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Finding a job has become a thing that has never destroyed confidence. The Internet, once an area full of opportunities, truly makes them feel tired and scarce. Unemployment timeFrom 1 month to 5 months, from spring to winter, they feel that this year is different. In Beijing, where rents are high, from confusion, confusion, self-doubt to adjustment expectations, renewed courage, some people keep to the final turn, and some people are still “pretending to work.”

“Wangjing can be prosperous” – moving to a cheaper place – New World

Hu Mingzhi envisioned a scene of cohabitation with his girlfriend—two people changed to a home facing east, and there were cats and fish at home. Two people cooked for the weekend and went to work together to play. The scene was happy. This move was a last resort, and even a bitter taste – after three months of not paying, the money on hand was not enough to pay the rent for the next quarter, he decided to move to his girlfriend’s home.

From the road from Tongzhou, Beijing to Wangjing’s girlfriend, programmer Hu Mingzhi couldn’t control it. He is very familiar with this road. He first goes to Jingtong Expressway and then goes to the East Fifth Ring Road. From the East Fifth Ring Road to the North Fifth Ring Road, you can turn to the North Fourth Ring girlfriend’s home. This time, unlike the purpose of each visit, it used to be a date, this time it was a move.

“You are moving to a good place, Wangjing can be prosperous.” The moving master said.

Northern drifting for 5 years, there are only 6 sorting boxes on the back of the golden cup bread. More baggage is stored in a warehouse in Shunyi Airport. Eight cartons are labeled in different categories—books, bedding, clothes that are not worn temporarily, and various books and appliances. 200 yuan a car pulled away, covers an area of ​​2 square meters, and receives a management fee of 200 yuan per month.

“The key is in the meter box and there is porridge in the rice cooker.” The girlfriend sent him a message.

After the Spring Festival in 2019, the O2O company where Hu Mingzhi was located did not pay the wages on time for a month, but later it could not be issued. After three months in a row, he and his colleagues went to Beijing Chaoyang District Labor Arbitration Bureau to submit an application. When consulting, they repeatedly confirmed that the companies listed on the New Third Board will also file for bankruptcy.

The lawyer told him with a dumb voice: “What kind of company may go bankrupt.”

The girlfriend’s home bedroom is separated from the other, less than 15 flat, and the other three young people share. Although the house is not big, but because the location is good, the price is also high, 4000 yuan per month, which is twice the price of his rent. The whole lifestyle has changed, he must learn to adapt to the new environment – open the phone, uninstall the company’s APP, look at the familiar LOGO, recall the scene of working overtime for 5 years to write code: this is the only one after he came to Beijing. Work, as company employee No. 007, he sent away many old colleaguesThere have also been many new colleagues.

Now, he left the comfort zone for the first time: familiar colleagues, familiar work, familiar office environment, bye bye. Although it is passive.

Share is a normal for North drift

In addition to the 25-stop subway, Kaidi in the West Second Banner is also preparing to move. Although her house is shared, the monthly rent is more than 3,000 yuan because of its good location and size. After being laid off, she felt that 20 square meters lived too much, so she changed her house to rent about 2000.

Before she was officially notified, she had had nothing to do for half a year to a year. In a veteran Internet social media to do content operations for 2 years, departments and business lines are often adjusted, sometimes a business has not matured, and then was told to do another product – a product from 0 to 1 just picked up, But after 1, the next business is no longer promoted. She is very confused.

When she lay off her staff in December 2018, she thought she would be on the list. Fortunately, I have had a good year. By March 2019, she did not accidentally appear on the layoffs list. She also knows the reason for the ruling. At the age of 31, there is no more energetic overtime than young people. On the other hand, new young people can not only save costs but also inspire new ideas.

In the beginning, she was not anxious to find a job, with N+1 times of layoff compensation in her hand. She decided to let go of herself and do things she didn’t have time to do – watching movies, doing beauty, learning to swim, After the drama, travel abroad, and even in June 2019, I did double eyelid surgery.

Mother made a special trip from Hunan to Beijing to accompany her. Kaidi and her mother started the work of the old cadres, got up at 7 or 8 o’clock, no longer slept, accompanied her mother to buy food, eat three meals a day, and walk together. She felt the long-lost happiness: “This is after the college entrance exam, I am accompanying Mom has been the longest time.”