-doubt and encouragement. But deeper changes, whether it’s kpi, modalities, strategies, and key iterations, are becoming the most subtle and vivid epitome of the entertainment industry. I witnessed an industry from “weeds” to “well-ordered”, from the survival of the fittest to the stagnation, and some people are painful and happy.