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future Ten years, what new technologies might make home cleaning easier? Chaochao Technology 2020 Awards Q & A 5th

Guest: Founder of Cloud Whale Intelligent Technology Zhang Junbin

Question: What new technologies might make home cleaning easier in the next decade?

Prize: Cloud Whale J1 Fully-Automated Drag-and-Sweep Robot-Robot that Will Wash Mop (¥ 4299)

5th award winning review

ID: Xu Yuying

In the era of the rapid development of “environmental intelligence” in smart home appliances and homes, mobile intelligent cleaning service robots are already mature and non-conceptual products. However, the machine products used for household cleaning are relatively limited, and the more common are sweeping robots. In the next ten years, more machines for household cleaning will appear, and each of them will do a good job and be more like a family. housekeeper.

In terms of intelligent interaction, all kinds of robots are more powerful. The sweeping robot is no longer manually controlled. It can automatically detect itself and run when it is unmanned. The washing machine can sense the amount of clothing and the degree of soiling. Automatically set the laundry sequence and perform subsequent work such as drying, lighting, finishing, etc .; the refrigerator can sense the food category and arrange it, and automatically set the cooling mode, and at the same time, it is connected to the trash can, and the expired rotten food is automatically sorted and transferred to the trash can; the trash can is sound The database can be sorted by itself and transferred directly to the garbage collection place.

The wireless remote control technology of the Internet of Things can remotely control equipment to regularly clean dust when we are out for many daysDust, ventilated. Patients with rhinitis at home can also dehumidify and remove dust before going home for air purification.

Big data can provide high-quality cleaning solutions for homeowners. It can also customize the living environment of the home with humanity, and regularly and regularly perform cleaning. The combination of VR / AR technology and robots, while strengthening machine vision, image processing and map construction technology, and matching with various skilled robots, more accurate analysis and positioning of the indoor environment, cleaning all corners and corners, AR glasses Let us see the progress of home cleaning and check if cleaning is in place in real time. The elderly and children can also monitor remotely at home to ensure the safety of the home. At the same time, the air conditioning system and air purification system can detect the number of bedding mites and the degree of wetness at any time, and interact with the lighting system to perform the corresponding light removal of mites, dehumidification and warming to make the home life more comfortable and gentle. Improve sleep quality and quality of life.

A huge network composed of wireless sensor technology, which can wirelessly communicate, sense, and process data. It can form a network in a self-organizing manner, collect information about people in the surrounding environment, process the information, and publish the information to observers. . Now 5G has been developed, but ten years later, the era of 6G \ 7G is coming. Combined with wireless sensor technology, it can better connect these cleaning robots into a network, assist in completing the cleaning work of the entire family, and generate detailed reports efficiently and quickly. Send it to the head of household and related cleaning companies to further improve the cleaning work of each family. Damages can be repaired in time, and loopholes can be handled in time. Only by connecting various machines into a network can we truly achieve a smart home smart life and truly become practical, easy to use and humane.

Instead of pursuing the cleanliness of our home, it is easier to say that we are pursuing the complete liberation of our hands and enjoying the comfort of life.

After more understanding and thinking, I will add that in ten years, changes that we cannot imagine will happen. Just as in 2009, we will not imagine that 4G brings self-media dividends. The arrival of 5G and 6G will change drastically from our lives. Ultra-fast network speeds are only basic, and the interconnection of independent systems into networks is even more critical. I always thought about how to get clean, and we can keep the house away from the mess from the root.

Our household products can be more environmentally friendly and easier to clean. Range hoods also need to be greasy and sticky oil stains on the walls. After ten years, there will be range hoods that can automatically degrade and remove soot deposits after work. From the material, the attachments automatically fall off the wall tiles. 3D printing and intelligence are combined to quickly customize the required items and produce clean material products, and quickly replace them by themselves.

The window has become the first stop for indoor cleaning. Various nano-scale materials and molecular technologies can effectively reduce air dust from entering the room and refresh the air. It can also change its own color according to the sun’s rays to prevent the room from being damaged by direct sunlight The head of household can also adjust various parameters through intelligent interaction.

Cleaning must be linked to environmental protection. Using solar technology to turn windowsAnd other objects turned into solar energy to provide support for some electricity. Various household wastes are treated by cleaning systems to become reusable items.

There are many ideas for the future. I know my imagination is still limited, and home cleaning in ten years time will definitely be better!

I particularly want this drag-and-sweep robot to make it easier for my mother, so I will work hard to submit this answer, hoping that it will have its value, and I look forward to it in the near future meet. Thank you ~

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Internet of things, big data, 5G, AR, VR, AI, … No matter what, as long as these words are connected, the sense of technology is instantly full, forcing the grid to improve directly several levels. Entrepreneurship is not related to these things, I am embarrassed to say that I am starting a business. Everyone is telling you: the Internet is the future, artificial intelligence is the future, big data, the Internet of Things is the future, and if you do n’t plan now, there will be no chance in the future. When all the resources are gathered in one direction, and everyone’s eyes are fixed on one direction, this is the most terrible. Smart homes, hardware vendors are doing it, Internet vendors are doing it, and even someone who resigns to do cross-border entrepreneurship must do it. The future of smart home seems to be really like posters and ppts. There are robots to help you with washing, cooking, sweeping, and mopping the floor. You can just eat and drink Lazarus. But is this really the case? Will the development of society in the future go in this direction?

At present, the smart devices of all major manufacturers are very similar. If you buy different brands, you have to install different software to control them. Something broke and had to be sent for repair. The more developed the Internet, the more feared of being hacked. In the end, a variety of robots piled up in the living room kitchen bedroom. Is this really liberating mankind?

Is it possible that the smart home in the future is just a new material? Active adsorption and decomposition of garbage, but also non-toxic! You might say I’m kidding again, how could that be? Do n’t forget that when Nokia was popular all over the world, I did n’t expect that the smart opportunity would kill itself! wake up! Artificial meat has been made, and the development of science in the future will definitely exceed your imagination. Do n’t just stare at the Internet all day. The development of materials and polymers may be the thing that kills robots. Paying attention to the research and development of basic sciences is the only way to overtake corners, to go horse racing, and finally create a wasteland. What’s the use?

ID: Apocalypse

I think that many of our things are just extensions of traditional cleaning methods, and those sweeping robots are still doing the task of “mounding”. The future cleaning scenes should not be an extension of traditional technology. It is a qualitative change brought about by basic theory.

Such as cleaning systems and house cleaning monitoring butler systemsInteract to achieve dynamic “cleanliness”. For example, our cleaning robots are already very small. The size of a dinner plate is easy to clean, but we still need to clean the storage bin regularly. Can it be smaller and more convenient in the future? Is it possible to completely remove the “volume limit”, can it be permanent and self-renewing?

For another example, in the future, there may be a new cleaning method to get rid of “water” and “cloth”. There is no shampoo for washing hair. Can there be a principle of washing without water in the future?

For another example, how do we solve the problem of dust, will the cleaning method be integrated with the air purification, air humidity, and constant temperature control in the house? This will completely free home cleaning from the “task” of the day field and let it Become simply an afternoon pastime like a “shaking fan”?

Perhaps in the future, we will not see a fast robot “spin vacuum”, we will not see a “tool” that can quickly clean and intelligent navigation is held in our hands, maybe we only need to tell a virtual kid around us Sister, and then all the so-called “cleansing” has been completed in our chatter and laughter. As for how to do it, who knows, anyway, those subtle cleanings have already reached the molecular level.