The domestic e-commerce platform is strong.

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Editor’s note: Application Market Intelligence Inc. Sensor Tower released the list of the world’s top shopping apps in September 2019, Amazon, Wal-Mart Flipkart, Alibaba’s AliExpress and Club Factory’s popular e-commerce platforms are stable, and some new faces have appeared . This article analyzes and compares the overall list and the different factors such as download volume and user area. The original text is selected from Republic World, the original title “Club Factory To Amazon, Top Shopping Apps Worldwide In September 2019”.

Recently, the application market intelligence company Sensor Tower released the list of the world’s top shopping apps in September 2019. Unsurprisingly, popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Wal-Mart’s Flipkart, Alibaba’s AliExpress and Club Factory are among the top, which is arguably the same as in August. the same. But at the same time, we can also see some new faces in the list, such as Taobao and Lazada, one of the largest online shopping sites in Southeast Asia. In addition, the cross-border e-commerce SHEIN and Flipkart, which focus on fast fashion women’s wear, have improved their rankings. According to information released by Sensor Tower, in the past September, Wish became the most downloaded application worldwide, with a user installed volume of approximately 17.9 million, an increase of 45% compared to the same period last year. Among them, the country with the largest number of Wish applications installed in September was Brazil, accounting for 15% of the total number of newly installed users, followed by the United States, accounting for 13% of the total installed capacity.

The e-commerce company Club Factory ranked second in the global user installs ranking of the Shopping category application in September, with an installed capacity of nearly 13.8 million, a 2.6-fold increase from September 2018. Among them, India is the country with the highest installed capacity of Club Factory users, accounting for 99% of the total.

Founder and Chief of Club FactoryExecutive Officer Lou Yun said: “Club Factory maintains a sustained and rapid growth momentum in India and is increasingly popular with users. It has become the third most popular shopping application platform in India. We are fast in India. The promotion also makes Club Factory the most downloaded shopping app on the Android platform worldwide. We have a strategy of exempting seller commissions, which also guarantees a fair market where both buyers and sellers can benefit. This year during the Diwali festival in India, we The trading volume of the platform has also achieved rapid growth.”

At the same time, Amazon, Shopee and Flipkart are among the top five in the September 2019 list, depending on the number of applications installed.

Sensor Tower global hot shopping app rankings: China e-commerce platform performs well

September 2019 Shopping App Downloads

Top 20th Global Shopping App Rankings in September 2019 (Overall)

1, Wish

2, Club Factory

3, Amazon

4, Shopee

5, Flipkart

6, fight more and more

7, AliExpress

8, Taobao


10, Lazada

Top Global Shopping App Rankings for September 2019 (Android)

1, Club Factory

2, Wish

3, Amazon

4, Flipkart

5, Shopee

6, AliExpress

7, Mercado Libre

8, OLX

9, Lazada

10, Paytm

Top Global Shopping App Rankings for September 2019 (iOS)

1, more fights

2, Taobao

3, WIsh

4, Meng Push

5, Amazon

6, find the machine (Second Hand Cell Phone, second-hand mobile phone direct selling platform)

7, free fish

8, Taojiji

9, AliExpress

10, Jingdong

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