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50,000 pieces, what can I buy? A Cartier blue balloon watch, half a Hermès entry bag. 33-year-old Zhejiang Zhoushan youth Li Hai bought a home in the Northeast with 50,000 pieces.

A recent article entitled “Wandering to Hegang, I bought a suite for 50,000 yuan” was on fire. “Either good or bad, you still have to buy a suite.” The author tells how to use the only 50,000 pieces of savings in his pocket to realize the simple national belief of “not buying a house is not a Chinese” on the magical fertile soil in the northeast.

▲The bedroom of the new house that Li Hai finally bought

Some people questioned that a Zhoushan people from Zhejiang Province went to Hegang, Heilongjiang to buy a house. It is like living in Australia, and it is ridiculous to go to the cave in the Loess Plateau. This is really the black of the night, I don’t know the bigness of China.

“Information boudoir effect” makes people think that China is full ofThe land is the 217,000 square meters of the Tomson, but it is not known that in the resource-exhausted city, tens of thousands of sets of “cabbage price” housing is the fundamentals of the property market.

This set of more than 50,000 Hegang houses has complete supporting infrastructure, restaurants, barber shops, pharmacies, and daily catering. A bowl of rice with vegetables and meat is only 12 yuan, which fully meets urban life. All the needs.

▲ Heilongjiang Hegang

It’s ironic that the northeast property market has been ridiculed by the rising prices of all over the country, like the paradise of the economic stall, but now it’s a big blessing. “The last party of the pure land, so that those “poor people” who have only tens of thousands of savings in their pockets can also buy a decent home.

Zhoushan Youth Li Hai, claiming to be a long-time follow-up Baidu Post Bar “Wandering Bar” and “Retirement”, but there is no wandering casualness, but instead use the savvy that Zhejiang youth used to write a well-founded house-buying strategy. And with “the power of one article”, the price of Hegang has risen by a few percentage points.

It is even more common to talk about “sleeping bridge, sleeping in the park, eating instant noodles, eating steamed buns, squatting at home, and lying down at home”, becoming no longer detached, full screen is “old brother, Hegang to buy a house No discussion posts.


Li Hai, the position for himself is “wandering to Hegang.” The word of wandering can not help but remind people of the wandering master sinking.

At the beginning, Master Shen was unkempt, wandering in the big Shanghai with lights and greens, and the books that others had abandoned in the rubbish heap, he regarded it as a treasure. The ragged clothes, but the mouth is amazing, telling “Zuo Zhuan” “Shang Shu”, telling people that “the beginning of the people, the end of the people are widowed”, a world is drunk and I am sober-minded.

▲ Once the wandering master Shen Shen, now has become a network celebrity

Unexpectedly, when the wandering master became a celebrity, when he became a net red, he relied on live broadcasts. When he entered the gold, he lived in a high-end hotel every day, and he thought about how much the villa below. I also want to have a home.” Buying a house, which used to be his own, is unbearable, and it has become a necessity in life.

Whether it’s Li Hai or Shen Yu, buying a house seems to be a hurdle for the Chinese to live in the middle of a lifetime. Even if they have ever been arrogant, they have to find a box of cement boxes. Life is packed in.

“The desire of Chinese people to buy a house is like a firm belief.” According to a survey released by China Everbright Bank and a real estate company market research center, the average age of first home loaners in Beijing in 2010 was only 27 years old, the lowest in the world. In contrast, the average age of first-time buyers in other countries and regions is over 30 years old.

In megacities and new first-tier cities, most young homebuyers use “parent banks” and “six wallets”, where both parents pay down and young people still have mortgages. The so-called “Bi-Buy”, that is, the number of people who buy a house after graduation, has also increased year by year. The tens of thousands or even ten thousand square meters of housing prices have generally aggravated the “hospital anxiety” of young people.

Li Hai, who lives in Hegang, 50,000 pieces of atypical housing, let the urban youth without realizing the dream of “I want to have a home”, it is not difficult to achieve, it is difficult to be in the emperor, the devil All such big cities settle down.


In “Wandering to Hegang, I bought a suite for 50,000 yuan,” Li Hai explained in detail the reasons for choosing Hegang in Heilongjiang.

First of all, the budget is limited. Hometown Zhoushan, although it is a small town in the third line, but it is located in the rich Zhejiang, the price is “a little more than 10,000 square meters, the city center has more than 20,000.” Li Hai, who has only 50,000 deposits, wants to buy a house, only Can stay away from the central city, all the way to the north.

▲Zhoushan Zhoushan

Second, the environment is livable. The climate in the northeast is cold, but the foundation of the old industrial city is still there. Although the economic growth of the eldest son of the Republic has been reduced, the dead camel is bigger than the horse.

As a northeastern child born in Harbin, he went to college to say goodbye to his hometown. After more than ten years, he returned to his hometown and found that the commissary, snack bar, and pharmacy at the doorstep were still the same. Although the economy is not good, the days of the ordinary people are the same.

In contrast, Li Hai’s Yumen, Gansu, “has a house of more than 60 square meters, as long as two or three thousand dollars, some buildings have no water and electricity, and the local conditions for water and electricity supply are not good. Poor water quality, frequent water cuts and power outages. The housing documents are all complete, but there is not even a small shop selling goods within 20 kilometers. I want to buy food very far.” Obviously, it has been completely abandoned.

▲Yumen Old Town, Gansu

The third is rigid demand. Li Hai is a professional seafarerIn the middle of the year, drifting at sea for half a year, at home for half a year. If you rent a house in the south, you will be idle for half a year, and there will be no place to put your personal belongings, and you will still face the embarrassment of the landlord’s price hike.

The need to live and live, so that every young man who has fought with the landlord is in a late night, uncontrollably sprouting the idea that I want to have a home. This is also one of the reasons why many young people in big cities are willing to sell “house slaves” at a young age.

Specialized professional attributes, alienation from family members, no family pressure on small and old, 30 years of maternal singles, no marriages by relatives and friends, etc., together created Zhoushan Youth Li Hai, 50,000 The legendary experience of Hegang buying a house, but his success, the vast majority of young people can not replicate.


In recent years, megacities such as Beijing and Shanghai have been plagued by “big city diseases” and have tightened the policy of talents. More and more new first-tier cities have opened their doors to talents everywhere and started a “talent battle.” Among them, “sending money”, “sending a house” and “sending an account” are concentrated expressions of preferential policies.

Changsha announced that it will give rents, living and housing subsidies ranging from 0.6 million to 100,000 yuan for graduates of this master. Nanjing announced that high-level talents will enjoy the purchase of more than 120 square meters of housing, 1.7 million to 3 million housing subsidies and other housing methods according to different regulations… The politicians have realized that there are talents in the city, and talents have room to stay.

▲After Tianjin opened the settlement conditions, many people came to settle in and settle down

More urban youths are actively or passively flocking to new first-tier cities. Because there are many job opportunities there, there are many preferential policies for buying a house. These houses, although not a set of “cabbage prices” of 50,000 yuan, but the price of big cities in the big cities, it is not so hopeless.

The poetry of the sacred azaleas of the millennium ago, suffering from the huts of the autumn wind, prayed that “there are thousands of buildings in the world, and the world is full of people, and the wind and rain are not as good as the mountains.” After thousands of years, the people still I am worried about buying a house.

For the Chinese, in the past 20 years, buying a house not only satisfies the need of living, but also is a myth of value preservation and value-adding. I thought that in the past, I believe that the so-called brick house said that the price will fall in the next year, and now I have no face to participate in the association. Any kind of investment can’t just rise or fall, only the Chinese real estate market is an exception.

The Chinese people never believe that house prices will fall, and those who believe in them are swollen in reality. However, with the further arrival of an aging society, the list of resource-exhausted cities has expanded a little, and tens of thousands of cabbage prices have made people see the truth of the property market.

I am used to buying Chinese people who don’t buy up, and see that the house only falls and can’t buy, can’t buy? Do not rise or fall, buy or not?

Maybe, Li Hai, who wanders to Hegang, I bought a suite for 50,000, gives people another perspective. It seems that the day when the housing market is out of investment properties and the fundamentals of returning to demand have arrived.

Northeast property market, it has been cold for so long, and it may be in the eyes of the newly-needed family, and it will usher in the second spring.

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