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The day before yesterday, a circle of friends was issued: the external environment generally has three types: “difficulty”, “dilemma” and “difficulty”. The difficulty depends on the breakthrough of factors, and the two difficulties are to hedge risks. The best strategy is to maintain the system and reduce losses. Focus on “high return activities”!

Speaks a very simple truth and is enthusiastically responded by several big company executives. Let me realize that this logic refinement has some value, so simply write a small article to make it clear. I hope to inspire you as follows:

Difficulties: Difficulties generally mean that a single element does not have it, or the ability to solve the problem is not up to standard, but it can be solved after the elements of the effort are met and the ability is up to standard. This situation is generally called difficulty.

The difficulty of tempering people should be the lowest. There is no need for dialectical logic. 90% of ordinary people’s lives are difficult, so most of us are still ordinary people. But the difficulty is easy to make people feel depressed. I feel that God is unfair to you. How to meet the streets is difficult. It is the least difficult to objectively talk about difficulties.

Two Dilemmas: The dilemma means that you are getting back and forth. It seems that you are not doing it properly. There is a knife facing you before and after. But don’t worry, this situation is easily solved by the capital market’s portfolio(package solution). The method is mature, that is, long and short Package solution. If you must solve one of the difficulties in the dilemma, you must give another reverse indicator.A hedge.

For example, you use 70% energy to break through, 30% to solve a sequel; or you invest half of the investment in the world’s peaceful trade stocks, and half in the world war. The rapid growth of most ordinary people depends on solving the dilemma. The dilemma is also a growth opportunity for enterprises.

How difficult is it: the group of entrepreneurs, the hard work, the fundamental principle is to solve the problem. Officials from the past and the present are of course senior leaders. Similarly, generally capable officials solve difficult problems, find breakthroughs that most affect the overall situation, and consider controlling the balance. You see the most successful reformers in the past and the present. Basically, they solved the core problems of that era, such as taxation and currency stability. Failure to change is often too complicated to be enforced and violates the interests of many people.

Looking at these historical processes, it is necessary to avoid system imbalances, focus on “high-return activities”, focus on the profession, and make the essential competitiveness bigger, and other imbalances are slowly repaired. Therefore, if you look at the big entrepreneurs’ speeches, they all simply look at the overall situation of the system. Everyday work basically does things around the maintenance system. They subconsciously repair the system instead of destroying the system.

Summarize the strategic logic of these strategic logics: Resolve the “difficulties” by factor breakthrough, that is, focus on finding the main contradictions; solve the “difficult” challenge by risk hedging, that is, solve the contradiction at the same time; solve the “difficult” The dilemma depends on the evolution of the system and requires dialectical treatment.

Note: For the “difficult”, the most important consideration is the “system” rather than the “factor”. There are two things, “courage” and “hard work”, which are highly dependent on the previous strategic philosophy and direction. The courage of the husband and the enthusiasm of the shackles must be circumvented as entrepreneurs. The strategists are determined by “common sense”, “essence” and “great logic”. They don’t need to be so busy every day. People who like to work often do not have the wisdom to make priority decisions. The anxiety caused by certainty.

The following is the most important link to everyone’s stories. Ali and Tencent’s executives communicate, Ren Zhengfei and Ma Mingzhe’s book from them:

Off topic. We do not advocate the golden sentence management philosophy in our overall strategic consultation. This is an expression of inertia (don’t talk right or wrong), for entrepreneurs can participate