We often need support tools to help us shoot when going out. If a tripod is an indispensable shooting accessory for photographers, it is stable. The device is a mobile tripod.

In order for me newbies to make better videos, I recently bought Zhiyun Weebill S and Yunhe M2 two stabilizers, the former is a camera stabilizer updated by Zhiyun on the basis of Weebill Lab, focusing on professional production positioning; the latter is positioning personal travel needs, although it can not support SLR, but it also Can hold black cards and mobile phones.

However, this experience is mainly based on Weebill S. After all, the Yunhe M2 experience report has already been online. timeI have already said what I should say.

So in this review, I will evaluate Weebill S from the perspective of ordinary users, and then briefly talk about Yunhe M2. The impact of more personal products on my daily shooting.