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I still remember that I cut a Qi Liuhaier for the movie. Liu Haier was a bit long, and some of the hair would get into my eyes. I blow it from time to time. Director Jia noticed and filmed a scene for me alone. He said, in a moment you blow your Liuhaier, and then look at me again.

This is my first serious film making, in the true sense of (make a movie) , although I also It was filmed, but maybe five scenes were shot in ten scenes, and the character was cut off, and the real role was played, which is “Destined for Heaven.”

I received a call from Jia Zhangke while walking on the overpass one month before the university graduation ceremony. He said, to tell you the good news, the media has not been notified at this time, and you must not tell others that we are shortlisted for the Cannes main competition.

When I heard it, I felt like I was lying down. This man was quite bullish. When he said it was dry, it became dry.

03, people have taken you to the most core place, but you have gone astray again

I don’t exaggerate at all. I just watched the works of these two directors when I was in high school, and they actually cooperated when I was in college. I also think it ’s amazing. I never knew the future I will become an actor. I cannot even imagine that I can be admitted to the Film Academy. I cannot imagine that I can leave Shenzhen. If there is a problem in any link, it may not be the result now.

It met so smoothly, and it played so smoothly. Then it turned out to be this way, it became a big ups and downs.

I heard a very weird theory yesterday. My mother had a lot of troubles when she was pregnant and got me, so I may be born with no sense of security.

I think actors really need mystery, which is why I rarely do interviews. I do n’t think anyone picks you up when there is nothing out? I haven’t refined a certain answer myself, how to talk to others.

I do n’t have any skills or methodologies in acting. I just express my sensibility.

When I was very young, I was about three years old. It did n’t take long for me to come to Shenzhen. My family still lives in an employee dormitory. There is an audio-visual shop next to it. I heard a song. That said, my mother is so sad.

This is what my mother told me. She was very impressed. She thought that such a small child could understand the two words sad. She was very scared and pulled me away. When I was a kid in kindergarten, I chose a dance team. Without selecting me, I would humble myself for a long time.

Sometimes after performing a very intense drama, my whole body will feel like a fever, which is very hurting. When a person is emotional, the whole body will be under a high pressure. The director shouted, everyone started to clean up after the scene ended, but your emotions need time to calm down, just like running, your heartbeat is slowly recovering.

The directors I have worked with have a comment on me, saying that I am a rare actor. Didn’t say I was a good actor, that I was a rare actor.

The word “rare” is funny, does it mean I’m good or bad? Maybe double quotes, I don’t know. I can only comfort myself, maybe born to be an actor.

I feel that my real masterpiece has not yet come out. For an actor, it should be that he will think of this work as soon as he mentions it. The roles of “Babylon” and “Destiny” are still a little less, and they are not complete female characters.

Before I was 30, I still wanted to take a picture. This is a very normal and ordinary career planning, but my industry is called an actor.

08, a touch of red in a man’s play,I’m bored

An issue that I may face next is that duplicate roles are still unavailable.

If it’s a youth movie, or if it’s a touch of red in a man’s play, I will be a little bored. That kind of space is very small, it’s just embellishment. I don’t think it is necessary.

I want to find female characters who are truly complete.

The projects that come to me are often a category, that is, more artistic projects. From the perspective of a director, either a new director or a great director, few directors in the middle come to me.

I do n’t reject the label of literature and art. I did come out of the film. And I am art and literature. I watch niche movies and listen to ancient music. Why am I afraid to admit that you do n’t care if the word has changed in other people ’s definitions. This is my background, but life and movies will take it. I don’t know what color to use.

The script I choose is the subject matter first, the perspective second, and the director third.

The subject matter, for example, domestic violence is a good subject matter. I think it is a good filming direction. The angle of view is how you cut in from males to females to children or police officers. In the end, the director is to make a living Board of people.

I like the state of people in trouble. I think people live in trouble, everyone. The movie is nothing more than extracting a specific, most people’s dilemma, and then expressing it.