At Tiger Sniff F & M Innovation Festival, the founder of Qunxiang Liu Siyi, the founder of “Battery Assessment” Xu Yajun, and lime English mark Malik III Post-90s young bosses have shared their opinions on the topic of “post-90s entrepreneurship”. At the scene, they each gave a 10-minute speech, and then gathered together to chant their own post-90s employees.

Say the “choice” of youth

Liu Siyi (founder of Qunxiang): Although I was born in 1993, I feel that there is already a little experience for post-95s and post-00s to share.

The first choice I faced was: “Purchase or work?”. This is actually difficult to decide. At the time I was in journalism and communication at Peking University. During my junior summer vacation, I was faced with the question of “whether or not to qualify for a research fellowship”.

Everyone notices that there is absolutely no offer during the junior summer vacation. You need to choose without an offer: continue to return to the one where you can continue to spend the year of senior year like a pig, or even two years for graduate students. Years and three years; still said to go to work, but there is no guaranteed offer.

I was struggling with my junior summer vacation at the time. Finally, I decided to go to Baoyan. However, the moment I had prepared the materials for Baoyan, Ali’s preliminary test notice came, and I gave up at that time. The first choice was completely without any logic, very embarrassing.

The second option: big companies and startups. I want to share my own amazing experience. My first job was knowing internship for half a year, and then I worked in two startup companies for two years. Then I went to two big companies, one called Byte Beat and one called Meituan. After 5 days of separation, I left.

Why did I make such a choice, until I started a business a year ago, I would still choosePeople in large companies and those who choose to get an hukou are very shameless. But I now know that not everyone is brave enough to choose a path where he feels that there is no guarantee for the Offer.

It doesn’t matter whether you go to a startup or a big company. You just need to choose what you think was the optimal solution at that time. I was very disdainful of what I said now. What was my thought then? Lao Tzu is the best, I just should ride the wind and waves, I should be the most front line, Liu Siyi I am the best, but now I don’t think so.

Back to my choice this year: work or entrepreneurship. Later, I joined an investment company. After 1.5 years of doing the investment company, I found a direction that I really wanted to do. This direction is the group sound that I am doing now.

It is based on some topics that we all think are worth discussing, and then we pass on 1,000 people and 50 people to meet and talk, such a field.

Simply speaking, it is an activity + training company. I was not very troubled at the time. I felt that I had found a grabber for why I thought I could choose.

When I was in my senior year, when I left the headlines, or when I left Meituan, I actually had no grasp. I just think I’m not used to it, so I’m leaving, but I don’t know where to go, I don’t know if the young people here have been very confused, or even extremely confused, into a nihilism. Condition.

Today I will share what my gripper is.

First of all, why did I find this gripper: When I left Meituan and Toutiao, I went to talk about 30 companies. I have talked about large companies, small companies, and startup companies without any suitable solution. Today’s post-90s generations are very pressing, asking for more money and less, and staying close to home. So I am extremely confused.

Then I met my former boss, and my former boss invited me to join himAs an investment, I am his second investment analyst. I told him, I said the boss, I do n’t know where the direction is, I do n’t know what I want in my life, it ’s really like this, I really think about it.

He told me that you do n’t have to look for your meaning, you have to give it your meaning. Searching will always make your answer flutter in the wind. If you go to give it, you actually found your own hand in the very impermanent journey of life.

So the grip is what you give.

When you give, it is a little bit of your subjective initiative, just a little bit. Our lives, paths, and choices are actually the result of social inevitability, including the fact that I stood here today, including headlines, and I went to Peking University, but not all, even only a little bit of your subjective initiative, Only by giving that little initiative can we make sense of our own choice.

So if you, the same age, or post-95s and post-00s, are facing nothingness and want to find meaning, I want to tell you that you are not alone, and then tell you some easy suggestions:

First of all, it is inevitable to collect information carefully. If you have collected the information carefully and made some thinking and reasoning, I think your current choice is your current optimal solution. You do n’t need so many doubts, I do n’t think it matters. , You can choose.

Second, cause and effect are not reasoned, they are passed out, so I think your choice is just to respond to a little subjective initiative in life impermanence, so you have to choose, you have to seize it.

Finally, I will give you a sentence. The answer is fluttering in the wind. You can know it only by grasping it.

The evaluation is blocked

Xu Yajun (founder of “End-of-End Assessment”): Hello everyone, I am a scummer. I have been working without junior high school. I have worked for more than ten years so far. Only the speakers know that I am the oldest post-90s generation. I will talk about some of my experiences and experiences.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a blogger. I did a video account review at the B station and did some clothing reviews. Why make a clothing review? Because I opened a factory when I was a kid, I have a better understanding of clothing. I have been a model agent for some time before. I know a lot of girls. They especially like to buy online red clothes. They bought a lot and they were very excited when they bought. After I read it, feelThe quality is very poor. How much does the fabric rot? To this day we find that the clothes of the online red shop, their fabrics and workmanship are still not as good as that of Benny Road, and even a domestic fast-selling brand cannot be compared.

I would love to tell my friends around me to let them avoid lightning, or not to buy some of the worse ones. We have made this idea into an account, now the end of the assessment. The response was particularly good after we finished it, and then we got angry.

After more than three years, our best achievement is being blocked. I think this is a glory, because as a review blogger, if you have not been titled, if you have not been blocked from the video, what is the assessment? So we were titled and we received a letter from a lawyer. I feel no regrets.

When we did this at the earliest time, we felt very righteous. We felt inexplicably that we were an angel. We are helping many people to solve things they may not know and do not understand. I think it ’s especially great and special Pride, it seems that at that time you finally found the meaning of your life, and you finally have value in society.

This is what people in the post-90s generation generally feel like: I do n’t know why I work, I do n’t know why I live, I am confused, I ca n’t find the meaning of my life. So a lot of 90s are particularly confused. You don’t know why you do this. You don’t think the public has any meaning. You feel that making friends and socializing are particularly boring and waste time.

I think it’s especially cool to do evaluation, it can help people, and it can help a lot of ordinary people. Today I am also starting a business and got a financing. The colleagues and friends around us are all post-95s and post-00s. We all think that the inexplicable self-assessment has given ourselves a responsibility. You have to do this. Things, even if you can’t make money, even if you are blocked, even if you are warned by a lawyer. I feel like having this obligation to do this thing, it’s pretty cool. It has nothing to do with money or fame. Sometimes this feeling is that you feel that it makes sense to live.

Later, we felt that our assessment could not be made so real, we felt that we had to change it slightly,Because after all, you have to live. And since I started my business, there are a lot of teams and colleagues. We want everyone to live. So after we have received a lot of threats, we are also ready to adjust our direction. If you do n’t let me say you ’re bad, I wo n’t say it. Let ’s recommend some good things. Are there any good things? Yes.

In fact, there are many domestic and overseas brands that make clothing or other categories. There are a lot of very good brands, but why these brands are not as good as the Internet celebrity brands. There is a problem: many brands and factories. They do n’t promote, they do n’t know how to market, they make a lot of good products, but no one knows.

When I was a kid, I started a factory at home, and I really worked as a general worker. I have a better understanding of the basics of the supply chain. We later wondered if we could promote some better factories and good products. We do I wrote a documentary about China’s manufacturing industry. This is because we did n’t dare to evaluate the clothes of the online red shop and made a big transformation in the future. We want to promote some things in the Chinese manufacturing industry. In fact, everyone knows that All manufacturing industries in the world are in China, but you find that few of the brands you buy are Chinese brands, and the problem lies in marketing.

We have promoted some factories in the past six months, and we have also tried to help them sell goods. The sales are also good. We have also made millions of revenues. We think this matter is very meaningful, and we are also very happy to continue to help factories, help the industry, and also help consumers to buy something cost-effective. Many factories’ things are characterized by very high cost performance, which may be slightly worse on the packaging, but we prefer to be able to promote cost performance.

So we are positioning ourselves as a video version of Netease, so we hope to help you find more cost-effective products.

Our documentary also wants more factories and more brands willing to cooperate with us. My sharing is relatively simple, that’s about it, thank you.

I, a profession after 90’s

Mark malik (founder of “Lime English”): Hi, I’m Mark. I have come to Tiger Sniff this event should be the third year, be a regular visitor. Tiger Sniffing has witnessed various changes in my career or my personal life for three consecutive years. I feel that coming to talk about careers today is a summary of the nail owners who have done tiger sniffing activities in the past three years.

This topic was given by the activists. When I saw this topic, I didn’t actually have a particularly good answer. What profession is a post-90s generation doing? After thinking about it, I found that I have a lot of identities, and I feel I am doing everything. Looking again at what I do in my main time, I find that I also work a lot. I thought about it carefully, and today I split my career to see what I was doing.

Let everyone guess this photo. This photo was taken on Wall Street in New York in 2016. Can you guess what my occupation was then? Model, fashion buyer. My ideal at that time was to be an analyst or fund manager, and I felt that the image was in place. In fact, I was an influencer. Why would I dress like this? In fact, it is mainly for taking some good photos and posting them online, so that there can be more comments.

In fact, I have a relatively large identity as a video blogger or an internet celebrity. I usually share a lot of things on the Internet more efficiently, or output some values, or some cultural output. I ’m not very like a person in the video, I will take some very serious photos just now, to remind my fans, buddy is actually a person, there will be a better response, can show fans the funny side of me, It also allows them to see my more serious side.

When it comes to internet celebrities, in a survey in the United States, the dream job after 00 is to be an internet celebrity or a rapper. In fact, this is a very desirable job, especially for young people.industry. But for me, this is actually a part of my life, not a profession. Maybe because my thinking is more traditional, I have always felt that being an Internet celebrity or video content is not a thing that can be used as a career.

Like the end-to-end assessment, there is a category of its own, and it ’s different to dig deep into such content. My account is more like a personal account, I will post something I want to say, I will make some funny things, I will also be very curious to take some things, I will also do some assessments, do some street interviews .

For me, online celebrities are not a profession. After graduating from college last year, I began to think about what kind of profession I should do to suit me. Fortunately, I found my strengths and interests can be combined together to do quality education for adults.

How do you understand? There are actually a lot of training classes for children, but we adults, especially in cities outside the first tier, want to do some self-improvement, and we will find that, in fact, society is really cruel to adults. Classes are specifically designed to improve the self-competence of adults. It ’s not like getting it, but really learning, getting to know a certain industry, or a certain skill.

So I combined my traffic advantage as a KOL and my personal IP with teaching things I like to do, and found a group of KOL or short video bloggers who have a certain knowledge output ability like me , I made this brand lime class together. The first one I did was lime English, which I taught through a short video. Our teaching philosophy is actually very simple. It ’s too anti-human. It’s too painful, so we plan to use a more interesting and human-friendly way to use these images that are very suitable for human influencers, plus more interesting short videos for teaching.

Actually, the title of entrepreneur is very vague. What is an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs who are not successful are a bit like trainees who are not yet a star. You may get a financing for your debut, but whether you can live in the future is unknown. So I put my identity as an entrepreneurAfter careful splitting, four occupations were separated. I believe that everyone in the startup company knows that the founders all have their own specialties. I found that I have four occupation assignments:

The first one is painting cakes. Some people paint very similar pictures, and they are very good at painting. Like me, I have relatively handicapped paintings. The painting is not particularly good-looking. I strive to be a very paintable person. Because when starting a business, what most people are actually doing is unknown. If it is known, it is a very mature industry, and it is basically impossible for you to do it, because this industry already has giants. There is already a very complete supply chain.

Since you are starting a business, you are basically doing something relatively new or a little creative. When it ’s a creative thing, you do n’t know where it ’s headed, so you have to paint cakes, not just for others, you have to paint yourself, let yourself believe, only you believe in your employees Your colleagues and your partners will believe. So, what I do a lot is to draw cakes.

The second professional user experience officer, in fact, when I was a KOL or short video blogger, I had some experience. You will read the comments and feedback from fans to continuously adjust your content to find the most popular. Click on the content.

I am a professional user experience in my company. I select 10 users every week to call them, tell him that I am the founder of the company, and ask him about the entire learning experience. Such suggestions, have you encountered any problems, why did you buy us, will you continue to buy us, if you do not buy us, what are the reasons, basically ask them to hang up. I am a professional user experience view. I want to know what my users are thinking and what they want.

The third, professional grandson. In fact, after graduating from university last year, we had better luck. We raised a round of funding. How do professional grandsons understand? I want to tell my previous investors that rest assured that explosive growth is in sight, don’t worry. To the investors in the next round, man, let me tell you, our explosive growth is right in front of us, and that’s a shortfall of your money. Keep repeating with previous investors and futureInvestors to communicate, this will take up a lot of my time.

Why use the word grandson? In fact, I am a sharp-edged person, but when I start a business, these edges and corners will be constantly polished, because there is a business model is 2B, there is a business model 2C, and a model is 2VC. You have to convince investors that you are a very good entrepreneur. VC is venture capital, but this group of people is most afraid of risk and the most hated is risk, so your performance or your circle of friends cannot let him Seeing points with too much risk.

I’m actually a person who cares very much about the quality of life, but I want to show in the circle of friends that I don’t care about the quality of life very much. I only care about my own affairs. This is also a time and experience I will do Things.

Finally, I am a professional psychological rehabilitation practitioner. I need to give my partners, employees, and myself the confidence, brainwash myself, and tell myself that everything is OK. In fact, most entrepreneurs are in one day. In the mood, there will be extreme happiness, extreme happiness, extreme ambition, and will fall to the bottom. Going back and forth between the two requires a lot of mental capacity.

I have summed it up. What exactly is my profession? Am I an internet celebrity? Am I a CEO? In fact, the CEO also has a lot of responsibilities. I feel that I am a microcosm of many young people or post-90s. I may not be willing to take a salary and do a more ordinary job. If I start a business by myself, my ability is very limited, and I need continuous learning and progress. At the same time, I have stepped on one of the most interesting information dissemination methods of this era, which is short videos. I think this may be my profession. Thank you. .

Workplace Roundtable Session

Host: Zeng Watermelon (Tiger Sniff Editor): Several people are now starting a business, and I ’ve heard a saying before: “Entrepreneurship requires energy”. That’s it. Generally, what’s the rhythm of a day’s work?

Mark: I ’m still quite energetic. My age is here. I have been thinking about work all the time from opening my eyes to closing my eyes. For the past two months, basically every night Dreaming is all about business. Recently, the company also encountered many problems, and entrepreneurship also encountered a lot of ceilings, basically thinking about it all the time. I get up at 6:30 and 7:30 and go to bed at about 12:30 and 1:00.

Liu Siyi: I think this is my first company. I must fight continuous battles. I must go to bed at 11:00 and get up at 6:30. I want to keep energetic and I need to have plenty of entertainment time. I can’t focus all my work on the company.

Xu Yajun: I’m the opposite of them. I should go to bed at one or two o’clock, but I get up late in the morning, I have more work at night, and I’m more like Mark, dreaming about work. I’m a typical Capricorn, all my heart is working.

Liu Siyi: I don’t want work to be everything in my life. I think it’s your typical content person’s work rhythm. The content person must be creative, think and produce content late at night, and must sleep in the morning.

Watermelon: I was caught dreaming about work some time ago, so I went to chat with Si Yi once, and it really collapsed at that time. I would like to ask when were the last three crashes and why?

Mark: At about this time yesterday, yesterday, there was a CEO friend. We went to do a CEO’s psychological rehabilitation. I went to him to give me psychological rehabilitation, and then I collapsed with him.

Watermelon: Is there such a service?

Mark: No, he provided me with this kind of service. No service is good. The two of us broke down together. In fact, they will talk to each other about the problems encountered in entrepreneurship. If each problem is really amplified, it is really a factor that will make you go bankrupt. So at every point, there is even an employee who is not upset to talk to you, and you may feel that it is the end of the world. At the same time, you need to comfort yourself constantly.A friend pulled you back. My collapse yesterday was mainly because the recent capital market, or the development of the company, was quite limited because of experience and age.

Xu Yajun: I have been feeling painful recently. I do n’t know why. People like me may never feel comfortable.

Mark: I’m curious if you were happy when you were named.

Xu Yajun: We were not so anxious when we were titled. I am really anxious every day. Most of it is content. Starting a business is okay. I have not been a very qualified boss. I cannot manage, so there is no such thing.

Liu Siyi: This is a special coincidence. I think I collapse because I can’t manage it. I think the CEO must be a natural and very big chicken blood engine. But I really ca n’t hold the crazy people in our company. I recruited a group of crazy people like me. I brought them out. They are almost 98, 97, 96. Our intern is still 00, and I think I can’t help it.

And the point that I can’t control them is that when they have no way to deliver things, I am very emotional, and they are very emotional. “Liu Siyi, are you going to yell at me? Bye bye, Lao Tzu is quitting.” So I ’ve really had a continuous crash lately, and I ’m looking for a way to get along with my employees. They have always been my subordinates. It’s a brother-like move, and now it’s going to be corporatized. I find this very difficult.

Watermelon: I think this theme is very strange today. The three are all bosses. Let me be a workplace spit. Only I’m spit. Everyone is the boss. I’m spit.

The topic I ’m going to talk about now is that in fact, I found that the three of you have one thing in common. The first one is full of energy and the second one. In fact, you are doing content business, and you are doing content related things. Mark and Liu Siyi both In fact, it is equivalent to selling lessons. In fact, it is all content business. It is a difficult thing.

I can understand the pain of those who do content, because it involves an input and output. In fact, I have communicated with Liu Siyi before. You must always output, and the output must have input. I know. The things go out every day. How can I guarantee the time I input, I don’t know how the three people balance this matter?

Mark: I think my current form of input and output is not the same. I used to make short videos, so the input and output are all here. Now I have my own content team, and my main time is still in On input, I need to expand my source of information. I should be the most loyal user of Focus Media. As long as they have a QR code, I will scan it and experience a lot of things outside my circle. After experiencing this, see if we have any available points.

I think the breakthrough point is always outside your comfort zone, so I will force myself to be curious. I am not a very curious person. I will find content outside my own field, output it, and give it to myself. Content team input.

Xu Yajun: First of all, I think I must watch and learn constantly. I have been watching before I started my business. There are two main things. One is the media like Tiger Sniff. I am a veteran old user of Tiger Sniff. I have seen a lot of trends in our industry and some new startups.

In addition, for example, when I am doing business, I should look at all the evaluation accounts in China, about clothing, beauty, and fashion. You have to look at thousands of accounts one by one. There is no particularly smart way. Just die.

Liu Siyi: I think the first point is the motivation of the team itself and the recruitment of the team, and the second point is my own SOP ability.

The difference between me and them is that my content is more commercial. This business content is simply, we are teaching companies how to do traffic. First of all, the word traffic is changeable and the information is fundamental. There is no way to productize it, but what we are selling today is a customer, and our customer is a product. Based on this, we are doing something that goes against the sky.

The biggest challenge I face now is how to make Liu Siyi into N small Liu Siyi, not even a complete one, but N 0.5 Liu Siyi, training one by one content-based SOP factors, this Super hard for me.

Because I have no way for my employees to learn in a short time that you can process an activity that can be sold based on this information, and a course that can be sold. But I must let them learn that this is a process, and in this process, it involves how to find a good seedling and how to set up the team’s training mechanism and incentive mechanism. People who do content, if you don’t have an incentive mechanism, want to die.

Mark: I can summarize that poverty is the primary productivity of content sources.

Watermelon: In fact, everyone is now in front of the public: Mark was an internet celebrity before, including recently also said “Qi Qiu said”; Si Yi also spoke at the 1000-person conference and expressed it in front of many netizens; Say, I do n’t really enjoy being a celebrity.

In fact, the three of you have different personalities. Not everyone is used to standing in front of the public. So what does this thing mean to the three of you and what have you learned so far from this?

Mark: I have been doing KOL for almost four years. At the best time of the year, my own content has 1.5 billion readings. I have enjoyed the feeling of great exposure.

In fact, I have summed up the points up to now. Don’t believe too much on the Internet. The content on the Internet is good, the views are good, it is really very subjective. And the source of your information, the amount of information is very small, so when you are online, whether it is to evaluate a thing, a person, a company, you must remember that you are always biased because you are not That person, you are not an employee of that company, or you are not really in it to check out different angles.

Everyone, there should be a certain gap in the level of everyone present, whether it is from academic qualifications, self-cultivation, or their own cognitive level. Your thoughts are just yours. After doing KOL, one of the best abilities I’ve gained so far is not caring what others say. I’m less and less afraid that someone will spray me on the Internet. It may be that my mental capacity is much greater.

Xu Yajun: I was forced to be a celebrity. I was always behind the scenes. I packed the celebrities and picked up activities for them. I signed the celebrities and they ran away and did n’t play with me. I was too poor at that time. I ca n’t sign them because there is no recruitment. I did this job without an artist. I went to the show myself. I did n’t plan to do it at the beginning. I ’m going to be a writer and I ’m going to write a host in front.That’s it.

If it is said that when the internet celebrity does not help you a little, it is impossible without a little harvest. Everyone still needs vanity, and what you have to bear is not acceptable to you. And you know very well that one day you will also be frustrated. If you make money, I really did not make more money in the first two years than I do as an economic person. This is a miserable thing.

From the perspective of the entrepreneur, I am very confident in my own entrepreneurial ability. I think I can run a relatively good small company and I can make good money. And there is a fact that none of the people who are online celebrities today have no mild depression, and those who are celebrities are more depressed, painful, and even want to die. So I don’t want to let me die young. I still want to live. I don’t think it’s a good thing to be a celebrity.

Liu Siyi: I think my experience is completely different from them. I am an over-the-top internet celebrity. I started blogging as a junior in my junior year. This blog is because we needed a self-media work for the course of the School of Journalism and Communication, and we did it.

The significance at that time was that it was an assignment, and the second one, we really wanted to vomit the teachers and silly classmates of the school. We did it for 6 years, and we found that the audio medium is too difficult to realize. , Three people are still very poor. I was about to start looking for a job myself, so when I graduated, I did n’t become a celebrity like Mark and could n’t be self-sufficient. I found a job, started my own business, went to a large company, invested in a company, and started my own business.

Looking back, I do n’t regret this experience of being a hot Internet celebrity, because my mouth really ca n’t stop, I think I just need to express, my expression is my life Meaning is a very important part. Therefore, I think that when the net red is a metabolic process of its own, there will always be a moment of anger. Send a word to everyone, everyone must examine their rights, freedom and desire to express.

Mark: I have summarized a thing from doing KOL or before the public, which is actually very helpful to my entrepreneurship: Ignoring vanity indicators, there is no way for youIn essence, there is an improvement. What forums did you participate in? Are you exposed? Where did you report? How many people like you? In fact, there are times when it is an indicator of vanity. Can you finally fall into the growth of your users? Did you pay afterwards, and how long did you pay after paying it? If you are really good, you need to return to its essence, and spend your benefits or your energy, attention, and time on things that can really improve in essence. Above, don’t go after vanity indicators.

Watermelon: They both said they were angry, were they afraid of it?

Mark: I was afraid I just started the company, because no matter how much you like his content or style, you will get bored one day, or you will jump out of this circle one day, I have now Many fans have already started their own businesses. When they watched me, they may be in college. They did n’t watch me because I was n’t funny, or my content was not interesting, because everyone also entered another life state This is a very normal phenomenon.

I think we still have to make good use of it. When there is a certain amount of traffic, we must think about why you are fired, and whether this thing is used to continue to create value. Even if it’s not good, but you can find some advantages from the previous experience, or find a certain progress that can allow you to enter the next round of development and career direction, so I don’t think you need to consider this issue too much.

Watermelon: Actually, you are also involved in such realistic things as management and recruitment. So when you recruit, do you have a particular trait that you value, a particular trait of a young person, or a young person who specifically avoids a certain label.

Mark: There are two answers. Let me first say a relatively accepted answer that is cheap and easy to use. This is the best standard, but it is very lucky to meet it.

Most of the time, I find my learning ability very important. In fact, it is more effective: you need a ready-made person to let him do the ready-made things, or a startup company, which has very different growth every day and every month, what you need is a company that can grow with you To 100 people, learning ability will be more important.

Everyone will talk about values. In fact, the value is also relatively ill, because the values ​​of people are not necessarily stable, and the values ​​of a company are not necessarily stable. They will be affected by various factors in society. Someone who gets along with himself.

Many people will say that graduating from college requires you to have four years of work experience. This is impossible, but when I see a blank resume, I do n’t want it, I believe everyone will not, In fact, the resume does not mean that you have work experience before you work. Is there any effort and effort on this matter that you like, and whether you like it or not, you will choose this.

You may not choose children who are too comfortable, and you may not choose children who have a good family situation, especially in the entrepreneurial stage. I believe that there are individual differences. I also believe in data. I still want to find some people who can bear hardships.

Watermelon: Are you more likely to meet such a person now?

Mark: Actually, I found that Beijing has a very good benefit. As for the kind of people, as long as you work hard enough, you can really find them, and the talent reserve is very sufficient. It depends on the boss working hard or not. It’s just that it takes two weeks to recruit people, but you can spend two months on such people.

Xu Yajun: The learning ability that Mark just said is very important, because young people who have just graduated from the university, many of the things you actually learn are not used in society, especially in our new media industry, the university does not have this class at all I don’t think that any professor at the university can tell the new media industry in China today. In fact, everyone is a teacher. It depends on you to feel it, especially in our industry.

When I recruit people, the primary criterion is youth. Education is indeed useful, but I do not take this as a standard, I value whether he is an interesting soul. When you do a lot of things, you need some new ways and new methods. We may all have to abandon the set given to us by the old generation. I think interesting people will have some better new ideas. This is me. Very valued.

I still have a standard, do you really like it if you do it, of course, everyone says that my like is not working. If you come to the interview and tell me that you don’t like this thing, I definitely won’t. Today’s young people have one thing in common. Everyone is very selfish and selfish. If you don’t like this thing, you will reject it. You must not have so much enthusiasm to do it.

I hired an employee, but you did n’t like it, and you did n’t have enthusiasm. I was n’t particularly good at it. As Mark said, cheap and easy to use, but also a company, especially companies without money, everyone is willing to find some new people, because cheap and easy to use.

Liu Siyi: I think I and you present a very opposite argument. Our company can’t find Peking University and Tsinghua’s babies. As a very poor company, you ca n’t give them to climb to VC, banker, and brokerage. If you ca n’t give them Under such conditions, they will not come.

My favorite is to find someone who is about to graduate, but he has not graduated. He can give me three months to observe each other. Such a long-term intern, I give him 180 to 250 yuan a day. He After doing it for a month, I could sign him an offer and I locked it. But this kind of person will not be Peking University Tsinghua University, or even 985. Generally, the institutions that appear are 211 in second- and third-tier cities, or ordinary students. This kind of person has bright eyes and is full of light.

Watermelon: The last question, if everyone has a happy list of life, where is the money on your list?

Mark: Honestly, it should be ranked second, I will not say what the first is. I feel that money is an integrator, and money and value can be used to draw an equal sign. I may live in this society for 60 or 70 years. The value I can generate, or I can make, can actually be measured with money. , So I will regard it as my own score, my transcript is still very important to me, and I am a person who values ​​the quality of life, I hope to dress well, eat well, play A little better.

Xu Yajun: As a media, it is difficult to say that we put money first, because you have to create and your content must serve the audience. If the audience does not like it, you ca n’t make money.

From the heart, it must be to do a good job and everyone must earn money, especially as we all have financing. Money is very important, especially if you want to retain good employees, you must give A lot of money, because dreams are your own, employees will not come to talk to you about dreams.

Liu Siyi: I think money should come first in the current stage. I’m really poor, so I need to make money. The second I have nine mouths today. If I don’t make money, they really can’t raise their wages gradually.

After I started my own business, I found out that I originally thought that Liu Siyi was not afraid of himself. Once I changed my bag, my bag was particularly large. All assets, including my credentials, including the most valuable Mobile phones and computers, once there is a change, run away. But now I can’t run, I have nine employees, and I still have my company.

I will find that if the company’s income does not increase, they will really leave, because human beings just want to live, they just look forward to a better and better life. At present, the first indicator of my company business is my GMV. I just let my GMV grow from month to month, year to year, and Q to Q. It is very realistic.

Watermelon: Thanks to the classmates who came to the Young Pavilion today to listen to us sharing. The three guests on the stage were all post-90s. They found what they loved and went on with energy. I hope everyone present will find their love and work hard for it.