Behind the 200 million new shopping carts is also their fun life.

“Small Town Youth” will buy more and more, and have a gym at home, but the price is cheaper than running a fitness card in a big city.

After 95, the spending power can not be ignored, and bought half of the blind boxes of Tmall Double 11 with one’s own strength, although after 70 and 80, they don’t know what the blind box is.

The silver-haired group that is represented by the 50s is the most fascinating thing to buy. It is all hardware that you can’t understand…

In the past 2 years, Taobao Tmall’s monthly active users have increased by 226 million, of which 95, 50 and the town youth are the three most important people, and this year’s Tmall double 11 deep participation users. .

Behind the 200 million new shopping carts is their fun life.

“Poisoning” is too deep after 95. I bought a “blind box” that you don’t understand

When you are still asking “What is the blind box?”, after the 95s, they have bought half of the blind boxes on the Tmall.

200 million new users come to Tmall Double 11: Fully loaded shopping carts surge new consumption boom

The picture says: After 95, relying on one’s own strength to hold up the huge blind box market

This year’s pre-sale period for Tmall Double 11 is only 7 minutes. The pre-sale volume of the blind box exceeds last year’s double 11 full-day, and it has become a black horse. The single-day turnover has increased compared with the same period of last year. 368%, the vast majority of consumers are after 95. It can be said that after the 95s, they took up the huge blind box market by themselves.

For the 95s, the fun of buying a blind box is — “You don’t know what’s inside, until the moment you open it.” Such a small happiness is expected to spread to over 2 million “big children” after the double 11. So, if you ask what was bought in the double 11 this year after 95, ta’s answer is probably: “I don’t know what I bought.”

Parents’ shopping cart too punk “Hardware” full set to take home

After 95, I bought a blind box that many people don’t understand? I suggest you go to see your parents’ shopping cart. The hardware tools you have never heard of are coming to the shopping cart.your home.

200 million new users come to Tmall Double 11: Fully loaded shopping carts surge new consumption boom

Parents’ “punk” shopping cart is filled with hardware you don’t understand

“Reading glasses, I understand, modern dance costumes can also be understood, wearing a beautiful place to dance square dance. But what is the bench vise and reaming drill? Parents, what are you doing?” Many people saw the voice after “50 after shopping cart top10”.

The bench vise, the saber saw, the reaming drill, and the workbench on the list can’t help but think of a punk decoration team, but take a closer look at the reading glasses in the “reasonable” And health supplements such as natto extract.

You think that after 50, they are busy raising flowers and walking dogs. I never thought that the parents who learned the smart phone game are very active in this Tmall double 11 and are shopping. The car exposed his “happy day”: go out to the square dance, go home to make renovations, a Tmall double 11, both parents become “handmade”.

The town youth has a gym at home: it’s more cost-effective than your card

What do town young people love to shop online? Say it out you might not imagine: fitness equipment.

200 million new users come to Tmall Double 11: Fully loaded shopping carts surge new consumption boom

Trendy products such as smart treadmills, water resistance rowing machines, sports fascia guns, and other powerful “consumption upgrades” are not yet fully popular in first- and second-tier cities, but under the support of poly-costing, this The products have entered the double 11 shopping cart of young people in the third- and fourth-tier cities.

For example, the domestic leading brand Yingerjian’s intelligent water resistance rowing machine, the price of Tmall double 11 is less than 1200. The gym’s common 24-in-one comprehensive fitness device, the Tmall double 11 hand price has dropped to 899, and more than 60% of the sales were taken away by the town youth.

Worth mentioningYes: This year’s sudden blushing fitness artifact fascia gun is also a fire from the town youth group. Last year, there were still three or four thousand fascia guns. This year’s Tmall double 11 has dropped to less than 300 yuan. In other words, as long as the house is big enough or there is a yard, the young people in the town can configure a treadmill, a water resistance rowing machine, a comprehensive fitness machine, plus a relaxing exercise for 4,000 yuan. Fascia gun. At the same price, in the first-tier cities, the annual card fee for a chain gym is barely enough.

In the past two years, Taobao Tmall’s monthly active users have grown by 226 million. Where do 200 million new consumers come from? They are “small town youths”, the “post-95s” of the Internet’s aborigines, and the increasingly “silver-haired people.”

The shopping carts of different levels of consumers can be filled on the double 11, which is the basis for this year’s double 11 to meet the new amount of 200 million users.