There is a cold knowledge. On November 11th, in addition to the shopping festival for the whole people, it is Tencent’s “birthday”: On November 11, 1998, Ma Huateng registered and established “Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd.”.

Twenty-one in 2019, Tencent, 21, has once again upgraded its mission vision and values. “User-oriented, technology-oriented” has become Tencent’s mission vision. “Integrity, progress, collaboration, and creation” are Tencent’s new values. .

According to the official public number of Tencent Culture, this is the 3.0 version of Tencent Culture. Compared to before, Tencent’s latest mission vision and values ​​have become more concise.

Tencent Culture V 2.1 (2011 – November 11, 2019)

Vision: The most respected Internet company.

Mission: Enhance the quality of human life through the Internet.

Values: integrity, progress, cooperation, innovation.

Business philosophy: Everything is based on user value.

Management philosophy: caring for employee growth.

Tencent Culture V 3.0 (from November 11th, 2019)

Mission Vision: User-oriented, technology-oriented

Values: integrity, progress, collaboration, creativity

Technology is the first to be initiated by Tencent Research Institute. Ma Huateng strongly agrees with this concept. In May of this year, some media reported that Ma Huateng revealed in his circle of friends that “technology is good” will become Tencent’s new vision and mission. At the same time, he also forwarded the link of Tencent Youtu to help the police find the children who have been abducted for ten years.

Technology has also appeared frequently in Tencent’s external activities recently. Zhang Xiaolong also quoted Bezos’s famous quote at Tencent’s staff meeting last year. “Goodness is more important than smartness.”

In addition, in Tencent’s vision, the words “Internet” and “Internet Enterprise” were removed for the first time and replaced with “Technology”. As a giant across the PC Internet and mobile Internet era, Tencent’s approach is very representative.

Ai Faner used the word “collapse” when summarizing the annual trend of the Internet industry in 2018. The unicorns piled up in capital games have shrunk or are on the verge of bankruptcy. What is more serious is the collapse of trust. , Facebook, Google These past represent the revolutionary, progressive, and beautiful Internet giants, and began to be listed as untrustworthy because of privacy, responsibility, fairness and other issues.

The Internet has become or is close to water and electricity, and it is constantly being integrated into people’s lives. This has two consequences: First, the competition of Internet giants is becoming more and more homogenous, and competitors will increasingly enter each other. The field is often low-quality repetitive construction; the second is that Internet companies have become data centers, tracking thousands of people’s every move.

When the Internet fades away from the magic of “subverting everything,” the breakthroughs in basic science and the sense of responsibility of Internet companies are especially important.

Tencent is trying to solve these problems. In 2018, Ma Huateng and 10 well-known scientists launched the “Scientific Discovery Award” to encourage breakthroughs in basic science and cutting-edge core technologies. As early as 2016, Tencent has begun to recruit scientists in the field of artificial intelligence. When the basic research makes a breakthrough and needs to be combined with specific business, the internal driving force of the employee is very important.

In the expression of values, Tencent changed the past “cooperation” to “collaboration” and “innovation” to “creation”.

Tencent culture’s explanation for this is:

Upgrading from “cooperation” to “collaboration” means more forward-looking organizational evolution for the future, sharing, growth and efficiency. From “innovation” to “creation”, Tencent is not only new technologies and inventions, but also new models and services – constantly breaking through existing thinking models and maintaining focus and investment in cutting-edge and future areas. Let creation create value.

The “subversive innovation” or “micro-innovation” under the guidance of the so-called Internet thinking in the past is more about the network transformation of the existing model, which can reduce duplication of work, remove intermediate links, and greatly improve efficiency. However, “creation” requires more development from scratch. At the beginning of the year, Zhang Xiaolong proposed that WeChat hopes to “make creation reflect value” and also echoes Tencent’s new values.

The new vision mission and values ​​will be the guiding direction for Tencent’s future time.

The following are the internal full mails of the upgrade mission vision issued by Ma Huateng, Liu Chiping and all the general offices:

User-oriented technology is good

——Written on the occasion of Tencent Culture 3.0


Hello everyone! Today, the company has a new mission vision and values. “User-oriented, technology-oriented” is our new mission vision. “Integrity, progress, collaboration and creativity” are our new values. Since we officially released version 1.0 of Tencent Culture in 2003, as the most important product of Tencent, Tencent Culture has iteratively upgraded three major versions.

The original culture of Tencent was derived from the founder team. Fortunately, the successful business and excellent colleagues are enriching the content of Tencent culture. From the first few people to more than 40,000 people all over the world, every Tencent person has participated in the shaping of Tencent culture. Tencent’s culture has also profoundly affected every Tencent person.

In the past 21 years, Tencent culture has been running through the concept of “CE” (user participation), which has a far-reaching impact on the business, “Rui Xue”, which has a wide influence on employees’ behaviors, and “everything based on user value.”

As the company’s business becomes more diverse, more and more talents join Tencent. With the launch and deepening of the 930 transformation, Tencent’s culture has also moved towards 3.0. While inheriting history, it has also opened up for the future. New evolution.

1. “User” and “Responsibility” are the two lifelines of Tencent’s existence and growth

In the development of Tencent, there are two most important lifelines, one called “user” and one called “responsibility”.

Initially, the founding team wanted to make a good product. We created the QQ with the details, the iteration, and the belief that we “do not live up to the user and make friends with the users.” From this, Tencent step by step to today. It is precisely because of the concept of “user-oriented” and “everything based on user value” that in the past 21 years, no matter what kind of confusion and trade-offs we face, we have always adhered to this belief and are on the right path. In this regard, we will firmly pass on.

In the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Tencent’s emergency search and donation platform enabled the technology to connect with goodwill. Later, we launched the 99 public welfare day, the online growth guard platform, and assisted the police through the power of AI. Abandoning and searching for missing children… Through constant trials and explorations, our understanding, thinking, and choice of science and technology are becoming clearer and more determined. In the end, we decided to put it seriously into Tencent’s mission vision, let science and technology become the mission and responsibility of every Tencent person, and make our daily work more meaningful and valuable.

The power of science and technology itself is huge, and the development of science and technology is becoming more and more rapid. How to make good use of technology will greatly affect the well-being of human society. Science and technology is a kind of ability. To be good is a choice. We choose technology to be good, not only means unswervingly improving our technological ability.To provide users with better products and services, and to continuously improve people’s production efficiency and quality of life, but also to do something different. Specific to action, we want to “all in terms of user value, integrate social responsibility into products and services”, and more “to promote technological innovation and cultural heritage, to help upgrade all sectors and industries, and promote sustainable development of society.”

Second, inheriting “righteousness” and “aggressiveness”, towards “collaboration” and “creation”

The company insists on the values ​​of integrity. It encourages employees to continue to “hold the bottom line, take morality first, be honest and just not only”, which is the value that the General Office attaches great importance to and employees highly value. We adhere to the values ​​of inheritance and progress, emphasizing that “whatever is power is too much, and that we have the courage to break through and have the responsibility”; at the same time, we give higher standards and connotations of “aggressiveness”, advocate employees to constantly pursue excellence, and have higher guidance for management cadres. Claim.

Upgrading “cooperation” to “collaboration” has a clear value orientation. It is to “open synergy and continuous evolution.” Internally, we must enlarge the pattern, open the border, cooperate with the organizations with an open source mentality, and cooperate with methods and tools that conform to Internet thinking. We must broadly cooperate with partners and ecological forces to create greater value. We hope that this kind of orientation can lead to personal growth and promote organizational evolution.

Upgrading “innovation” to “creation” points to higher requirements, meaning “beyond innovation and exploring the future.” This requires us to constantly break through existing thinking, maintain focus and input on the frontier and future areas, and create greater value with a more weighty, more results-oriented approach. We will not ignore the micro-innovation of technology and products, but we have a higher goal: to face the future, to explore the future, and to achieve greater social value through creativity.

Three, let culture become the conscious choice of Tencent people

Culture is not written on paper, hanging on the wall, culture is not a matter of several people, it is a matter for all of us. Tencent culture runs through the products and services that have a huge impact, on those who change the world, and at those important decision-making moments. Let culture blend into our blood and become a natural choice.

Aspire to it, identify with it, implement it, stick to it, and then pass it on. Let “user-oriented, technology-oriented” become the starting point of our thinking, let “integrity, progress, collaboration, creation” become our daily words and deeds. I believe that Tencent Culture 3.0 will bring us more power and more temperature, and will guide us to a higher future!

Pony, Martin and all general offices

November 11, 2019