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What if the robot picks up the gun?

Two days, one Bosstown DThe new video released by ynamics is in the social media madness: in the video, a robot like “Boston Power Atlas” is training in shooting.

Please watch the video:

At the beginning, the robot was shooting, and it was a hundred miles:

Afterwards, the tester on the side started to hit the back of the robot with a stick and tripped it to the ground with one foot.

Even so, the robot still hits the bullseye, which is probably the legendary lie.

The next training, the robot first turned around a few times, began to target. If humans have long been fainted, let alone aiming at shooting.

At this point, the tester next to him slammed the robot’s head with a ball and stumbled the robot with a bucket, still unable to stop the robot’s arrogance.

The sharpshooters in Baifa Baizhong are not enough. Can robots distinguish between human beings and what are the targets? When the tester blocked the target with his body, the robot stopped shooting:

There is a new round of “abuse” on robots: ankles, hoes, bricks…

At this point, the robot aimed the pistol at humans:

The robot appeared to be restrained. Even though it was smashed by humans, there was still no triggering of the trigger, and the table was overturned.

Next, the testers released the bees, and in this way, the robot accurately identified the real and the dummy and completed the shooting.

Finally, the tester seems to be letting the robot shoot his own “machine dog”. The robot’s heart is rejected, and wants to turn away:

But the testers forced them by force and the sticks slammed into the robot. The robot can’t bear it. It kicks the human sticks, shoots at humans, and finally picks up the robot dog to escape:

Are you afraid of watching it? Is the robot so powerful now? It’s almost a killing of human soldiers. If one day such a robot really got on the battlefield, I really can’t imagine it!

User comment: Although the video is synthetic, it is cool after watching it.

This video was posted on Youtube for less than half a day and the hit rate reached 1.7 million. Some netizens said in the comments below the video that if this video is true, it is a bit scary. Is the “Skynet” in Terminator coming?

To tell you the truth, this is a fake video. Please look carefully at the logo “Bosstown Dynamics” at the bottom right of the video, not the famous “Boston Dynamics”.

Although the video is fake, it is still scary, in case the robot really takes it somedayWhat happens when you shoot?

However, some people expressed their admiration for visual effects technology. Except for a few details, this video has indeed achieved “false realism” for most of the time.

The following is a selection of some popular comments to see what foreign netizens say.

Those who think this video is true, I don’t think it’s necessary to laugh at them. After all, Corridor’s CGI technology has broken through the sky in recent years.

——What do you think of Boston Dynamics people watching this video now?

——“Our robots can do better!”

Robot OS: Ah, bee! Why is a bee! My sensor!

I just don’t want to admit that this is fake.This is “radiation 2019”.

Time came to AD 2419, the Supreme Court of the Robot made a ruling that humanity is a cruel race and must be eliminated by the flesh.

End: The puppy has been saved, the mission is completed, and the scene is evacuated.

2017, Abuse Environment

2018, animal cruelty

2019, abuse robots?

Well, I admit that I saw the bees flying out and found that the video was fake, it was too real, and it was beautiful!

It’s true. On Twitter, well-known podcaster Joe Rogan seems to be deceived. He also made a special tweet, saying, “We are all being fooled!” It seems that it was obvious before.

But then he sent another one and said “It’s amazing!”

It’s very fun to make the blog’s name deceived, and it’s not easy to praise it.

Unveiled video production team: “Boston Power Robot” counters human video is also from their hands

This video was produced by a team called “Corridor Digital”, after they made a video of “Boston Power Robot” that was attacked by humans and fought back:

See: “Please stop the bullying robot! “Boston Power Atlas” Countering the Human Truth

Although the production process of the new video has not yet been released, but with reference to the production of the previous video, we can probably know the mystery:

Corridor Digital is an American production studio based in Los Angeles. Since 2010, he has been known for producing online short video videos of popular culture-related viruses. Corridor Digital is made up of nine full-time employees, including founders Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer. Their channel has more than 5 million subscribers and has received the Streamys Award several times, including the 2017 Visual and Special Effects Awards.

This spoof team also released a video of the production process, which portrayed them as making this Boston move.The process and ideas of the robotic fake video:

The producer said in the video: “I know that many of you have seen Boston Power’s wonderful robot videos, such as robotic dogs walking, humanoid robots can maintain balance, even if someone is kicking it, and so on. We got this set of motion capture equipment and suddenly thought of the idea, like scientists testing robots, kicking them, stepping on them, hitting them with hockey sticks, and finally causing robots to attack scientists.”

Behind the scenes

The equipment they use is called Xsens MVN Animate, a complete set of 3D character animation solutions, including a proprietary motion capture software called MVN Animate. The MVN portfolio includes a full body wearable motion capture (Mocap) solution.

Creating the equipment used for this fake video

They also describe how to design 3D space, use the camera to capture motion and synchronize the camera in the robot, then render the photo, make 3D models, synthesize CG effects, etc. Interested friends can watch the second video.

Would the robot revolution come?

As we all know, Boston Dynamics’ robots are very powerful. They can go canoes, do backflips, and even make a complete set of gymnastics movements. The technology is undoubtedly the most advanced. It’s no wonder that every time Boston Dynamics releases a new video, it will arouse public fear and even fear.

Last month, Boston Dynamics released a new video on YouTube showing the company’s Atlas robots complete an elegant gymnastics, including several flips, a short-distance handstand, a 360-degree spin jump, and even Also came a ballet-style open leg jump!

Beautiful inverted:

Perfect 360 degree swivel:

Flip the head + frog:

This trick is where we are the robot! Then the question is coming. Do you think the robot revolution will come? What happens if the robot picks up the gun one day?

This article is from WeChat public account: SkyQuestCom element (ID: AI_era) , author: Zhang Jia, Ming