Blockchain-based financial services business.

According to the documents submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), US fintech company Figure Technologies is about to obtain $ 103 million in Series C financing. As of February this year, Figure Technologies has received $ 120 million in equity financing. These investors include RPM Ventures, DST Global partners, Ribbit Capital, DCM, DCG and partners at Nimble Ventures and Morgan Creek.

According to Figure Technologies’ official website, this round of financing may be used for a currency market product that it will launch soon. In addition, Figure Technologies previously proposed expanding other business areas, including wealth management, unsecured consumer loans and checking accounts provided by partner banks.

Figure Technologies is a fintech company headquartered in San Francisco and co-founded by Mike Cagney, the founder of fintech unicorn SoFi.

Figure Technologies website

In the early days, the main business of Figure Technologies was to provide customers with home loans to solve their difficulties of having no income and most of their wealth could not be disposed of at any time. But recently, Figure Technologies has begun to enter the field of student loan refinancing, an area that Cagney is very familiar with, because this is one of the main businesses of SoFi he founded. Recently, Figure Technologies also told American bankers that they are interested in competing more directly with SoFi. Because student loans are a huge market, with a scale of up to $ 140 million.

Figure Technologies makes it easier for members to optimize their financial management:

  • Get funding as fast as possible: The Figure platform simplifies the process of applying for loans through leading industry technology.

  • Fully open and transparent: The Figure platform does not charge additional fees and is far ahead of other platforms in terms of fees.

  • More flexible options: Investors have more options for loans and investment methods.

    It is worth mentioning that all financial services of Figure Technologies are executed on the blockchain Provenance developed by them. It can be seen that the technology level of Figure Technologies is far ahead in the industry.