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Near the end of the year, the national test is approaching.

Li Lin, who was named this year, entered a high-intensity review stage. After reviewing the gap, Li Lin once again opened “Hello Old Time” – this campus drama adapted from the original work of Changan in August, like her cure pill, “I don’t know why, every time I feel tired, I want to Open it and have a look.”

There are quite a few young people who are self-extracting in the same way as Li Lin. When you step into the stage of becoming a family or starting a business, the source of anxiety is always chasing after you, coming from all directions, and we are not able to breathe. For young people like Li Lin, opening the drama at the bottom of the pressure box is a fast track to highlight the encirclement.

The direction is lost, it’s almost impossible to survive, and it’s isolated. It’s like walking into a happy castle filled with healing molecules. You are exhausted with a tired body, and then re-energize with happiness, realizing self-salvation that gets rid of negative energy again and again.

In the drama at the bottom of these boxes, what secrets are there to make us reconcile with life?

Time Machine

“The most important thing in life is relax”, “If you live, you will definitely encounter good things.” “Happiness is not going to come by yourself.” As long as you often surf the Internet, you must have seen it. The classic quotation of the little boy, the life teacher.

Whenever he is overwhelmed by life, Tian Xiao will turn out “Cherry Maruko” and put it into a tender, simple yet pure plot.

In Tian Xiaoxin, there are many good dramas, but “Cherry Maruko” is one of her favorite revisiting under high pressure. “In the subconscious, I especially like the age of the small balls. At that time, the biggest worry was to write homework. The happiest thing is to have a holiday. The world is delicious when you have a good meal. When you are sad, you can find a philosophy of life. Strong>Simple but not superficial. “SpongeBob” and “Cat and Mouse” also have this feeling. It seems that they are a complete world, have a complete world view, not broken but not complicated but not catered, exaggerated There is a lot of truth in it.”

The film and television drama solidifies the best years like amber, so you can always take it back.

Now Tian is growing up, busy school, and confused at the crossroads of life. “In addition to daily eating and drinking, the rest is basically the anxiety of spare time.” Various unspeakable pressures let She often thinks of the worry-free time in elementary school: she dances with the little sisters during the class, secretly goes to the riverbank to play with water at noon, and puts instant noodle plastic bags on the winter feet as snowboards… I cut them into thin strips with instant noodle paper bags and integrate them. Then use an iron ring to cover it, use a lighter to glue it, and make a dice to play…

The fixed scene in “Cherberry Maruko” is the small ball family – a Japanese ordinary residential building. Basically every episodeIt will appear, no matter whether it is warm during the day or at night, especially at night, after school, after school, after work, the family is sitting around drinking tea, it is very pleasant.

“Relaxation is true, and it is beautiful to live in an ordinary way.” Tian Xiao said.

The same thing that made people back to childhood was “There are children at home.”

In a less spacious house, there is a family of five people laughing and joking. Liu Xing is squashing with Xiaoxue. The chubby summer rain is waving his arms and running around the house. Liu Mei is angry. Responsible for the mischievous Liu Xing, Xia Donghai is on the other side and Yan Yueliang to guide… The family is noisy, no fun.

Open the first season of “Family with Children” in Station B, the familiar prelude sounds, the familiar faces appear, and the full screen “photograph” barrage is neatly rushing in line – the whole media has put this kind of The screen is called “barrage fireworks”. Seeing the gorgeous flow that fills the entire screen is like watching a fireworks carnival with a sense of social and cultural rituals.

Lin Biao is a loyal audience of “The Family Has Children”. For her, this drama is not only funny, but also a carrier, through which she traces her carefree childhood.

Every time I relive “There are children at home”, Lin Biao has a feeling of returning to the past and forgetting the troubles of the moment. At that time, Zhang Yishan was not the undercover policeman in the “Sin”, and Yang Zi was not later. Four little flowers, all the original appearances made Lin Biao feel: “Every time I relive this drama, I feel that I am still the child, and the people in the drama have not changed. That feeling is very cured.” p>

Many warm memories of watching “There are children at home” will come to the fore. “There will be no posters. I downloaded the stills from the Internet. I asked my classmate’s father to help him use his printer’s printer to slap it on the wall. The show should be broadcast at 8:05 every day at the central eight. I look at it every time, then I will broadcast two episodes a day.I especially cherish it, so I feel very ceremonial when I see it. I go home and wash my hands before taking a bench and sitting in front of the TV. After I read it, I will discuss the story with you, and I will imitate the words and movements of the characters inside, as well as clothes and things.

When re-warming, the barrage of B station has become a precious little detail when Lin Biao is watching. “Like a group of brothers and sisters who have been separated for many years, maybe these people are like me, holding a small bench in front of the TV! When the theme song rings, I will think this is our main song!

After growing up, the days are in a hurry, watching the drama seems to be a waste of time. Lin Wei’s frequency of watching the drama is not high now. I can only take time to look at the blending of the B station as a measure of life. But there are some things that haven’t changed. For example, this drama makes her very yearning for a fun and warm family atmosphere. “There are lively younger brothers, parents who love each other, grandfathers who love themselves, although they are noisy, but the family The atmosphere is happy.”

“Those things that others have born, I have to pay a lot to get, I am not as confident and optimistic as the people in the drama, so I admire them very much when I was a child. 2019, I am still envious of the age at which I can become a family. Because it is more difficult to understand how to live in the drama.”

Energy Field

After eighteen years, in 2019, “Spirited Away” was released in China. This animated film telling us that the adult world is not perfect, also tells us in a cruel way what it means to “grow”.

Miyazaki said: “What I want to do is tell the children how to live in this reality.” So Chihiro grew up in the most realistic way, her efforts to save her parents. The courage shown has become a reference for many people on the road to growth.

“Xiaoqian is more like a spiritual symbol to me. I will watch it once a year, she is like a child in my heart who has been growing with me.” Especially after growing up, facing When the world’s sorrows and the compromises that often have to be made, the differences with the family, and the complicated things at work, she will revisit the “Spirited Away”, “How does Xiaoqian always be simple and strong? Go to the complex world and continue to fight back into my own life.”

A few years ago, Yusha experienced a period of low. “Parents’ business failed, and the family’s economy was not very good at the time. I was a child who was raised by my parents. My family suddenly changed. I was very difficult to adapt at first.” Such a change made her understand Jinchi more. “Thinking of Chihiro is desperate. The danger is also to save the father and mother who become animals, and I can’t just lose or complain. Chihiro has made me see my weak side.” Now Shah gradually helps his parents in his own way. “The difficulty should be quite a lot.” But at least I should try it.”

Yu Sha recently watched “Spirited Away” when it was released in a domestic cinema. The magic is that she fell asleep during the film screening and finally woke up in the ending music. “I thought that I would be asleep because of my sleep, but I was surprised by the unexpected.” This coincidence reminds people of the end of the movie. Chihiro was finally sent out by Bai Long and reunited with his parents. Afternoon warm sunshine, everything in the past seems to be just a dream.

The other masterpiece of Ghibli Studios is “Sleeping Ears”, which is also a very sad piece. Because of the long-term work, the director Kondo Hiroshi died just three years after completing the “ear-ear listening”.

As a genius of Kondo, this saga depicts the story of a young girl’s first love. In fact, the real motif is personal growth. Tian Zesheng’s saying to Yuedao Wen’s “In order to let my name appear on the borrowing card earlier, I read a lot of books” has become a famous line that inspires many people to pursue their dreams.

In the Douban page of this movie, a netizen named Yejima said:

This is a story I have already missed. I didn’t see it at the age of fifteen. I have already entered the age of not borrowing a book card. In reality, only me and the library are old and old. Even so, I am grateful for all the courage it has given me. I went to Tama City in the summer of one or five years. Walking on the コンクリートロード, the mountains and rains come, through the long and long stage, never feel that they are so true.

It’s similar to the feeling of this short comment. “Look at this movie, there is a big world, you have to have a dream to achieve it.a feeling of. “Wei Ting said. “The characters inside are ordinary and calm, and every little person has his own big dream. Whether you are clear about learning to make a violin, or want to write a novel, or even know what you want, you will look forward to the future and look to the future.

She still remembers the tremor that she felt when she first watched the movie in high school: “It was the late night of New Year’s Day, it was very cold. I saw tears flowing out…” Crying is not sadness, but a kind of moving and expecting: “The main thing is to move, I feel that I have to do what I really like in my life, to love those I like, to thank people who should be thankful!”

In addition to moving, Wei Ting also wrote a log for “Learning”, she wrote: “Be alone, not afraid. To find a dream to live, to endure the loneliness of the heart.”

“At that time, I was in high school. After watching this movie, I felt that I was different. I saw the problem more clearly. I would ask myself: Do you really want to do this? Is it something you like, or someone else tells? What’s your good thing?” From high school to the present, Wei Ting will watch “Learn Ears” once or twice a year. Yuedao Wen and Tian Ze Sheng Si became her complex. “It is here that I have a obsession with the violin, and I went to school after work!”

She is working now, although the days are tight, she will get up at 6 o’clock every morning, but she will also do her own night schedule to do what she likes to do – in addition to learning the violin, she is also Squeeze time to learn ukulele and tennis.


13 years ago, in a place called Qixia Town, there was once a Tongfu Inn. The people in the inn rounded up a martial arts dream with countless audiences. After the first 80 times, everyone still plays the story of the rivers and lakes in their own world.

Today, open the ending of “Wulin rumor” in the music appThe song “Knights”, nearly 20,000 comments, a strong memory of the face.

For Zeng Yang, watching “Wulin Biography” has become a habit. “I won’t go to see the “Wulin rumor” at a certain time. Usually I just think of a plot inside, I went to see a certain episode, and then I followed the episode and read the whole section again… Maybe I just watched the 1st and 2nd episodes every day, but during the high pressure period, I might see a bunch every day.”

Zeng Yang is obsessed with the “family” sense created by “Wulin Biography”. “When I watched the drama, I felt that I was also a member of this ‘family’. The comfort and security that this ‘family’ brings to me will have a feeling of ‘refuge’ for me. It is relative to real life that is not only high pressure but also lonely.”

The “Wulin rumor” is like a utopia, a world that is idealized and different from reality. “The difference between them and the audience is that they are not alone in the face of fate, always with their friends holding hands. Because they live in the drama, most of them will not be separated too far by fate – Xing’s head is transferred, but it’s just in the 18th shop. If you have nothing to do, you can go there. And everyone treats each other with sincerity and sincerely, sharing all their details.”

The bridge where “negative emotions have swallowed me, but my friends have saved me” is just a few episodes in the martial arts rumor. “The shopkeeper is usually the one who guides others, but as the treasurer of the ‘lighthouse’ falls into a negative mood, all other partners can pull her out – this is really a utopian life.”

In real life, everyone is an independent individual, and close friendships are hard to achieve complete confession and tolerance. “At least for myself. I don’t think I am qualified to trouble others. Relatively, I can’t accept other people’s emotions forever.” Zeng Yang admits that such a thing happened recently. A friend lost her love. She tried to take her friend away from the mud, but was dragged into the vortex by the other party’s negative emotions., “I was originally a person who was going to save the water, and the result was dragged down by the drowning person.”

“Wulin rumor” has undoubtedly become a parallel time and space in an imperfect world. Zeng Yang said that after a long time, when he is immersed in it, the gas field of this drama will remain on himself. “This kind of family drama gives people the feeling of ‘stability’. There will be a period of time when you are not afraid of all the changes and challenges. You feel like everyone is here after turning around.”

This utopian sense of family also exists in the classic American drama “Friends.” Whenever and wherever, when the music of “I’ll bethere for you” rings, there are still many people who can’t help but shake their heads and immerse themselves in a happy story for a second. Some people even wrote a tongue twister “Life is not good, revisit friends.”

Zeng Yang also mentioned the play. “In the real world, no matter how close people and people are, there is a high probability that they will leave a line for themselves. But “Friends” is not, they are completely sincere and trust each other.”

Zeng Yang mentioned two plots: Chandler and Monica are preparing to buy a house and move away, not forgetting to leave Joey with a pension attic; Joey is too hard to know that their unmarried mothers are unmarried, first The reaction is to buy a ring and propose to them. “Is there anyone in real life who is responsible for a friend’s life? I don’t think how high the probability is.” Zeng Yang said.

Zheng Yu is also obsessed with the atmosphere in Friends. From the high school summer vacation, he began to chase after the high school graduation, “Friends” almost accompanied his unforgettable high school years. “When you are happy and unhappy, you may all be watching friends, just like growing up together. The pressure on the third year is relatively high. When you eat at the weekend, you will watch the episode while eating.”

When I grew up, I will feel the values ​​in Friends, and friendship can give him a very positive force.. “Especially when you are not happy, they feel like they are friends for many years. They have a good relationship for ten years, and most of the time they are positive about life and the people around them. Great!”

This positive, intimate and idealized friendship will also have an impact on his relationship with his friends. He mentioned an impressive episode in “Friends”: Phoebe invited everyone to have a birthday party. The old friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time only Joey arrived on time. The remaining two pairs are not only late, but also absent-minded. “This thing is very likely to happen around us. When you are not happy, you can also think about it for others. Is it too self? The relationship between the six people is so good, it will be awkward. So, the feeling is really Need to be cherished and maintained.”

Zheng Yu will watch two or three times a month in the “Friends”: “The last time I saw it should be two weeks ago. It was relatively low at the time. I wanted to sit quietly for a while and then opened the episode.” The trust and sincerity of everyone in Friends has made him feel very precious. As the title song sings, “I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before.”

Of course, in addition to the above mentioned repertoire, many people also have their own unique spiritual pillar. For example, in the drama of the Japanese drama, “Winter look at East Love, Summer Watch Watermelon”, and the most unforgettable Korean drama fans, please answer 1988… There are always some dramas that allow you to watch your own status from the time of viewing. “Advance” is adjusted to “life”, and then continue to go to almost similar, but different every day.

Although I sang “I will always be by your side”, the lyrics of the first half of the friend are also true: “Nobody tells you that life will be like this. Your funny work, your bad, your half-hearted love.” It’s like being stuck in the second gear when driving, and can’t move quickly.”

In fact, everyone is repeatedly practicing in “being defeated” and “standing up”, and the ability to practice “self-regulation” and “resurrection in situ” is also the greatest need at the moment.

After all, the true meaning of life has long been”Knights” said: “There is too much difficulty in this world, but your life will continue, the sun will still rise every day, and hope will always be in your heart.”

This article is from WeChat public account: Epoch story Kodate (ID: epochstory2017) , author: Zhao early