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The occupying army is uniform and irritating.

Internal flavor

There are even unscrupulous people who do n’t know how to repent and do n’t want to do anything.

Apart from the slyness of unreasonably occupying and the brutality after the original appearance, there are some strange things.

There is also an enthusiastic JR who thinks of a way for the massage chair to fight against the brutal force of the whitehead.

Similar designs have even been made by manufacturers.

However, there are ruthless predictions:

According to this posture, massage chairs really don’t look like a profitable business.

But some people are optimistic about this business. For example, Zhenge, Plum Blossom, and Cornerstone have invested in such projects.

Is it comfortable?

Massage chairs in shopping malls, movie theaters, and bath centers all make money, but the logic is different.

Tieqiang analyzed it: The shopping mall wins in a large passenger flow.

Although it seems that many people are sitting on top of it, assuming that a massage chair can receive 10 guests who spend money each day, each person spends 10 yuan, which is 100 yuan. A single chair comes down a month. The income is 3,000 yuan.

If the cost is controlled, the profit margin may be large.

The movie theater has a lot of waiting audiences, and most of the movie theaters are now in shopping malls. People are likely to visit the shopping mall before watching a movie, and they massage by the way. Tie Qiang said that according to his experience, cinemas do make a profit.

Now even many movie theaters use massage chairs as seats

As for the bath center, although the passenger flow is not as large as the front two, the massage needs of the guests are the hardest. In this scene, the massage chair is used the most.

I can’t help thinking of the afternoon when I went to the hot spring with my dad.

Tie Qiang showed a mysterious smile. He took a bite of phoenix juice claws and said without delay:

“Don’t be too happy, don’t you spend money on the operation and maintenance of massage chairs?”

He said that the cost of materials such as maintenance is actually very low, but the labor cost may be quite high. “Especially if you want to send someone to repair a chair far away, the loop fee is at least one thousand and eighty, and these have to be calculated into the cost.”

Some agents choose lower-priced products in order to reduce the cost of getting massage chairs.

“Residents still have difficulty trying to make money on massage chairs: I have a little money in my hand, and I have to find a cost-effective place.

He went on to say: “As for the celebrity capital you invest in, the reason is the same as investing in shared bicycles. Once the project valuation is up, it is sold.