Being a fan of Nike, you have to have a lot of memory on your phone, because it is one of the retail brands that I have seen the most official apps.

For fitness enthusiasts, Nike provides a large number of professional training courses in the Nike Training Club; for running enthusiasts, Nike has a special Nike Run Club; and SNKRS wants to buy the “toe” of limited edition sneakers at the original price Must-have official app. In addition, there are Nike Connect around the NBA and Nike Adapt for non-lacing sneakers.

What’s more interesting is that Nike’s official apps are quite “financial”. The first two exercise apps will not embed any purchase ads or jump information and focus on content; Nike Connect is also mainly for interactive experiences; Nike Adapt is a specialized application for operation; the last one, although it can place orders, But because of the limited editions it sells, it is too difficult to grab, making fans hard to spend money.

Nike has finally launched an app in China that everyone can place an order for-Nike App.

Compared with other specialized applications, this brand’s app of the same name is relatively more comprehensive in function, and it is officially called “one-stop personalized member center”.

After registering for free as a Nike Plus member, in addition to buying and buying directly in the app, users can also enjoy preferential purchase rights for some new products. In the “Personal Center” section, members can also check “Exclusive Benefits”, get app red envelopes, birthday discounts and opportunities to participate in special city events.

In addition, the Nike By You service, which was previously only available on the official website, is now also available on the mobile phone with the Nike App. Users can more conveniently choose shoes such as Air Force 1, PG 3, and Air Max 90. Customized designs in colors and materials.

Here, Nike will customize and push personalized information flow for members according to the data generated by members in major official apps and official sales channels (Tmall, applets). Among them, the information flow will include new exercise courses, athlete stories, and inspiration for dressing.

By next year, the Nike Fit feature we previously reported will also be available in the Nike App. To put it simply, Nike Fit mainly uses AR to measure the complete shape of the foot in real time, and uses more comprehensive data to choose shoe sizes for consumers.

In general, the Nike app is the unified outlet for Nike Plus member services.

When Nike was founded, we started to provide athletes with one-on-one membership services.

At that time, we were only selling sneakers on vans, and employees would record athletes ’sizes and needs on a card to ensure we could meet their needs.

At the launch site of the Chinese version of the Nike app, Michael Martin, vice president of Nike Greater China and general manager of direct sales, shared.

▲ Mai Xiuyuan

But if you want to provide one-on-one service to the 185 million members worldwide, small cards are obviously not enough, and digitization has become a natural choice.

In 2017, Nike’s first formal proposal “Consumer Direct Offense” The strategy is to innovate, shorten production cycles and increase direct contact with consumers.

At the product level, Nike is using technology to continuously optimize the consumer experience.

In order to solve a seemingly simple problem-“fit feet”, Nike introduced two innovations.

The AR measuring foot function Nike Fit mentioned above is to break the narrow size dimension of only length and width, and apply the entire foot data of the person to match a more suitable shoe size. The adaptable BB free running shoe from the sci-fi movie “Back to the Future” allows sensors to adjust the elasticity of the shoes in real time, allowing the shoes to change around the human foot.