The weakening of brand influence: What methods can be used in addition to finding online marketing?

In recent years, many people feel that brand marketing is getting harder and harder. If you ask them: What is the main aspect?

At this time, a lot of bitter water will spit out

  • The marketing effectiveness of traditional channels is getting worse

  • It’s hard to find a point, and it’s common to get a lot of water.

  • Consumers’ attention is getting harder and harder to catch

  • Marketing conversion rates are difficult to escalate

  • It’s not useful to find expensive spokespersons

So, many marketers simply regard the sale of explosives as the core work of marketing.

spend a lot of money on the head of the net, please sell one or two items in the brand as explosives, high exposure, large sales, very easy.

The weakening of brand influence: What method can I use in addition to finding online marketing?

But everyone who has done it knows that if you don’t say a net red marketing, you don’t pay, the return rate is high, and now the traffic is easy to fake. Unilever has been deceived and publicly announced that it will no longer cooperate with the nets that buy fans.

The key is that when consumers buy a brand of products because of the net red, it is different to buy products because of the brand’s own marketing.

The former consumer agrees with the medium of net red, and the brand that leaves the net red will not be remembered. The latter consumer is truly recognized by the brand.

This problem is ostensibly a change in the marketing environment. In fact, the solution to the problem is also used to find consumers.


Customers are less sensitive to brands in many categories.

Check out the market around you and you will find that this opportunity is a lot of F2C (Factory to Customer) business.

For example, buy a pair of socks and a suitcase. You may have the following purchase methods based on different requirements:

  • Do not pay attention to quality at all, just look at the price, you may go up and fight more

  • Slightly pay attention to quality, may go to famous products or NOM

  • More attention to quality, may go to NetEase to choose.

If this decision is really important, such as to attend an important occasion, or as a gift to someone, you will want Nike, Samsonite and other big brands.

Why is this happening?

Because there are too many brands, the information is too complicated. If every decision has to collect information to make a decision, the heart is too tired.

Moreover, due to the existence of the brand premium, for the big brands, as the quality of the products rises, the price is exponentially rising. At this time, even the price/performance ratio cannot be guaranteed.

So many people would rather find a shopping channel that follows a simple formula: the price is linear with the product quality, the better the quality, the higher the price.

The weakening of brand influence: What method can I use in addition to finding online marketing?

A lot of fights, Netease carefully selected, famous and excellent products, NOM these platforms sell F2C goods, their value is to help consumers avoid the product premium brought by the brand.

The weakening of brand influence: What method can I use in addition to finding online marketing?

Try to think back, as a consumer, how long have you not been buying a shampoo, a toothpaste, or a drink to carefully choose a brand?

In fact, many mature categories in the consumer goods market have entered a stage where consumers are more sensitive to product categories than brands. The companies in these categories have also invested a lot of resources in brand promotion.


There are many reasons why consumers are numb to the brand, and two reasons are particularly important.

First of all, from the perspective of a certain category of industries, due to the advancement of technology and the modularization of production, the barriers of enterprises in the competition to imitate and follow up are getting lower and lower – competition leads to homogenization of goods. .

More than a decade ago, WallVolvo has always been a representative of the family car with high safety performance and practicality, while the Audi car is known for its performance and appearance. However, just recently, Audi’s safety performance test results surpassed Volvo, and Volvo is emphasizing the fun of driving in advertising.

The weakening of brand influence: What method can I use in addition to finding online marketing?

Know that in the twentieth century, an advanced technology in the automotive industry is enough to make a company survive and stand out for decades. Honda relied on the advantages of advanced engines to make people in the 1970s, from small companies to large companies that can compete with Toyota and Nissan, and even became Japan’s first car manufacturer to participate in F1.

In the categories of cars, mobile phones, earphones, daily chemicals, etc., different brands have become a bit different, but they are actually similar to the competition. (For example, if Huawei takes a photo better, the Apple system is more fluent, in fact it is almost the same)

The root cause is that when a feature of the category is developed, the barriers to follow-up are low.

For example, when a brand new mobile phone is equipped with fingerprint unlocking, face recognition, voice function, etc., the competing brand mobile phone released a few months later can carry the same function.

Then, as consumers are accustomed to making decisions with inductive thinking, the growth in the amount of commodity information has led to an increasingly abstract distinction between consumer brands in the same category.

In the case of shampoos, 30 years ago, shampoos were only divided into dandruff and moisturizing, and then with different scent, so consumers can distinguish between different brands. For example, Head & Shoulders represents refreshing and anti-dandruff, and Pantene represents moisturizing.

The current shampoo market is completely different. In addition to anti-dandruff and moisturizing, there are oil control, anti-off, black hair, repair fork, suppleness, and even refreshing effects. The fragrance also ranges from tropical fruits to Nordic plants. Nothing strange.

At this time we have been circled in the decision-making process, because there are too many categories of functional fragrances, and the human brain may sum up so many differences for shampoo. So in the end, when shopping, many people choose shampoo to become purely selective / non-silicon, imported or domestic, and even look at the price directly.

This is also the reason why the market share of many mainstream FMCG brands is declining.

Finally, companies in many industries can only guarantee the marginal benefits of economies of scale and survive if they are homogenized.

The weakening of brand influence: What method can I use in addition to finding online marketing?

In the shared cycling industry, from the initial Hundred Regiments, to the subsequent bankruptcy, and then the rest of the acquisition by the Internet giant, behind the logic is not found no profit balance, resulting in a broken capital chain,

I don’t know if you have observed that the remaining shared bicycle brands in the market now have many very similar places, even Mobai, Green Orange and Meituan bicycles are not the same color, other parts are the front. The seat lifts or the locks are basically the same.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand the logic behind them. If these bicycles use the same mold to make components, the production cost of these components is huge due to the large scale (while supplying all the bicycles of several big brands), the production cost. It can be reduced, so the production cost of a single shared bicycle brand will also drop.

Competitive brands use the same products. There are many other fields in this principle. For example, Estee Lauder, DIOR, Lancome, CHANEL have the same foundry in China; Foxconn also has Apple, Nokia, Dell, HP’s assembly line.


In the face of this dilemma, on the one hand, we must reduce costs through modular production, but we must avoid the dilution of brand value caused by homogenization. What can brand marketing do?

First, use binary positioning

As I said above, because of the increasing amount of information noise in the same category, consumers can only use the simplest induction to perceive the brand.

How does this information noise manifest itself? Mainly due to constant attention switching and information redundancy.

For example, if you are watching a video on the website, suddenly an advertisement pops up. At this time, you may pick up your mobile phone and brush it on WeChat, or look at Weibo. When you look back, the advertisement is over. This is Attention switching has led to a significant reduction in the effectiveness of traditional advertising.

As a representative of functional beverages, Red Bull has been selling for a long time to enhance its vitality.

The weakening of brand influence: What other methods can I use in addition to finding online marketing?