From the pre-production planning to the post-production marketing agricultural big data platform

, it was learned that Breck (Suzhou) Agricultural Internet Co., Ltd. completed tens of millions of RMB C1 round of financing, the investors are Changyang Investment, Kaihao Investment, Changce Capital Wait. This round of financing will be used to strengthen the development of Rick’s agricultural big data products and the expansion of commercial channels.

It is understood that Breck completed the listing of the shares in September 2019 and has already started the C2 round and is about to complete.

After reporting Break, Breck started from the agricultural consulting business and started to set up an IT team for agricultural database in 2009. R&D, positioning agricultural industry Internet solution providers based on agricultural big data, providing big data-based industrial planning, agriculture-related finance, land transfer, smart farming, visual analysis, agricultural sales, etc. Chain service, forming a closed loop from production to sales. Since its commercial operation in May 2015, Breck has achieved tens of billions of business results. Its core products are Breck Agricultural Big Data Platform, Agricultural Products Shopping Network, and Brecker Farmer’s Mall.

  • County Agricultural and Rural Big Data Platform

Break Agricultural Big Data Platform is a professional information platform for decision-makers, investors, operators and researchers in agriculture-related industries in China. Through the integration analysis of agricultural pre-production, post-production and post-production industrial chain data resources. Provide price indicators early warning, cost and benefit estimation, trade flow analysis, and risk assessment for the industry to help enterprises or farmers to provide instructive information when making decisions.

The current platform data resources cover more than 200 countries and regions, 2,000 domestic counties, and more than 1 million agricultural cooperatives. The total data volume exceeds 650 million, the number of indicators is more than 9,000, and the data labels exceed 17,000. More than 16,000 articles and research reports on 500 agricultural products.

  • B2B bulk agricultural products

Agricultural product purchasing network is a large-scale agricultural product e-commerce platform that is positioned to serve the B-end users. It analyzes the county agricultural production demand through a large amount of downstream transaction data accumulated, and then feeds the order demand to the place of production to realize the order-based order. The agricultural production mode solves the problem of information asymmetry between the supply and demand sides in the transaction of bulk agricultural products, reduces the blindness of farmers’ cultivation, and reduces the risk of increasing production without increasing income. At the same time, reduce the cost of storage and transportation through the intelligent intermediate storage and transportation, and provide supply chain financial services to solve the problem of financing and payment credit, and improve the efficiency of bulk agricultural products trading.With the scale, help farmers sell their products to all parts of the country.

As of now, there are more than 40,000 registered users of agricultural products purchasing network, and the number of large-scale farmers and traders with long-term purchasing behavior has reached more than 10,000. In 2015, the platform’s self-operated sales amounted to 1 billion, and in 2016 it reached 4 billion. In 2017, the company’s business strategy focused on profit growth business areas, which has achieved full profitability and profit growth of over 10 million.

  • Counterly Produce Brand E-commerce E-Commerce

Bricker Farmers’ Shepherd Mall is a mobile electronic e-commerce platform for county-level brand agricultural products. The platform relies on the background of agricultural big data, combines the characteristics of county agricultural resource endowments and agricultural products, and analyzes the purchase preferences of Internet consumption data to help county characteristics. Agricultural product packaging, brand building and marketing promotion, shaping local specialty agricultural products brands, and enhancing the commercial value of agricultural product brand premiums.

The Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Mall is expected to realize the extension of both technology and service modes within 2020, and form a complete coverage of county-level agricultural products in Jiangsu, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong, Guizhou, Heilongjiang and other agricultural provinces. Create independent brands at home and abroad.

The supply of data and information public services in China’s agricultural industry is still insufficient. Solving the open sharing of agricultural and rural data is a very important issue. Breck is an agricultural industry Internet solution provider for agricultural big data. The course explored a road of “Internet + agriculture + finance” innovation to serve China’s agricultural modernization transformation, using accumulated agricultural big data to fully understand and master the integration trends, problems, and solutions for agricultural primary, secondary and tertiary production. At the same time, the Internet, the Internet of Things, and credit risk control are used to continuously improve the industrial links explored in the data, improve industrial efficiency, realize business value, and create a county-level smart agro-ecological circle centered on “Big Data+” and the Industrial Internet.

With regard to this round of financing, Blake’s founder Sun Wei said: “As an innovative company focusing on China’s agricultural information technology, the ability to continue to obtain capital is the recognition of Breck’s strength, Blake hopes Further promote the leap of China’s agriculture from informationization to dataization to intelligence.”