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It stands to reason that the Prime Minister of Japan, (scientific name is “Prime Minister of the Cabinet”) is already Japan’s highest executive head. When participating in state affairs, It is basically the position of “under the emperor and above 10,000 people.” The current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe not only set a record for the first person in history. The Liberal Democratic Party, the party’s leader, has firmly occupied the position of Japan’s largest party for decades, which can be described as Fukuzawa’s protection and long official movement.

However, because of a recent little thing. Dignified Prime Minister of Japan, not only the support rate has dropped significantly, but also has to be forced to answer questions from all walks of life, and even his wife has been pointed by Qianfu …

If you look back on Abe ’s prime minister career, it is a history of humiliation.

Who embarrassed the Prime Minister

On November 8th, Tomoko Tamura, a member of the Senate of the Japanese Communist Party, made it difficult for Abe on the Senate Budget Committee. As a result, for nearly a month, various circles have commented on Abe’s rush.

The reason for the trouble is the “Sakura Appreciation”. This is an important goodwill event held in “Shinjuku Gyoen” almost every spring in Japan from the (Meiji 14) in 1881. In April 2019, Abe as the Prime Minister also organized this event, which not only expanded the scale of the event to the largest 18200 people in history, but also reached an unprecedented 55.18 million yen in expenses.

So, one month after the cherry-blossom viewing, the Japanese Communist Party (The Japanese Communist Party is a very interesting party, and you can write a detailed article in the future.) Span Member of the House of Representatives Miyamoto Toru, on the final account administrative monitoring committee asked: “Why has the cost of cherry blossom viewing doubled since Abe took office, and the number of participants has nearly doubled?”

As a core member of Abe ’s cabinet, the Chief Cabinet Secretary (equivalent to the second-ranked government leader) Wu Yiwei replied: “This is a meeting of the Prime Minister from all walks of life Funding is also necessary for public activities in the cabinet of the meritorious. “

Toru Miyamoto is also very polite, returning: “Is that since Prime Minister Abe took officeWill there be more and more meritorious people in Japan? “However, due to the limited time of the day, there is no further discussion on this issue.

Until November 8th, another Japanese Communist Party Tomoko Tamura released a big move-her investigation found that many people participating in the Abe cherry blossom viewing, it is difficult to call them “meritors”, but instead appeared “Every 10 meters walk at the cherry blossom viewing party, you can meet a person from Yamaguchi Prefecture.” Where is Yamaguchi Prefecture? It is Abe’s hometown and his “basic plate”. This is the standard buyout voter.

Although nearly 20,000 people gathered in the core area of ​​Tokyo and only spent 3.55 million yuan in public expenses, this discovery immediately ignited the excitement of all sectors in Japan. The Japanese nation usually sees silence or even boring, but when facing the government, it is all kinds of slang and various passages. Every Monday in the NHK Congress live broadcast, those Japanese qualities are gone, and they talk, sneer, and applaud.

Subsequently, with the cooperation of the media, netizens, opposition parties and other sectors of society, not only was it found that Mrs. Abe Zhaohui invited “home relatives who sell vegetable seedlings”, but also investigated hotels that usually charge 11,000 yen. It only cost 5,000 yen, and I also found that the cherry blossom viewing restaurant in recent years were also provided by the same supplier, and the former chairman of a MLM company was suspected to have been recommended to the cherry blossom viewing agency by the prime minister …

So, major Japanese media surveys found that Abe ’s approval rate fell by more than 5 percentage points in a month. Nearly 70% of people believe that Abe ’s explanations of cherry blossom viewing cannot be Satisfactory.

Even the Japanese government couldn’t resist the pressure and announced that the cherry-blossom viewing will be temporarily suspended next spring. Historically, the cherry-blossom viewing will be suspended only in the event of a major earthquake or turbulent international situation. You can see how much pressure Abe ’s cabinet is under.

Officially boring Japanese

Do you think this is over? No!

On November 20th, a Japanese citizen group composed of journalists and others filed a letter of complaint against the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Abe, to the Tokyo Local Prosecutor’s Office on the grounds of alleged violations of the Japanese Public Office Election Law and the Political Funds Regulation Law. .

Some people may think, how can anyone sue the Prime Minister in the capital?

Wrong. The largest party in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is not the Liberal Democratic Party, but the local party “Metropolitan First Meeting.” So Tokyo ’s chief Yuriko Koike is not Abe ’s at all. He has also publicly criticized Abe ’s rise to power, which has led to political “scrutiny and favoritism”.

Even since the act of inviting friends and relatives from Abe’s wife, Abe Zhaobe, was discovered during this cherry-blossom viewing, people have fired up a few years ago again-

In 2014, a full-color photo of Abe Akio was published in a magazine called “Brilliant Lady”, with the text “I am the closest existence to the Prime Minister, and I can directly convey you “This is a quarterly magazine issued by the middle-aged and elderly social club” Hana Club “. It is issued to female members aged 50-60. The actual operator is RO company, and RO company sells wealth management products to these female members.

A lot of women say, “The reason why they decided to invest is because there are politicians and female entrepreneurs headed by Zhao Hui in the magazine. I think this club is credible.” However, RO company filed for bankruptcy in 2018 The total investment of the victims reached 30 billion yen. Japanese media claimed that “the wife’s reckless behavior has once again made her husband troublesome.”

Not only was he under siege and his support rate dropped, but even his family and friends and his wife at the pillow were dragged into the water … Only due to the activities of 3.55 million yuan, the prime minister of a country was tossed like this.

Maybe you wonder, why is it so easy for outsiders to get all kinds of information about Abe? Shouldn’t such a big man, the whereabouts of a head of state be very hidden?

Wrong! As the Prime Minister of Japan, Abe’s (note that almost every day except sleep) ‘s behavior is broadcast live.

On Japan’s “Current Affairs News Agency” and “Kyodo News” and other media websites, there are sections such as “Prime Minister One Day”, which broadcasts Abe’s whereabouts throughout the day, where and who he met.

For example, today (December 3, 2019) , Abe spent this way-

MorningAt 8:37, there were no visitors before departing from a private house in Toya, Tokyo.

8:49 in the morning, arrived at the official residence.

From 8:58 to 9:10 in the morning, a cabinet meeting will be held with the participation of the Asagawa Masami Cabinet Office.

(It ’s too long to send it all) ……

Another example, Abe in the afternoon of December 1st-

13:54 Arrive at Hair salon “Shiar Guest” in Shibuya, Tokyo, and get a haircut.

15:46 Arrive at Tokyu Department Store, Tokyo’s Dogenzaka. shopping.

Even in which restaurant Abe ’s dinner is eaten, and with whom, it must be identified. The outside world often finds strange things from these clues.

So what is the webcaster? The Japanese Prime Minister has been broadcasting live for 24 years. It’s like living in a glass cover, and every move is monitored by the people.

The mental quality is not good enough to do this job

If you say the above, some readers may think it is still “too routine”, then let everyone look at “unconventional”. See how the Japanese treat their government and the Prime Minister. The following are all widely spread on Twitter.

Because the consumption tax rose in October 2019, Japanese netizens made this picture ——

Chinese translation: How about the poor, the consumption tax has increased

Life is harder ~~

Next time I will set up a walking tax for you to speed up the draining of you

Chinese translation: just lie to the end with a lie

Chinese translation: strong request, until it is dried

Because in 2017, the kindergarten under the “Senyou Academies” suspected of having a relationship with Abe was unclear, and was found to inculcate the child with far-right thoughts, and this picture was created-

Chinese translation: yo guys, let’s go back to the old times again (the book in the picture says “good Japanese”) p>

Finally, netizens made a summary ——

Chinese translation: Let’s ruin Japan’s tomorrow together!

To be Prime Minister in Japan is really humiliating …

This article is from WeChat public account: Cross Japan (ID: zhrb2019) author: Dong Jian Jun