A building will be reported by Ai Faner, it must be a little different. Sometimes we will report the significance of the store, and sometimes it is worth mentioning the design of the building itself, such as an environmentally friendly office building that can be completely dismantled and recycled.

If the office building in the Netherlands ends one day, it will not be demolished and abandoned like ordinary buildings, because every part of its structure can be dismantled and reused elsewhere. The floor can be removed and the windows can also be removed because it is constructed with a wooden body and 165312 screws. Like a giant Lego brick assembled, workers can easily disassemble it.

This Triodos bank office building is mainly made of wood, with towers ranging from 2nd to 5th floors. If the company needs to relocate or close the office, all of these components can be easily disassembled, which is a completely different design than those made of steel welded concrete, which is more flexible and environmentally friendly.

Not just disassembly, the building’s design also takes into account more in-depth environmental issues. Because the carbon footprint of materials such as reinforced concrete (referring to the collection of greenhouse gas emissions caused by corporate organizations, activities, products or individuals through transportation, food production and consumption, and various production processes), but wood The material is carbon-neutral, because these woods absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide as they grow.

With the use of skylights and transparent glass walls inside, making full use of natural light and reducing the use of artificial light sources can be said to be an important design for environmentally friendly buildings today. In addition, although the remodeled building is located next to the forest reserve, the external shape design can avoid blocking the flight route of the bats, and it can also minimize light pollution at night. Erik Mulder, architect of Rau Architects , who designed the building Environmental ponds, wildlife can even come here to drink water.

Beside the forest reserve means that some employees need to drive to work, and the parking lot next to it is covered with solar panels to charge electric cars. There are also locker rooms and showers to encourage employees to cycle to work, the roof can collect rainwater to flush toilets, and the office uses geothermal heating and cooling.