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On November 22, 2019, fans have waited for 5 years for Frozen 2 to finally be released in mainland China and Japan. Synchronized with the release time in North America.

“Time Release Synchronized North America” ​​is no longer a novel selling point for Chinese audiences. After all, after the Chinese market has become a major component of many Hollywood films overseas box office, “Synchronized Release” and even “Leading Premiere” We all take it as a kind of due attention, as a matter of course.

For the Japanese movie market, which has a solid “Nissan Anime Moat”, introduces movies that are late for three months and is always excluded from the discussion boom of movie fans in various countries, this “synchronization” looks real gold and silver ,Precious.

Not only did Japanese Disney uncharacteristically place custom-made posters on the streets and lanes early and early, merchants also followed, allowing viewers to be surrounded by the cooperation models printed with the heads of Aisha and Anna before the winter. , And even the media has begun to predict whether this “Disney Monster” will defeat “Children of Weather” to become this year’s box office champion …

So why is Frozen 2 so special? It all starts with the legend 5 years ago.

1. In 2014, an unplanned madness

Frozen was released in North America on November 27, 2013. Perhaps the biggest success Disney could imagine for this film included that it would surpass Toy Story 3 to become the highest-grossing animated movie at the time, winning the 2013 global box office championship with a box office of $ 1.276 billion, but absolutely not including This-

DayBen became Frozen’s largest overseas box office outside of North America, with box office revenue of approximately $ 248 million, accounting for 20% of the film’s total box office.

You know, Frozen was not released in Japan until March 14, 2014, and Japan is also the last stop of its global release.

Over a month ago, the Chinese market, which Disney also had great expectations, just gave this film a cold look:

Despite the arrangement of the most popular Spring Festival, Frozen has not been able to play a local family movie, the first day’s row rate is less than 10%, although the subsequent high reputation and the gold-rich Oscars have extended it to some extent Lifeline, but as of March 20, the final box office results of Frozen stopped at 298 million yuan, far less than several popular movies released in China during the same period.

In Japan, which has also postponed its release for several months, the audience has shown extraordinary enthusiasm for Frozen. The film was released for a month and a half, and the number of viewers exceeded 10 million. The last movie to reach this number of viewers was “Goldfish on the Cliff” 6 years ago.

A lot of office workers who have n’t bought movie tickets in the past ten years go to the cinema to check it out. Middle school students say that only after watching the movie can they integrate into the topic of their peers. Parents with their children see it in multiple versions.

Frozen finally won the weekend box office championship for 16 consecutive weeks, becoming the second-highest number of Japanese movie history viewers after Spirited Away, winning only after Spirited Away The 3rd tallest box office in Japanese film history with “Titanic.”

After the release, the frenzy brought by Frozen is still not over. The melody of “Let it go” is echoing in the mall. Restaurants are rushing to launch special packages for popular characters, and batches of ice blue snowflakes are produced and sold quickly. Then they are snapped up by children’s parents or young women. Empty.

In the New Year’s Day of 2015, three songs from “Frozen” appeared at the “Japanese Spring Evening” red and white song, which caused the audience to sing a chorus, and the audience responded extremely warmly.

In February 2015, the Japan Film Academy Awards, known as the “Oscar of Japan”, unprecedentedly awarded the trophy of the best foreign language film to the animated film “Frozen”; in March of the same year, the Tokyo Animation Awards for the first time The annual award was given to Frozen, an overseas film, and it is the only non-local award-winning work to date.

Until this year, in the Heisei Chronicle (1989 ~ 2019) produced by the Yahoo Japan Press Department, Frozen is still ranked One of six Heisei phenomenal animations.

This phenomenon-level animation leaves a question that has been difficult to answer until now: Why is Frozen?

2. Most miracles are difficult to reproduce

Later, the media from all over the world have made a ruthless attempt to replay this unprecedented box office miracle.

Some people say that the high box office of Frozen represents the awakening of the Japanese feminist trend of thought, and female audiences will have a greater say in the future movie market. Therefore, a theme that can please female audiences is to gainThe key to getting a high box office.

For this, the “Hollywood Report” also predicted with confidence that Disney ’s next animated film “Super Marines” not only contains Japanese cultural background, but also the popular character home robot “Dabai” has a look similar to Hello Kitty The shape will surely take over the baton of Frozen and firmly hold the hearts of Japanese women.

After the release of Super Heroes, despite repeatedly breaking records in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the box office far exceeded last year’s Frozen, but failed to continue Frozen in Japan. miracle.

“Although the filmmaker has worked very hard to package this movie into an inflatable version of Chinchilla and human beings heating each other, Japanese audiences seem to not eat high-tech heroes at all. ” Some comments say so.

Indeed, there were optimistic media that Frozen broke the hegemony of Japanese 2D local movies and opened the first year of belated 3D movies. The proportion of box office introduced in 2014 and 15 continued to increase. The Frozen Age is coming.

But today, superheroes are sweeping the globe, and Japan is still known as the “Super British Cemetery.” No matter how much Marvel is making in other parts of the world, the Japanese market seems indifferent.

In 2018, “Avengers 3” swept the global box office, and is still sinking in Japan, not only did not enter the top ten of the annual box office, and even lost to the eleventh literary film “Thief Family”.

The promotion of “Avengers 4” in Japan is a best effort

Even if “Avengers 4”, which made a comeback in 2019, reached the global film history box office championship, it has not escaped the fate of being recaptured by the new theater version of “Detective Conan” in the three-day box office. And never found a chance to turn over.

Japanese audiences don’t follow the tastes of Hollywood .” It has become a consensus that everyone views the introduction of movie box office, but what are their tastes?

Maybe we can change our mind: It’s not that a movie hits the audience, but the audience makes their own choice.

3. Music, Europe, Magic

Three axes selected

If you look at the introduction of movies on the top box office charts of Chinese and Japanese movies, you will find that the tastes of the audiences in the two countries are almost completely opposite.

Chinese audiences love super-British, plot-oriented and sci-fi. The most popular series are Marvel, Speed ​​and Passion, Transformers, DC. The oldest in the top 50 of the box office is “Avatar”, which was released in 2010, and the rest are mostly new movies in the past two or three years.

And Japanese audiences tend to dance, fantasy, and magic. The most popular series are Harry Potter, Disney Princess, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean. In the top 50 box office movies, many Released around 2000.