How to build a successful two-dimensional IP?

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Short video staff ” (ID: Viiideo), author garden, editor Jin Jinjin.

What are the 2D short videos?

To understand the scope of the two-dimensional short video, we must first define the “two-dimensional”.

Detective Conan, Hatsune Miku, POP Child and PIPI Beauty, Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker? Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Spider-Man, Iron Man? Intuitively, the first few can undoubtedly fall into the category of the second dimension, and the latter seem to be reluctant.

@ 爱 奇 艺 动漫 创投 ‘s answer on Zhihu said that the word “two-dimensional” comes from the Japanese word “two-dimensional に じ げ ん”, which means “two-dimensional” and is extended to “on paper” Characters such as animations and games displayed on planes, screens, etc. ” Correspondingly, “three-dimensional じ げ ん じ げ ん” is also used to refer to characters in reality.

In general, there are three usages of the term “two-dimensional”: 1. refers to ACGN culture (Animation, Comic, Game, Novel Novel); 2. refers to the characters in ACGN works living in this world 3; refers to “a circle formed by ACGN-loving people”.

In the book “Explosive IP New Air Venture—Secondary Economy under Mobile Internet”, well-known media person Liu Zhi wrote, “As long as the imagination of animation can be restored and the aesthetic interest of animation is reflected, it is Dimension. “In the eyes of practitioners, the Dimension IP is more abstract and grand, and has been extended to be a” cultural product available for multidimensional development. ”

If the second dimension is a cultural concept, then it can use text, pictures, short videos, and other forms to reach and attract more people. The earliest appearing manga in ACGN is manga, which originated from the “Four Manga Manga” in the late Meiji period in Japan, often based on political events and daily life in the society at that time.

After decades of development, comics have gradually evolved into sub-categories such as “story comics”, “practical comics” and “non-reasonable comics”, and reached a peak in the 1990s. However, in the past 20 years, the sales volume of Japanese paper comics has continued to decline, and people ’s content consumption habits are changing, and they are gradually turning to electronic media such as animation and TV series.

When the niche second dimension meets the public short video

The explosion of short videos in recent years has also begun to develop the second-dimensional culture towards short videos. In Bilibili, China ’s second-generation originator community, active Up masters in the two-dimensional field include house dancing and dancing., Coser, LO mother and painter. When b stood on the NASDAQ in the United States last year, those who participated in ringing the bells included dancing girl biting a cat, the c-up of the game’s main infiltration, and anime game critic LexBurner.

The house dance dancers who stood up from b also opened their own accounts in Douyin. The biting cat who participated in the ringing of the B station has 2.797 million fans at the B station. After entering the Douyin platform, it also attracted the attention of 438,000 fans.

While several other dancers who are more well-known on station b also released vertical screen dance videos, Xin Xiaomeng, Zi Jiaer, and a little fairy had 1.374 million and 50.9 on the vibrato respectively. Ten thousand fans and 234,000 fans, in addition to dancing, the videos also include more daily life and fan interaction.

But the game field does n’t seem to be suitable for the mobile viewing scene. C Jun Penetration has only more than 50,000 fans in Douyin, and the old tomato who is more proficient in speaking is more popular in Douyin, and the number of fans is close to 100. Million.

It is not difficult to find that due to the platform differences between Douyin and b station, there is also a big difference between the two-dimensional video on the two.

B station is a two-dimensional sub-cultural community. Almost all video categories are organized around two-dimensional elements. Users ’interests are also more subdivided, showing a trend of self-enclosing in enclosures. Don’t even know what the head up masters of another partition are. Here are a large number of Generation Z who are pursuing individuality. They have more detailed content requirements and stricter standards. They are not only audiences, but also hard-core secondary experts.

Secondary short video, niche culture strives to make a circle < / p>

As Douyin, as a more popular platform with more penetrating power, the second-dimensional content on the top is actually a more three-dimensional, secular expression. For example, the “Yichan Little Monk” who has 48.1 million followers on Douyin, but the netizens of station B are not very interested in it, and only 60,000 followers of their account on station b.

Explore the reasons. Although the “One Zen Young Monk” that soothes the soul has a cute cartoon image, the spirit and tonality it conveys are not actually niche cultures or subcultures, but more mainstream and secular. The values ​​do not match the community atmosphere of station b.

Two-dimensional short video, niche culture strives to make a circle