Seeing the title, many people are expected to return to me impatiently: repair. Of course, the car is broken, but where to repair, how to repair, many car owners can hardly say a reason, and the heart is full of entanglement.

Someone chooses to go to the repair shop, mainly because it is cheap; some people insist on the 4S shop, because it is reliable, but the disadvantage is expensive. If you buy a luxury car like BMW and there is no financial burden, I would not hesitate to recommend you to the official 4S shop for maintenance.

You have a valuable advantage.

Extracting for an afternoon, I went to Beijing Xingde Baby Horse 4S store to participate in a BMW after-sales event. I saw some interesting games in BMW after the after-sales service through the fun room game of “Escape Room”. The details.

Back to the title, what if your BMW car broke down on the road? Let’s look at the scene.

1, mechanical failure, you can actively call BMW’s road rescue, BMW technicians will use the intelligent vehicle diagnosis system and remote telephone technology to eliminate vehicle faults, if the fault can not be eliminated at the scene, then the after-sales can help you Call the trailer service.

2. In the event of a general traffic accident, the vehicle will automatically detect the fault and actively call out the rescue call to confirm the owner and the vehicle.

3, a major accident occurred, the driver is likely to lose the ability to “self-care.” At this time, the vehicle built-in accident prevention phone will automatically connect to the BMW call center with the highest priority, and the back-office service personnel will help the customer to realize the deployment and call of the ambulance, rescue trailer, traffic police and insurance company through multi-team cooperation mode.

The next step is the in-store section.

The so-called “skills” must first be sharpened. The biggest service advantage of large 4S stores compared to ordinary repair shops is that 4S stores will purchase state-of-the-art equipment at any cost.

For example, we saw this original water-based paint color measuring instrument, which is the core equipment of BMW paint master.

The principle of simple chat, this device will use blue and white LED light source, 6-angle 12-way road to measure without dead angle, accurately read the color change of the vehicle surface, analyze particle size and texture details. Digitize the color correction solution to help the paint technician quickly and accurately determine the color scheme.

The more accurate the color is, the smaller the color difference after painting. However, due to the lack of such hard-core equipment, many small workshops rely on the experience of the colorist to judge the probability of chromatic aberration. Big.

If your car paint is rare and expensive, or for obsessive-compulsive disorder, the equipment and experienced 4S shop should be your first choice.

Traditional Chinese medicine consultation pays attention to “seeing and asking”, and similar methods can be used for car diseases. If you think of the colorimeter as a tool for “looking”, then it would be a good idea to call the next vibration noise analyzer a “smell” weapon.

Vibration noise analyzer, as its name suggests, can help technicians collect vibration data in the cabin or in the engine compartment during faulty vehicle operation, and based on variable conditions such as engine speed, vehicle speed, drive mode, tire size, etc. The collected vibration wave frequency is compared with the normal vehicle wave frequency to accurately separate different vibration sources or noise sources to confirm the fault point.

This is like a doctor taking a stethoscope to listen to the patient’s heartbeat. Once the heart rhythm is out of order, it means that you may have problems. Different heartbeat rhythms may represent different illnesses.

One person’s power may not be enough. Intractable diseases inevitably require expert consultation, so it comes: remote audio and video support for AR devices.

The concept of VR and AR is familiar to everyone, but how does it work when applied to repairing a car?

First of all, the technology will wear the relevant AR equipment during the repair, and you will probably know what the equipment looks like. Through this device, everything that the technician saw in front of him will be passed to the BMW expert team.

When the technician communicates with the technician, the expert gives the technician the corresponding maintenance instruction through the real-time picture, which solves the vehicle problem, improves the technician’s maintenance level, and greatly improves the maintenance efficiency.

In fact, as vehicle sensors become more and more abundant, networking capabilities become stronger and more intelligent, and the level of intelligence becomes higher and higher, after-sales experts can remotely diagnose and provide guidance through remote diagnostic systems without leaving home.

The biggest advantage of remote diagnosis is two points. Some electronic faults that can help the owner can solve the problem do not need to go to the store for inspection and maintenance. Second, the 4S shop can prepare the customer to the store in advance through the results of remote diagnosis, including Ordering accessories in advance, etc., we must know that many imported parts that are not in stock are very time-consuming in the logistics process, and a lot of repair time is delayed in the accessories.

The OTA upgrade is an important skill in smart cars. Through system updates, some software bugs and security issues can be quickly resolved. BMW has a proper term for this, “RSU Remote Software Upgrade.”

In the past two years, a new generation of BMW models can be updated with the BMW Connected App and the built-in SIM card of the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that the vehicle OTA has always been a unique advantage for electric vehicles, but BMW has taken the lead in implementing this skill on the new generation of X5. BMW, including power, can be changed through remote software upgrades, and BMW has become a BMW. The only fuel car factory that supports the entire vehicle OTA.

The whole vehicle OTA is like a key. It provides unlimited imagination for the smart car. In theory, as long as it is not hardware damage, all software problems can be solved through remote upgrade, so that users can stay at home. .

Advanced tools and equipment, solid maintenance skills, professional synergy, and relying on the increasingly powerful networking capabilities of vehicles, repairing the car will become simple and efficient, this one-stop service is also great Most repair shops are not available.

The question is coming. If your car is broken, where would you choose to fix it?