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There is a saying that the South Korean presidential palace “Qingwatai” was given a “magic”.

Since 1949, there have been 12 presidents in South Korea (including the current text in the 寅), but the text before the 11 Most of the presidents are not dying. For example, Park Geun-hy, who is most familiar with us, is now in deep prison; Park Geun-hye’s father, the 5th to 9th president, was shot; the earliest Li Chengyue was in exile, and the foreign disease died in Hawaii…

However, now, it seems that Wen is not able to escape the “magic”.

The current support rate of Wen Zai has dropped to 44.5%. It is necessary to know that after the North-South Summit last year, his support rate was as high as 83%, and the one-and-a-half-year support rate fell by nearly half. The unsupport rate rose to 52.2%. .

Since August this year, South Korea has had a protest rally almost every weekend: the text is required to step down.

It’s just an academic paper that ignites the anger of the people.

(Korean people’s protest rally)

1. The “Golden Spoon” scandal provokes anger, and Korean young people “fairly go to school” again dreams

In 2009, a university research team in South Korea published a paper in a top medical journal in Korea. The first author’s signature has an ordinary name: Cao Min.

At the time, Cao Min was only a female high school student, and only after two weeks of internship in this research team, she achieved this result.

In 2010, with this paper, she successfully entered the famous Korea University in Seoul.

Seoul University (Korea’s best university) A graduate student questioned: “The technical difficulty of this paper is so great, I even have it. I can’t understand the topic, even though I am a student in chemical engineering and bioengineering.”

But she is the daughter of Cao Guo, and all this is a matter of course.

Because, Cao Guo was appointed as the presidential secretary by Wen Zai last year.

In September this year, he was promoted to the position of Minister of Justice again.

Simply, the Korean senior official’s daughter mixed up with the lab experience, and hung up on a complicated paper and applied to the top 5 universities in Korea.

A high school student can achieve such incredible academic achievement. The only reason that makes sense is that Cao Guo used his identity to seek privilege.

Under the protection of the high-ranking family background, Cao Minshun is smooth and fluent: he entered the Korean University School of Medicine, and his grades were not good, but he won scholarships for six consecutive semester.

To have such achievements, ordinary Korean young people have to make great efforts, but because there is a good father, Cao Min can get it without any effort.

This deeply hurts the average Korean.

The text is because of the promise to create “a country without privileges” and “everyone will have equal opportunities”, so he has the support of a large number of young people.

This is the hand of the Minister of Justice, but now he has made the “fair competition rules of the game” a laughing stock.

(Korean drama: “City of the Sky”)

Cao Guo was finally under pressure and resigned as the Minister of Justice only 35 days after taking office.

This does not offset the disappointment and dissatisfaction of young Koreans.

Of course, this pot can’t all let the text come back:

Because the privileged class in Korea is growing, and it’s getting harder and harder for ordinary people to get ahead.