The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on.

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On November 13th, the Venture Capital Daily will check it. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~

Enterprise Service

Project Report:

  • goods home: Imported cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform < /span>

The “House of Goods” was established in March 2015. It is a comprehensive service platform centered on cross-border e-commerce bonded warehousing services. It provides supply channels, customs clearance, bonded warehousing, logistics and distribution solutions for cross-border e-commerce companies. Program. The specific service types include international logistics, cross-border e-commerce BBC import customs clearance, third-party warehousing and express logistics. The main profit points are bonded warehousing service fees and supply chain management fees.

The cross-border e-commerce intelligent management system independently developed by the “House of Goods”, including WMS storage system at the source processing end, customs single window system, express logistics system, supply chain financial system, and consumer shopping system, ERP Order processing system, third-party payment system, etc.

At present, the “House of Goods” has branches and bonded warehouses in 17 cities including Dalian, Beijing and Tianjin, and has overseas warehouses in 10 regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Incheon. (Author: Jiang Jingling)


Project Report:

  • Based on the “Open API Interface”, “Strawberry Innovation” will provide enterprises with a drone automation base platform

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    Now, there are applications for drones in crop monitoring, pipeline inspection, security, smart city, logistics and many other scenarios. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document stating that by 2020, the civil drone industry will continue to develop rapidly, with an output value of 60 billion yuan and an average annual growth rate of over 40%. By 2025, the output value of civilian drones will reach 180 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%…(See more Please click here)

    Financing Disclosure:

    • WearableWearing equipment heats up, “WHOOP” receives $55 million in D rounds of financing

    “WHOOP” is popular among professional athletes for its huge amount of data collected, processed and analyzed. It provides an “elite solution” to track stress, heart rate, calories, sleep and other indicators to record athlete recovery time. . “WHOOP” clients include tennis players, professional baseball players from the Major League Baseball team, and some NBA athletes use the product… (See more please click here)

    Industry Internet

    Project Report:

    • Voice: One-Stop Cargo Platform

    Voice is a platform for quality logistics services for both the main and the driver, through cloud computing, big data and multipoint positioning Analyze the driver’s preferred route, accurately push the order issued by the owner to the driver, and support the LTL order combination to solve the problem of the owner’s driver mismatch. The platform provides freight reference for drivers, precise navigation, provides order tracking service for cargo owners, supports automatic generation of electronic contracts to complete online transactions, and provides transaction guarantee for both parties.

    Volunteer It is planned to establish logistics hubs and distribution centers in various places to connect with sea and land air transport, and build transport links to build multimodal transport and master logistics freight pricing. The right to receive the service fee and commission from the cargo owner and the driver, and provide value-added services such as “eat, live, repair, insurance, parking” and cargo storage. At present, the corona products have been launched and are seeking 1,000 RMB financing for team building and product promotion. (Author: Wang Wenfeng)

    • 中安工控: Industrial Control, IoT Security Area

    中安工控 is a company engaged in industrial control and Internet of Things security services. The company is positioned in the field of industrial security and Internet of Things security, and has in-depth research through the integration of trusted computing, machine learning, big data analysis and other technologies.Class=” list-paddingleft-2″>

  • Pulse Medical: High-end cardiovascular devices And consumables developer

Pulse MedicalFounded in 2014, Zhuhai City, a high-tech industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Dawan District The development zone is a research and development enterprise focusing on cardiovascular medical devices. It is positioned to establish a cardiovascular product industry chain of ‘prevention + diagnosis + treatment + rehabilitation’.

It is reported that Pulse Medical has cooperated with the Tenth People’s Hospital affiliated to Tongji University to develop a left atrial appendage occluder suitable for preventing stroke caused by non-valvular atrial fibrillation. At present, the total number of clinical cases of this product has reached 200, and the enrollment stage of clinical trials has been completed. In addition, Pulse Medical has completed the development of samples for eight-lead and twelve-lead smart ECG protective clothing in early 2019. The research product also has an umbrella system for treating heart failure caused by ischemic heart disease. (Author: Dayton Yuting)

Financing Disclosure:

  • Let the oral clinic and doctor resources flow, and “multi-point cloud” completes tens of millions of rounds of A round financing

Stomatologists are highly independent and have a higher impact on patients than other departments, so it is easy for a dentist to gather a pool of patient resources. Therefore, many doctors choose to open their own clinics, but doctors do not only carry a lot of upfront investment, but also face management problems such as manpower, finance, consumables, etc., and involve a lot of energy. At the same time, the net profit is generally difficult to exceed 20 %……(See more please click here)


Financing Disclosure:

  • STEAM Education and English Learning, “MarcoPolo” completes the first round of A+ round financing and will enter the Chinese market

  • MarcoPolo mainly adopts the mode of B2B2C: first pass to BKindergarten, early education institutions and other services, so that C-student students can access the contents of MarcoPolo in the classroom; and through the practice after class, the C-end students will take the MarcoPolo products home, so as to harvest C-side paying users… (See more please click here)

    • Zhang Quanling All In “Large Language”, “Youth Gets” won the investment of 100 million A+ rounds by Huachuang Capital

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      In January 2019, the Spring Course of Springs was launched on the first and second grades in the spring class. 1,500 places were sold out within 1 hour, and more than 4,000 parents lined up for waiting. In September, the autumn class of “Spring Language Class” expanded to 1 – 4 and 4 grades, with more than 7,200 students learning online. In the autumn class, the spring class old students have a renewal rate of 80%…(See more please click here)

      Venture Watching

      • Gu Hongdi, vice chairman and president of Xiaopeng Automobile: The new car company will rely on “differentiation” and hematopoietic ability in the second half of the competition. The next car will be Main L3 level autopilot function

      Gu Hongdi said at the forum that the future goal of Xiaopeng Automobile is to make “difference” in the intelligentization of automobiles, and pay more attention to whether brands can occupy consumers’ minds, whether they can self-hematopoietic and profitable in business. This requires mass production and delivery of several cars to achieve… (See more please click here)

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