At this stage, the content of the second element of the tiger tooth is still in its infancy, and it is not excluded that it will become one of the company’s sources of income in the future.

文丨石海威 欢子

It is learned from multiple sources that a secondary vertical community product is being hatched inside the tiger tooth, and the target users are female users from 95 to 00. The ugc content in the early stage of the community is mainly produced by the seed users, and does not depend on the tiger tooth diversion (the tiger teeth are mainly male users). It is reported that the product belongs to the Innovation Department of Huya and is expected to be launched in the near future.

In this regard, the other party said that it would not comment.

The plan for the second element of the tiger tooth layout seems to have long been followed. According to public information, the content of the second element of the tiger tooth began to be officially established as early as July 2017. The incubation period from July to October was called “Ouya”, and in October it was officially renamed as “Secondary Live”. In August last year, when the second person in charge of Huya received an exclusive interview, he revealed that the second-time users of Huya had a daily life of nearly 2 million, and the monthly activity exceeded 10 million. The proportion of users who accounted for the whole platform of Huya had reached 10%. 80% of the users are between 16-25 years old.

An investor close to Tiger’s teeth told us that it is quite logical for Tiger Tooth to be a secondary product. The live broadcast platform of Huya is not a partial community. The live content is mainly based on process communication and cannot form a sediment. If you want to precipitate the valuable content, it is a reasonable choice to be a community.

“But it’s a bit late for Tiger Tooth to enter the second-yuan community at this time. Station B has taken the lead in the segmentation field, which makes the challenge of the latecomers quite difficult. The female group is still too small, think To survive, we must go around the main strategic direction of Station B.” An investor in the community sector analyzed.

Not only the B station, the competitors facing the tiger teeth may also have fighting fish. Tencent is currently not only the second largest shareholder of Huya, accounting for 31.6% of the shares, but also the largest shareholder of Betta, accounting for 40%.

According to “LatePost”, recently, the former Tencent Director-level CEO assistant took over the Tiger Tooth Warfare Department. This is considered to be an increase in the control of Tiger Teeth. He used to be Tencent’s product director and Tencent. The subordinate of the game live business department head – this department was just established in March, the purpose of the establishment is to coordinate the tiger tooth, betta fish, penguin esports business.

It is worth noting that the B station was the first to join the live broadcast on the basis of the secondary video content, while the path of the tiger tooth and the fighting fish was similar. Both of them started with the show and the game video, then cut into the second. The second live broadcast, and the time when the fighting fish entered the second element was earlier. This also leads to easy homogenization of the two elements in the layout of the secondary content.

This yearIn April, Huya announced that it would launch a public offering to raise 550 million US dollars. According to the documents submitted by the Tigers to the SEC, the proceeds from the financing will be used to build the content ecosystem and expand the e-sports partners to further improve the content type and quality. .

In order to differentiate, it is obvious that Huya has been expanding its content channels after listing. In addition to the old game in games and e-sports, it is also trying to develop non-game content such as outdoor and anime to enhance user stickiness. In the past, game e-sports and the two major single interest groups are moving in the same direction, and the cross-category operation of the tiger’s second element and game e-sports has been realized on the one hand. Content innovation, on the other hand, will also integrate the user groups behind the two major industries of the two elements to further expand the scale of users.

In addition, Huya has a lot of layouts in the field of binary and virtual anchors this year. Including the establishment of the second-element interactive idol selection contest, the online virtual idol function, the Dimension E-sports Festival, etc., it is not difficult to see its strategic intention in the field of the second element.

This year’s performance of Tiger’s earnings report is also remarkable. At the Q2 earnings conference call, Tiger Tooth CEO Dong Rongjie once mentioned that he hopes that Tiger’s business will be more diversified in other categories and incomes, in addition to deepening the game and deepening e-sports. According to Huya’s second quarter financial report for 2019, its total revenue increased by 93.6% year-on-year to RMB 2.010 billion (US$293 million), and its net profit increased by 61.7%.

For Huya, which has already achieved profitability, the incubation new product is more like a test of water, and will not carry too much revenue KPI. However, the second element is a vertical field in which the commercialization of tiger teeth is progressing rapidly, and the future will become one of the imaginations of the company’s income.