Cultivating super users is creating customer assets; having super users can create super brands High-speed development has become alive. All companies will also face the biggest headache at the end of the year-taking stock of annual profits. The profit and cost problems of start-ups will be revealed in front of actual profits. Whether the scale of the company is in a benign growth stage; whether the company’s benefits can still sustain the business to survive this winter, the next financing needs come, and show what kind of transcripts to investors. This year’s traffic, conversions, and profits will write the conclusion. So after we focused on traffic, how should startups find the conversion funnel that suits them best; how to do a good job of the corporate community to double their revenue; how to find the key points to leverage profit; and how to use these key points to keep the company 80% Profit, survival is the age of heroes, how to spend this winter.

Let’s learn in December:

  1. What are the models of the B-side corporate community?

  2. How to create a community sales conversion;

  3. How to define a super user who leverages 80% of profit;

  4. How to build a commercial closed loop for super users;

  5. How to screen and train super users;

  6. How to find the conversion funnel model that works best for your company.

    It ’s a cold winter, you must be safe, and you can survive 80% of your profits.

    First: Maintain these users, and you will maintain what your business needs

    Perhaps you have also discovered the phenomenon that in the past few years, there are always a few big customers who run enterprises, and the fees they pay account for more than 60% of the company’s revenue flow. Such users are what we call superusers. Super users are old users who have a clear intention to continue to pay for enterprise products and services in the future. This type of users has a very high consumption frequency, usually heavy users; strong consumer power, non-price sensitive, dare to spend money; willing to recommend products or brands to others; able to put forward effective opinions to support product update iterations. Super users are the most important treasures of an enterprise’s growth period, so where should the product go to the extreme market, super users’ feedback is most effective.

    Second: Small businesses have their own superusers

    Enterprises that want to maintain growth, maintain regular customers, and operate “super users” are effective today when the traffic bonus period has endedBreakthrough. Many start-up leaders will think that I have just started a business, my company is still small, and there are no superusers at all. In fact, you are wrong. I want to tell you that even small companies have their own super users, but they have not been valued, managed and valued in the past. As long as your product is purchased, that person may become a super user, but there is only a process of screening and cultivation.

    Third: How 20% of super users can leverage 80% of corporate profits

    Now that you have found a super user, you should make full use of the advantages of the super user, and dig deep, so that the super user can promote product update and iteration, and let users create more profits for the enterprise. In this matter, the following three points have become the most important:

    1. Insist that the product must continuously meet the needs of super users;

    2. Insist on marketing promotion to detonate super users first;

    3. Insist that organizational efficiency must meet the needs of super users;

    4. Insist that brands must give superusers a long face.

      Using super users to leverage corporate revenue is a long-term, cumulative process. Based on the use of a conversion funnel that is suitable for an enterprise, it takes stock of all the super users in the enterprise, so that the super users can promote product iteration. Stroke conversion closed loop. Every step inside is very knowledgeable. In December, EClub invited experts and teachers in the user thinking conversion industry, Yan Tao, and 36kr senior analysts in the To B field to discuss with you and knock on the door to profit with members.

      EClub December online sharing: 20% of users leverage 80% of profit; how startups find the conversion funnel that works best for them

      EClub December online sharing: 20% of users leverage 80% of profit; how startups find the conversion funnel that works best for them

      Finally, please emphasize: Don’t be obsessed with following the path of example, accept the coldest reality, model the nature of the industry, polish your products, and serve customers well.

      Second upgrade of financing awareness

      9 years since its establishment, adhering to the mission of “let some people see the future first”, it has helped the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. In the process, a large amount of industrial resources have been deposited, including the exposure of more than 30,000 startups’ startup projects. In order to obtain the opportunity for institutional investment; last year, the V-Club Investment Institution Club was launched to reach multi-dimensional cooperation with nearly 80% of mainstream investment institutions in China.

      The E-Club Creators Club will continue to play the role of a good linker in the future, enabling investors, institutions and entrepreneurs to achieve efficient resource docking, high-level aggregation of knowledge, and high mutual trust in business, allowing entrepreneurs to The road has been smoother, allowing investors to see broader and farther.

      In the process of operating EClub, it was observed that many early-stage entrepreneurs did not really know what investors were paying attention to, wasting many potential opportunities, and lacked awareness of financing. To this end, the E-Club Creators Club financing boosted version was built.

      In addition to retaining EClub’s basic services, increase services in the financing area for start-up companies’ “most painful points”, and provide one-stop entrepreneurial support from systematic entrepreneurship training, real roadshows, capital docking, and media appreciation. Help entrepreneurs in the new economy to complete the leopard evolution from the change-maker (from the seed stage to before the B round) to the leader (after the B-round).

      EClub December online sharing: 20% of users leverage 80% of profit; how startups find the conversion funnel that works best for them