“Nothing to eat” is important.

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Editor’s note: People have limited food every day. If you eat a lot of things you shouldn’t eat, there is no stomach to eat what you should eat, and your body will become worse and worse. This article describes three foods you should reject for health. This article is translated from Medium, author Tim Rees, the original title is “3 Ingredients I Think You Should Give Up Forever”, I hope to inspire you.

For health, you should quit these 3 common foods

The life expectancy of both Americans and Britons is declining. This is not a short-term phenomenon. However, when will this trend stop and what kind of changes have occurred in people’s quality of life?

First, chronic diseases are getting worse. The World Health Organization estimates that from 2001 to 2020, the proportion of people with chronic diseases will increase by 57%. Prior to this, the increase in chronic diseases was attributed to an aging population-the longer people live, the longer they become ill. But now, these views are divided.

What is the culprit for chronic diseases? How can I avoid chronic diseases?

Make yourself more nutritious

As a registered dietitian, I often explain to people that a good diet should include both what you eat and what you don’t eat. In today’s developed world, we eat too much but are malnourished, because most of what we eat is junk food. This is largely because we are primarily concerned with calories, and believe that as long as a certain amount of calories is maintained, it will be lower than a certain number. But we overlooked that the real reason we eat is to get nutrition. Here are three foods I list that you should try to avoid, and leave your belly to truly healthy food.

1. Highly refined grains

Highly refined grains are a major component of many junk foods. They add very few nutrients and lack nutritional value. We live in a rich and developed world with too many options! IThey are drowning in diet decisions. So when you can choose more nutritious foods, why choose highly refined grains like white bread or pasta?

For health, you should quit these 3 common foods Wheat, rye, Spelt wheat, buckwheat, Kam wheat, and others Old-fashioned cereals are better choices, these are made with yeast instead of modern baker’s yeast. Fermentation breaks down the anti-nutrients, making the actual nutrients more easily absorbed, reducing the possibility of causing digestive stress. So, you can try these grains. Another option is to completely remove cereals from your diet (after all, there is no so-called cereal deficiency).

I don’t like to eat cereals. Eating germinated cereal breads (available at health food stores) or germinating cereals at home (soaking them for about a day after soaking) is a way to reduce protective chemicals in plants, which are collectively called anti-nutrients. Gluten is one example. If you are not feeling well, I highly recommend you do this or simply avoid eating cereals. Sprouted cereal bread is the only type of bread I eat. Unlike other types of bread, it is the only type of bread that does not make me uncomfortable.

2. Add sugar

Almost everything we eat is sugared. You can’t even buy peanut butter without sugar from the manufacturer. Edible added sugar is a fundamental source of obesity and disease.

By adding sugar to your diet, your body gains a lot of energy. Whether you are in bed, on the train, in the office, or when you return home from work to sit on the sofa or lie in bed, these energy will not be easily burned out, and sugar will be repeated many times Stimulate your hormone system. Simply put, these factors combine to produce more extra fat and cause disease. The source of many and many diseases is caused by excessive sugar intake.

Reject foods that contain sugar and you wo n’t eat junk food.

3. Vegetable oil

Around 1910, vegetable oil pressing technology was invented, and vegetable oil was able to enter our lives. At that time, vegetable oil was produced by processing plants, which was cheaper than other oils. But there is no doubt that these oils are a food that should not have been developed.

 For health, you should quit these 3 common foods On the surface, these vegetable oils seem to be worth the money, but in fact they pose far greater risks to health than benefits. UK A study published in the British Medical Journal found that the replacement of saturated fats with vegetable oils resulted in a 62% increase in mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality from a “all causes of death” perspective compared to the control group. Increased by 70%. This study is sufficient to prove that vegetable oil is similar to the “relationship between vegetable oil and mortality” found in many nutritional studies, and the two are related.

In the 20th century, people still consumed animal fat every day, so the incidence of heart disease was very rare. By 1950, heart disease had become the biggest killer of American people; today, it is the biggest killer of the entire world. However, in developed countries, cancer is the leading cause of death. In addition, some of these causes increase the prevalence of people. With the advancement of technology and the development of science and technology, the emergency procedures after a heart attack have also been improved, which has also saved more lives.

Unfortunately, vegetable oil is also related to the occurrence of cancer. A study in mice showed that mice that ate vegetable oils had twice as much malignancy as mice that ate fish oils. Another related rodent study showed that the normal healthy cell death (apoptosis) process was stopped after ingestion of corn oil, which led to the development of colon cancer. To make things seem simpler and easier to understand, I have a rule of thumb: if an oil comes from something that is not obviously greasy in itself, then don’t eat it.

Rapeseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, and margarine are often hydrogenated and repeatedly heated. They are not greasy without modern processing methods. It is these processes that make them cheaper than others, so they are more ubiquitous.

The main problem with these oils is that their own precious omega-6 unsaturated molecules can be easily destroyed after a large amount of processing. They become more fragile after bottling and reacting with oxygen and sunlight. This damage causes the molecule to have some reactivity and inflammation.

Vegetable oil is the real wolf in sheep’s clothing-selling them to us seems to help us (because their prices are relatively low), but it is actually harmful to us. These things are not food, it is simple and clear, don’t eat these garbage.

They are all garbage

If you mix these three things—highly refined cereals, added sugar, and vegetable oil—and eat them together, you get something like a donut. Donuts are packed in beautiful boxes, full of smile, sweet and explosive taste, but I don’t really lie to you: such food will shorten your life and affect your quality of life.

Do not wait until next Monday or next month, or during holidays or any other time to make changes. Do it today. Don’t eat snacks anymore, because snacks are the main source of these 3 foods. If such food occupies your main meal, you are really in trouble.

Ask yourself what role these foods play in your life. Make sure you eat nutritious food and make time to cook more in time, because if you do n’t, the disease will make time for you.

Imagine yourself in a few months

Imagine yourself a few months later. At that time you have successfully quit these junk foods, then your body and mind must feel great. Don’t let junk food ruin your life and hinder you.

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