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How to manage employees after 90s and even after 95 is a problem that many people are embarrassed about. Young people hate punching, hate KPI, hate doing”Repetitive trivial” work… But in another world of young people – in the rice circle, young people have hundreds of thousands of gambling, rankings, and appraisals… doing a lot of trivial and repetitive work, They also need to punch in cards and have a fixed working KPI, but they are happy to complete these tasks with their own pockets. Behind this is the strong organizational operation capability of the rice circle. To this end, we interviewed the top three traffic stars, trying to restore the organization and operation management of the rice circle, providing some ideas for the startup company to manage young people. Below, Enjoy:

Cai Xukun Global Fan Support Club

It’s boring to do the data, but fans can see the results of their efforts directly.

Cai Xukun Global Fan Support Club is the longest fan station to accompany Cai Xukun.

● Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Cai Xukun Global Fan Support Association is similar to that of enterprises, but we are not a profitable organization, so we adopt a humanized management mechanism internally, mainly with official group administrators, publicity groups, video groups and technical groups. Wait.

We have 17 official groups. There are 6 microblog groups, 6 WeChat groups, and 5 QQ groups, each of which ranges from a few hundred to a thousand people. Together, there are about tens of thousands of people.

The official group administrator is divided into QQ administrators and Weibo administrators, with a total of 40 to 50 people. Because we have at least 2 administrators in a group, each group has old management and new management. The old management experience is very rich, and we will make progress with the old and new. Each administrator is responsible for at least two groups. For example, Weibo operation is very pragmatic. If a group’s group management does not see the message, the other one can also be called in time.

The basic work for the administrator is to review the new powder applied for the group, mainly by reviewing their Weibo, and seeing Weibo’s forwarding, originality and participation in the super-talk are related to Cai Xukun. Is it only powder?

Secondly, the administrator is also responsible for the review of our official blog and the maintenance of official blog data.

The administrator will forward and then bring back the QQ or Weibo group they manage, and call on everyone to forward it, mainly to forward the Weibo of “Cai Xukun Global Fan Support Club”. The most important thing is to call on everyone to forward Cai Xukun’s own Weibo. In fact, everyone basically voluntarily forwards them. As long as he is a microblog, we will turn.

In addition to Cai Xukun’s own Weibo, there are some brands that Weibo also need to turn, and everyone is very happy to turn. On the one hand, the brand is not as boring as the company, most of them are also Cai Xukun’s new materials, such as new photos and videos to attract fans; on the other hand, fans pay great attention to the brand’s data.

For the amount of forwarding, we don’t have hard forwarding data requirements, but the data can’t be too ugly. In fact, doing data (turning praise, hitting the list, super-speaking) is a very basic and very boring job, the administrators usually have more Active atmosphere in the group, talk about Cai Xukun’s daily life, such as when he posted Weibo, the group is more active, will discuss his Weibo content, or discuss his recent stage, etc., use love power to mobilize fans.

Each management group has a corresponding administrator. For the administrator, we have set up a special card attendance system. We have a special punch card program that counts once a week. Through their frequency of appearance, and the official skin interaction frequency, daily activity to assess them. We have a dedicated team leader to count these data. We will buy some small gifts for you at your own expense. For example, it is almost the end of the year, and we are preparing for this. If an administrator has not punched the card for too long, we will also ask them why. If you really can’t take care of it due to time and other reasons, you will be resigned.

The administrator will release the new announcement through the official Weibo to recruit new recruits. There are some requirements for recruiting new recruits, such as whether it is Cai Xukun’s powder, whether he has a certain leisure time, whether he has purchased an album, whether he has purchased an endorsement. Product, and if there is enough milk powder (Amount to purchase a certain number of albums ) and so on. The basic requirements for each meal are basically the same, this is also a certificate of powder. After coming in, I will go through an interview and practice, which is similar to the company.

Cai Xukun Global Fan Support Association recruits new announcement

In addition to the official group management, the propaganda group is mainly responsible for the production and forwarding of Weibo content by Guanbo original microblog. The post is mainly for copywriting, translation, drawing, etc. The video group is responsible for daily Amway video and aid video production, and the technical team is responsible for hand-painting and art drawing.

The post-help club’s main job is to help on the spot. Including off-site support and on-site support. The off-site support club will contact the merchant in advance or cooperate with the major fan stations to create some banners, roll-ups, trusses and our own peripherals or to do big screen support. The main support in the field is the support of the light board. Basically, we will make an aid announcement in advance for each event, and prepare the lights and related peripherals for the fans to ensure the smooth progress of the field.

● How do data in the traffic age?

We also have two subordinate organizations, one is Cai Xukun’s global fan public welfare station, and the other is Cai Xukun’s support club network investment group, which is mainly responsible for data calling, ranking, and so on.

The last year I voted for C in the idol trainee program, which is the most fulfilling thing for our entire fan community. This is the result of the joint efforts of the entire fan community, and since then he has been recognized by more and more people.

At that time, everyone voted day and night. Because the competition system is very cruel, Cai Xukun is participating in the program with his individual trainees. His stage charm and personality charm are very strong, but he does not have a brokerage company to help him publicize. Most of the participants in the same period have brokerage companies, so fans Very bloody, just want to send him the first debut, only the number of faults (beyond the second lot of votes) can be guaranteed. This survival game is the more votes the better. The more votes there are, the more everyone will recognize Cai Xukun himself and the fans.

Some fans who don’t know how to find an organization will watch the conversation, so we will call on the call and let everyone add. We will organize fan voting in the group, broadcast the voting situation in real time, count the approximate number of votes, tell everyone how to progress, and then continue to race against time.

Fanters and former fans support idols differently. Fans are now participants, and fans can see their efforts directly by voting and other data. Because now is the data age, some brands need data, and data can be intuitiveIn terms of fan base and fan activity, the brand will pay more attention to the value of idols. Platforms and brokerage companies will also give more resources to him, so the data is very important.

In the dispute between Cai Xukun and Jay Chou in the previous period, in terms of fans, both fans also invested in data labor for their idols and competed fairly. It’s tiring to do data fans every day, but it’s also a lot of fun. Because we are also a group of like-minded people, and fans can also be friends in real life.

Some fans don’t have more energy to chase stars because of work and life. I believe there will be fresh blood to supplement, and every industry is constantly updated. The same is true for fans.

Liu Yanran Fan Station

We built the organizational structure from 0 to 1, but we don’t have a suitable successor.

Because of “The Best of Us”, Liu Yuran suddenly bursts red, and the number of fans has grown rapidly. However, in the management of fans, many things are in a state of ruin.

Before this, I was just a bystander of the pink circle, I had some understanding of the fan operation; and since then, I have become an administrator of the Liu Yanran fan station, the so-called “sister” .

●Build an organizational structure from 0 to 1

Our construction begins with recruiting. After Liu Hongran burst into red, he attracted a lot of fans. Some of them had other stars and had certain skills, so we posted a recruitment announcement on the social platform. Soon we received a lot of registrations, but we also have requirements, we need to provide relevant graphics, video materials to prove the ability, and set the internship period, according to the enthusiasm and quality of the task to choose the best.

Liu Ruran official fan group into the group review criteria

In the early days, we put every issue in the group, everyone discussed it, and formed a preliminary management team during the discussion. Assign responsible people according to the direction that everyone is good at, such as photo production, video editing, writing, platform operation, finance, etc. The leader of each group is selected by everyone.

● How to set up the promotion system and succession system?

In the course of the operation, you will also find fans with strong working ability, we will let him directly join the management team. Our promotion is very transparent – as long as we work hard, have enthusiasm, and have the ability, we can be directly mentioned as a manager.

In the initial stage, enthusiasm and resources can determine the status of the manager – for example, resources that others do not have, can contact the artist studio, can contact the resources of many platforms, and even the number, program group, crew, endorsement Brands, these resources, etc., can be in a relatively high position.

In the middle and late stages, there is another influencing factor – funding. For example, rich fans want to do a support, even if they all pay for it, everyone accepts it.

Last, it depends on whether there is time and whether there is enthusiasm. Because the main managers have come to the point of graduation work, everyone is very busy, and even feel the stage of giving up. This is a very important issue for us. To put it bluntly, we don’t have a suitable successor.

I am also looking for a successor. I want to send a recruitment order to evaluate the candidate. For example, let him do a plan to implement it, give him a chance to grow up and try to make a mistake. If he is doing well, then Give it to him with confidence; if you don’t do well, then continue to recruit.

● How to improve fan activity?

In addition to our own enthusiasm, the activity of fans is also a problem. We mainly mobilize the enthusiasm of the fans by issuing some benefits, and the members who work seriously and effectively will have priority when they have benefits.

For example, there are some activities such as press conferences that need assistance, and some people need to go to the site to place supplies, etc., and the on-site tickets will be reserved for those who have tasks. Another example is that Liu Weiran will attend a party at the end of the year, and we will have a limited number of fan tickets. If numberWith a large amount, we will launch activities directly on each platform and send out the tickets.

We also have some assessments, such as not going online for a month or not accepting work will be removed from the working group.

On the other hand, work warfare is also the way we mobilize the enthusiasm of fans. For example, the support for large-scale events is a joint operation of several fan stations. Each time after the end of the aid, a war report will be output. The ranking of each fan station in this battle report needs to be discussed, because each station has its own performance and kpi. This is the answer to the fans, but also to the love beans.

We will monitor Weibo’s super-speaking, fan forum discussion, and some Weibo data published by ourselves to judge the fan’s activity. Once the fans are lost, we will plan some activities, such as writing a diary, or do some good-looking surroundings to stimulate fans.

SNH48 Rice Head

We have raised more than 3 million for the small idol.

Since the establishment of SNH48, I have been their loyal fans. The earliest I liked was Zeng Yanfen, who became her rice cooker in the circle for more than a year. It took two years. After she quit, I went to Xu Yangyu, who was also a rice cooker for a year.

After the meal, I will go to the official coordination group of the official SNH48. The official will put some news notices in the group, or there are some inscriptions on the official side that need fans to support this. The meal will need to call the fans they support to support.

Every fan has a large support group. For example, Zeng Yanfen has two support groups of two thousand people. Because the difference between men and women in this circle is quite large, so the female rice will open another group.

Zeng Yanfen Student Union Recruitment Announcement

● Organizational Structure

In addition to the aid group, a management group will be opened separately, and there will be about 10 people in the group. Most of the meals are made by the working party. On the contrary, the specific work of the administrator is largely a student, because only the students have enough free time to work.

Depending on the division of labor, the heads of each block will be grouped together:

A regular visit to the theater to see the scene of the theater party will pull a group, there may be photography enthusiasts and the like. When the rice cooker wants to do some trivial things, it is best to have a theater party because the SNH48’s many activities are in the theater, so when there is something, it is necessary to run to the theater and do the theater support. First of all, to ensure that the idol is in the game, someone will give her a support, for example, someone calls her a call, some people hold her aids and so on. If someone else does not have her, then it seems that the popularity is not high.

The rice cooker will organize some theater support groups to schedule some things. In addition, the support group should also be regularly managed to do some small planning. For example, the foreign powder can’t see the live performance. It can only watch the live broadcast. The time will be slower. At this time, some methods need to be set in the group to keep the heat, such as super. Words, votes, etc.

The daily trading will open a group separately, and there will be a person in charge of the special investment. First of all, we need to determine whether we want to go to the list, calculate how much we spend, what effect we can achieve, and then do it. Nowadays, many of the hits are not pure human flesh, most of them will use some black technology and the like; there is also a situation to pull black IP to prevent the machine from playing. These may involve some professional people, such as programming, etc., so some programmer-born fans are needed to help.

There will be a group of various publicity channels, such as the person in charge of Weibo Super Word, the owner of the Post Bar, etc. These people will pull a group separately.

● How to fully mobilize fans to actively raise funds?

For the lunch of SNH48, the most important job is to raise funds. Because SNH48 itself is an activity that requires long-term voting, the official annual general election will have an annual general election. The results of the final election will directly affect the members’ promotion resources in the next year, so most of the time and energy of the meal. Put it on fundraising.

The first step is to open a fundraising channel and tell fans to raise funds through this channel. If newIf you don’t understand the powder, you must first do some popular science copying and tell them why they need to raise funds. What kind of results will there be in fundraising? If the ranking is good, what good is it for the little idol? And which channels can the fundraising pass? and many more.

Funding is to more effectively use the scattered money of the fans to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the small idol. Because the voting ticket can be bought by buying an album. There are several components in an album: one is a voting coupon, one is a handshake coupon, one is an official score, and a certain score can be sent for a group photo and signature. Many people buy albums just need one of them, others are wasted, so we will concentrate these resources.

When raising funds, we will use the chicken blood to mobilize the atmosphere in the group. We will send some posters and make some announcements, such as the amount being overtaken. In addition, we will give some simple fundraising rewards. For example, after you raise funds, we will make some small gifts and send some idols around.

Secondly, in addition to mobilizing the enthusiasm of their fans, they also need to cooperate with other families, such as finding a well-known love bean to raise funds PK, and using PK results to improve the enthusiasm of fans.

As far as I am in office, the total amount of funds raised in a year can be more than 3 million. The best place is SNH’s fourth choice.

SNH48 Annual General Selection (Image from SNH48 official website)

After the vote is completed, we will clear all the books within one month and tell the fans how much money they have received this year and how much they have spent, which are disclosed in the aid. Let the fans go and see for themselves.

Funding is actually a very boring thing. To put it bluntly, the head of the rice is constantly waiting for food, and the beans are constantly waiting for food. She is not convenient to say how much I want in the group, she can only say that I want the first few. Every year, people on the stage say that they will take the first place in the next year, but we will settle accounts every year, and how much you are from the first place. As long as you know this place in this circle,How much does it cost, and then count how many fans there are, it is obvious that next year is enough.

If you feel that there is a significant difference in the amount, I will be stressed and anxious. If the results of the love beans are not good, I will talk to her at the handshake meeting. Why are the fans losing so much this year? Maybe the status is not very good recently, and I need to work harder. I was also very anxious in the early days and even affected my work. But then I like to see, contrary to my initial anxiety meal her early heart – I just play, play is the figure fun. All I do is to do it myself. If you are unhappy because you are doing these things, then don’t do it.

I cook head when all weekend in the theater are over, the days of time if there is a small idol performances also back, so sometimes I might skip work to go to performances, some may not work overtime do, for example, I may even be looking at performances, I would sometimes work overtime into the night to do it, but I’m still people inside the theater. We sometimes joke also said that working on the class five days, two days on the weekend to the theater, or spend their own money on. This chase SNH48 six or seven years, I have spent more than a dozen back and forth a ten thousand.

For people in our circle, love beans may be just a symbol. We hope that she will become better and gather some so-called positive energy from her side. In fact, it is too old, we are old. It may be difficult to achieve a lot of things, but we can realize her dream by helping the little idol, just like developing a game, watching her step by step to realize her dream, we will also have a sense of accomplishment, so we can help a little.

This article is from the public number: Matrix Partners (ID: matrixpartnerschina) , author: Jingwei Home Jun