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At present, China is the world’s largest producer of silicone dolls. There is a group of people who not only use dolls as adult products, but also are keen to wash their dolls.With them outside, this niche and secret group is called “Wayou.” Zhang Bo, one of the four years of “Bao Ling”, is one of them. He has a doll called “Sakura”, but he never sexually related to it, but regards it as a daughter. The doll is fake, but the companionship is true.

Cold and warm life doll 1

This year’s 35-year-old product planner Zhang Bo has a hidden identity: “Piling the Uncle” – the four-year-old god of the “Wa Ling”. He is the publisher of the once-exploding online post “The Day of the Little Butterfly and Uncles.” At the most, Zhang Bo has six silicone dolls.

Zhang Bo and his doll

Under the pavilion, next to the small river, next to the big tree… Everyone’s impression of the silicone doll as an adult product has become a well-dressed “little girl”, taking pictures and taking pictures. A group that records the daily life of shooting itself and the doll like this is called a friend. In order to enter the world of “Wayou”, we contacted several nurturing people, but they refused the interview request.