The title map is from the “Mad Men” stills. This article is from WeChat public account:Yang is not bad (ID: yangbuhuai01), the original title “Advertising, Scene Customization”

The situation in this area is not very good this year. Marketing is getting harder and harder, budget is also tight, and the pressure on commercialization of major platforms is very high. The advertising revenue from the media is also falling. In short, the era of triumphant progress is over, and what we have to think about next is how to make more refined marketing.

The consensus of the last one or two years is that the effect of advertising is getting worse and worse. It is very likely that tens of millions or even billions of budgets will be spent and nothing has changed. Brand advertising was drowned in the ocean of information, and people rushed over to take a look.

Today we talk about the integration of advertising and media. The media is never just a location with traffic, the media itself can be part of the content. In the integration of content and media, there is still a lot of room for growth in advertising efficiency, as long as everyone is willing to dig.

The following, let’s talk about the solution:

just a little more special

Today’s advertisements are too much like advertisements. At first glance, they are advertisements. People are naturally desensitized to advertisements. They don’t stop to look at ideas like advertisers. The public needs special advertisements and different advertisements. Unlike advertising ads. The current advertisements are like the noise of whispering in the big square. The hundreds of millions of advertisements every day, most of them have become social background sounds.

In the current situation, it’s only a little more special, the ads will be out of position, and you will be able to stand out.

Don’t believe you see Earl’s travel shoots like this, okay? not good. Is it creative? Not creative, especially? It is really special. We saw it, remember it.

This type of adIt’s just a little annoying, there is no problem with the values. Of course, this type of advertising is only valid for a specific period of a particular brand. Recently we have seen that some brands are blindly imitating, which is very dangerous.

In my opinion, these screaming ads are also decent, the most rude and low-level shows that are special, while pulling down the level of the entire industry, as practitioners do not want this kind of advertising to be popular. At the same time, this kind of advertising is much more done, and it is no longer special. Only the first one has the greatest value.

We need to think smarter and decent way to make ads more special.

So, how can you make your ads more decent and more special? Most of the time, creative people are looking for breakthroughs in the content itself, want to break their heads to find more vivid ideas, and have many successful ideas. However, creativity cannot be standardized, and good ideas cannot be copied.

There is a need to look for ways to follow, to be able to scale operations, and to make the ads special.

Everyone ignores the content value of the media. It is just a medium that has traffic. It is wrong. The media can be part of the content. The media itself has roles and values ​​in mass communication, but most people Do not delve into this matter.

So next, we jump out of the existing framework and create a new formula: Content plus medium equals new ad.

Customize ads for ad slots

In the existing logic, the vast majority of the first is to have advertising content, then find the medium, and use a content to scale in multiple media channels.

Can we reverse the logic, first have advertising space, then create content, and customize content for the media? Does this make the content and form of the ad more diverse, and make the ad more special and out of place? I think it is okay, not as good as our case.

I recently saw that it is more suitable for coming out. It is Ctrip’s advertisement in several subways in Beijing and Shanghai. What to say, it is a mirrored promenade, in the subway corridor promenade, depicting individual destinations, and then built a mirror in the destination, you just stand in front, you are in the world.

I think this is very smart. I used the ordinary subway corridor to make a living with a mirror. Young boys and girls, when they meet the mirror and keep watching, they are sorry for their beauty. If it is again to the mirrorShooting and sharing, this advertising is very efficient.

We will interpret this, how to customize ads for ad slots?

Brand Content Plus Media Scene

Since it is reverse customization, the content is attached to the medium.

The first is the media role, the subway is the subway, the focus is the focus, the public number or the vibrato and the fast hand or the microblog, each media role is different.

Then the crowd, who is this space, why they came to this place, what are the expectations here.

Finally, the content, how the content blends with the media, but makes it stand out, must be special in this space, but it must be reasonable.

Brand content is just a semi-finished product, plus the medium, plus the people in this space, is considered a complete idea.

Old Space Creates New Scenes

How do you make a familiar scene look special? The master of design, the original researcher, said: “To turn the known into an unknown, to maintain a sense of freshness in life.” This is a cross-border thinking, allowing different ideas to cross the border and produce something different.

Why ignore the existence of ads? Because they are familiar scenes, familiar images, elevator advertisements must be colorful discount promotions, subway advertisements are standard flat KV, public advertisements are the end of God’s turn, everyone is caught in the mindset, otherwise it is not advertising It is.

So if you want the advertisement to become special, you will become familiar with the familiar scene, such as a letter from the elevator advertisement to the neighborhood committee, such as the public advertisement becomes an in-depth report, such as the subway corridor becomes poetry and distant .

In fact, it is a scene replacement. In the familiar old space, a new and unfamiliar scene is placed, and it can be logically established. It is to put a flower in a grass to make it stand out.

Scale customization

It’s important to talk about scale at the end. Customizing one ad slot is one thing, but dozens of ad slots, all media customization is another matter.

I wrote an article last yearThe article “Systematic Subversion of Big Ideas” argues that it is difficult for a single point of creativity to penetrate the public. It requires a lot of creative formation systems to form a cognitive dome that can penetrate and create public perception. And to go to the executive layer, it is the scale of advertising.

The previous large-scale launch had only one TVC and KV, and then finished in different sizes and forms. What I have done more exaggerated is that a set of posters expands hundreds of different sizes of finished works, some rough arrangements, some flattened or cut, in short, very rough, the effect is naturally not good.

Now should be personalized, according to different scenarios, different media attributes, customize different advertising content, each media scene, the goal is not the same. Some pure exposure, some strong interaction, some for conversion, and some for PR, so we must scale according to different scenarios and media attributes, advertising will be more efficient.

Advertiser, please be diligent

The picture of the American drama “Mad Men” conveys to us that the creative director is always swaying and smoking, and the idea is to come up with a big idea, then the proposal is successful, and ultimately save a brand. Before I entered 4A, I always heard about the legends of the masters above the temple. For example, I couldn’t think of creativity after working overtime, so I took a taxi from Jinbao Street to the seaside of Qinhuangdao, listened to the sound of lonely waves, and then took a taxi back. The office, so the Emmanuel came up with a big idea.

I respect the predecessors and I admire the creative people of the golden age. But in the moment, the communication environment is not the original. , marketing is a more complicated and systematic thing, and may require a combination of many small ideas to become a new “big idea.”

Today, I talked about the customization of advertising and media. I talked about how content and media work together and how media becomes part of the content. In fact, the idea is more subdivided, each type and even every location, according to the scene to customize different content, which is a huge challenge for the current advertisers, especially the advertisers in the 4A system.

Customization is more than just traditional advertising. On the Internet side, in content marketing, more customization is required. A large V content, a Weibo topic, a vibrating challenge, a quick hand UGC, and each platform and medium. The media roles are different and the content that needs to be placed is very different.

A large-scale brand campaign, a core strategy and brand information, dozens of different types of media work together, some do exposure, some do interaction, some enhance brand texture, some authoritative endorsement, some doDiversion conversion. Each media form customizes the content according to the different scenes, makes full use of the value of the media itself, and finally forms a cognitive dome, which enables the entire brand campaign to be efficiently transformed.

Today we do marketing, advertising creative, and the stage of rough launch must be ended, because the brand owner does not have so much hot money, the effect of rough delivery is also continuing to decline, and even most of the advertising costs are wasted. of.

In the future, advertising should be more diversified and richer in content. It is no longer a rigid advertisement in an advertising space, but a combination of media space and brand content. I think we can summarize three reference standards: there are scenes, interaction, and mobility.

The next marketing must be more diligent, more refined customization, systematic collaboration, and let every point shine.

Advertising is not only a mental work, but also a diligence.

This article is from WeChat public account:Yang is not bad (ID: yangbuhuai01)