Last night, the Tmall double eleven carnival night show was released!

The first reaction of the little aunt, not the four-character brother, the first one, nor the moldy six songs. But… my mother! Huaze Coriander and Tengger sing “Love Cycle” together! This is really too red chicken!

The second reaction continues with my mother first! Double eleven is coming again? ! However, in the rooms of many of my small partners, it is clear that there are stocks of double eleven years accumulated in these years:

Half of the mask is not opened yet

Red snacks that have expired

Three bottles of shampoo are not used up

One hundred pounds of washing powder is not moving

Heaps piled up in the corner of the toilet,

The few volumes pressed at the bottom have been wet;

The old shoes that I bought for my mother without trying on them,

Because you don’t fit your feet, you can only wear slippers at home;

The cans of cats that were grabbed with 199 minus 100 coupons,

The master has no interest in pulling directly to the outside of the cat bowl;

The dressing table that was bought and sold was barely put into the master bedroom,

Every day, my son’s head is intimately rubbed;


Every year, everyone will repeatedly warn themselves that “you can pick up your hands and don’t pick up the goods.” But in the end, the rational string will still collapse at some point in time, or in the pages of Ali, Suning, Jingdong, and many more.

In fact, there are too many ordinary Chinese people.

A lot of self-media has been in the N-year after the double eleven, launched a section like “Double 11 Shopping Black History”, for fans to vent their spit:

Wife is a shopaholic, saying that he still doesn’t listen. He always feels that everything is useful. If you have bought anything that is useless, don’t mention it. Anyway, many, many, I would like to say that last year’s double eleven sold waste paper shells sold more than 80.

Double 11 and husband are on a sack holiday, guarding 0 points to buy color TV for their parents. The Wifi signal on the island is very poor, and I can’t pay for it for a long time. As soon as the brain opened the flow, it was finally bought. More than three hundred bills came back or more than five hundred. For that minute, I feel bad about myself…

4000 pieces of assisted bicycles, after three months of buying a shared motorcycle that was found on the street… and… this is not a good ride. The lowest cost-effective product ever bought. none of them.

Buy more than a thousand chocolates, fat a dozen pounds, fitness weight loss spent more than 5k, so far did not slim down, these two days also received a text message sent to me by the chocolate shop, let me continue this year, angry ! Is it worse than me?

The adults who are rushing to the double eleven “less money, more purchases”, how much loss of reason when buying and buying, how much tears when buying regrets.

What a painful understanding! Everyone will still be obsessed on the same day.On the old road.

The man behind the Tmall double eleven this year – no longer the familiar “Xiaoyao” Zhang Yong, but the 85-year-old Jiang Fan.

(Thinking is really bad, everyone is 85 years old, people are already Tmall president, I am still working late at night)

The rumor spread, Jiang Fan has no name. Because Xiaoyao pulled him up when he was in a hurry, he was too anxious to give him a name.

But many Alis said that the above is purely false news: Take a flower name such as “Duan Yu” and “Chen Jialuo” for a few minutes? It is clearly that Jiang Fan does not want to be himself. This person is not an Ali executive with a traditional routine!

What is true Ali executive?

It’s the minimum standard to say that it’s the best. It’s best to invent some new and famous churches that are easy to spread. For example, Feng Qingyang’s “Famous Name Culture” proposed by Jin Yong for more than a decade ago, the “Box House Concept” proposed by Xiaoyao last year because of the nationwide opening of the box store…

But Jiang Fan, from the temperament to the appearance is a simple and boring science man.

Every time he speaks or asks questions, he is like answering a mathematical proof, boring and full of foolproof logic.

For example, he first introduced the new strategy of Taobao in 2018 to the outside world, and actually used three equally unpretentious words: “simple, inclusive, creative.”

But his simplicity is full of routines. If you are not careful, you will be ridiculed by his logic, and he will still count for him.

For example, when he talked about this year’s Tmall mission, he replied: “Through the ability of products and technology, the business efficiency of Tmall merchants will be improved, and digital operation will be realized. Therefore, our flagship store 2.0 strategic grade product this year is realized. The full use of data in the private domain of the business.”

It sounds like a simple and unpretentious thing. In fact, he has quietly reminded you that we have to use private domain traffic to cash out.

Perhaps, this is the key to Xiaoyao’s infinite optimism about him.

So, the first wave of peaks in this year’s Double Eleventh, the private domain traffic brought by the rice circle and the fan economy was first pulled out – because on October 20, before the double eleven pre-sales One day, many brands have announced the latest celebrity endorsements.