268.4 billion, 2019 Tianma Double 11 set a new record again.

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In the middle of the night, I waited until 1 o’clock to pay the final payment. During the day, I sneaked in the office to “copy homework”. At night, I lost my mind and finished the last harvest. I woke up in the morning, and I remembered all the purchases but didn’t buy them. “necessities”. Don’t admit it, this is you yesterday.

Make money like a silk, spend money like a mountain. Half a month ago, you were still rationally controlling your income. Today, half a month later, you are worrying about how to pay back your credit card and flower basket next month. It is a common disease of all Chinese people at this moment.

With the efforts of all the “Dai”, the GMV of the Tmall Double 11 reached 268.4 billion in 2019, once again breaking the record. The buyer is satisfied, the seller naturally earns a lot of money. This year, the number of brands with sales totaling more than 1 billion reached 15 and included familiar names such as Midea, Haier, Huawei and Nike.

8 picture to understand double 11, you just spent 268.4 billion

Under this level of achievement, it is not difficult to understand why some teams are happy to dance in the office just after 12 o’clock.

Breakthrough is no longer unusual for the Tmall Double 11, but the story behind the Double 11 is much more interesting than the numbers. After 90, surpassing 50 and 60, it became the main customer of wig products; after 90, the cat and dog are full, the interest in buying cat and dog food is more than milk powder… Through big data, DT Jun (ID: DTcaijing) interprets 2019 Tmall double 11 for you. the story behind.

268.4 billion,Double 11 total turnover again jumps

“Five, four, three, two, one, buy it!” The clock just skipped midnight, and the horn of the battle blew in the hearts of the handcuffs. The annual war on hand speed began. You have been rushing for a long time, and at that moment, you have ordered several items in the shopping cart with thousands of people across the country.

This year