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In 2019, the annual Divine Comedy can only be “The Wolf Disco”.

It is a Divine Comedy, not only because of the raging north and south, but also because it has hit the hidden feelings of many people with casual cultural symbols.

“Infernal Affairs”, “Lingling Paint”, Aaron Kwok and the early Northeastern 霹雳… Especially this sentence: no matter how hot it is, I can’t take off my fur coat.

Several can be seen as a resurgence of the signal of an era. A commentary said that the Northeastern Renaissance, which has been down for several years, has finally returned to its peak in Laojiao.

In addition to the music circle. Writers Shuang Xuetao, Ban Yu, and Zheng Shou are on the rise.

Movie? After the opening of the “White Fireworks” and “The Crime of Undocumented”, “Assassination of Novelists”, “Under the Daylight” and “Northeast Tiger” also followed.