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After all, it is an electric vehicle based on a fuel vehicle platform modification. The NX300e chassis is not specifically designed to accommodate battery packs. Therefore, its battery pack is not tiled on the chassis in a regular way. The battery pack projects upward under the rear seats and takes up space under the rear seats. But in fact, the battery pack of the hybrid UX260h is arranged here, so the rear design of the pure electric version of the UX300e is “prepared”, so there is no need to make too many sacrifices for the pure electric version of the battery pack.

Meanwhile, the battery pack as a whole also protrudes downwards relative to the chassis. This is clearly shown in the official illustration of the frame enhancement given by Lexus. This arrangement will inevitably reduce the minimum ground clearance of the vehicle and reduce the vehicle’s passability. Fortunately, UX is a pure urban SUV, and the loss of this magnitude is barely acceptable.

Due to the increased weight of the battery pack and the enhanced anti-collision structure, the UX300e’s curb weight has reached 1,900 kg (overseas data), which is a significant increase over the 1.5 tons of UX260h. To this end, Lexus has specifically strengthened the suspension and shock absorbers to