On November 29th, Netease issued the latest statement on the layoffs.

In the statement, Netease once again apologized to its employees and promised to do their utmost to assist this colleague in finding a proper treatment plan and help him through difficulties. At the same time, the employee also spoke on his public account, stating that after a lot of sincere apologies, communication and condolences, the two sides have reached a settlement. He sincerely thanked the community for his attention, and also thanked the staff of the special investigation team of NetEase, and said that he would actively cooperate with the treatment and find a new job after the condition was controlled.

These two statements also mean that the raging NetEase layoffs some time ago came to an end.

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▲ The employee concerned issued a statement saying that a settlement has been reached and will be actively treated with the assistance of NetEase

Earlier, the employee’s resignation experience in the retrenchment incident has received public attention and solidarity. At the cusp of the wave, NetEase also set up a special investigation team to investigate the matter and apologize for compensation.

▲ Netease’s latest statement

In addition to promising to assist the employees involved in treatment, Netease also mentioned more reflections and measures in its latest statement: 5 people were punished and 5 rectification measures were introduced.

Among them, the persons responsible for each link of the incident have been identified, and NetEase has punished the four supervisors and one employee at different levels.

Netease also said that the incident was a major wake-up call, and the company will comprehensively adjust and upgrade the basic employee care policy, employee performance assessment feedback mechanism, internal feedback channels for employees, and internal management mechanisms such as employee satisfaction surveys.

Recently, a number of well-known companies in the industry have reported termination disputes. With the increasing awareness of the employer’s rights and interests and the convenience of Internet information circulation, the power of public opinion is increasingly alerting employer brands: extensive employee relationship management is likely to have a significant negative impact on the employer’s image , And a positive employee care policy and a strong sense of correction can maintain the employer brand.