Undergraduate Tsinghua is less than Fudan, 22% has a doctorate.

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“I have been fighting for 18 years before I sit down with you for coffee.” A low-level topic about hard work and success has touched many people.

You are drinking coffee, or watching the people in the curtain wall drinking coffee on the bustling street, starting with a good university! A good university is the starting point of wealth, the ideal beginning. When we went to a good university, those students who were already drinking coffee outside the classroom were our vision and resources.

In the history of venture capital in China for nearly 20 years, the equity investment industry has highly concentrated on the highly educated tyrants and elites who drink coffee. They are rational, Zoran, and use wealth to create wealth.

So where do their universities and wealth begin?

A good university is the starting point for wealth

Which institution did they graduate from undergraduate?

Among the 58 venture capitalists surveyed, 9 of them have overseas bachelor degrees, accounting for 15.5%.

Among them, 渶策资本 Gan Jianping: Bachelor of Science, University of Iowa; Qiming Venture Capital, Zhai Ziping: Bachelor of Computer Science, University of San Francisco; CITIC Capital Zhang Wei: Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Innovation Lab, Kai-fu Lee: Computer Science, Columbia University, USA Bachelor of Science; Jingwei China Zhang Ying: Bachelor of Science in California State University; GGV Jiyuan Capital Fuxun: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore; Hua Ping Investment Wei Wei: University of Texas Bachelor; Boyu Capital Tong Xiaoying: Harvard University degree. At the same time, they are also the US dollar fund.

The core of 58 venture capitalists has a background in education. Before the age of 45, investors were

Data source: Wu Shulian 2019 Chinese University