Luo Yonghao is back.

Although Luo Yonghao has invested a lot of energy in Ono’s electronic cigarettes, the “spirit sequel” of Nut Phone has also come out.

But this is the first time that this controversial entrepreneur, or internet celebrity, has reappeared as a leader of a startup project before the public.

In front of him, it is a harsher environment of public opinion, debt disputes that cannot be avoided, and countless questions waiting for his answer.

What exactly did Luo Yonghao post?

In the last month, Luo Yonghao has frequented Weibo @ various giant companies, Lego, Audi dual diamond, Johnson & Johnson, and even Siemens, who has deep connections with him.

A wave of unintelligible operations has cast a mysterious veil on the upcoming new project.

Everything is revealed tonight, Sharklet, a name that may be a little strange. In simple terms, this is a bionic technology that mimics the texture of shark skin and inhibits bacteria.

Sharklet Technologies is a materials technology company founded in Florida, USA. Its founder is Dr. Anthony Brennan of the University of Florida and the inventor of the company’s technology patents.

Sharket has a patented core technology called SharkletTM. According to Wikipedia, this is the world’s first non-destructive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly surface texture designed to inhibit bacterial growth, including MRSA, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and many others.

The surface of Sharklet consists of millions of tiny diamonds, which are arranged into a unique structure. It is this texture that makes bacteria unsuitable for growth.

(There are two clear patents, and other patents filed in 2015 and 2016 only show “Application” status)

In order to better explain the origin and characteristics of this technology, Luo Yonghao started his old business and conducted a large-scale popular science at the conference site.

Why are Sharklet materials antibacterial? Mainly because the surface has a fine texture of 2 μm wide and 3 micrometers high, which can “trapped” bacteria, making it unable to move freely and divide and reproduce.

Because this technology is purely antibacterial at the physical level, it can not change the original characteristics of the material, and it will not cause the birth of super bacteria due to sterilization.

During the process of finding antibacterial cigarette holder materials for Ono e-cigarettes, Luo Yonghao discovered the company Sharklet and eventually chose to join, becoming a Sharklet global partner and “Chief Huyou” (somewhat similar to a Chinese agent).

“They are responsible for research and development, and I am responsible for Huyou.” Luo Yonghao is more and more able to accept his “positioning”.

For more than two years, the team found a leather factory in Jiangnan and used Sharklet to make leather templates. In the live demonstration, the Sharklet material under the microscope did show the fine texture as introduced. Luo Yonghao used a laser pen to pass through the material and also project the effect of shark skin.

He emphasized that there are quite a lot of directions that this technology can land in theory (note, it is theoretical):

Medical, mother and child, public facilities, food, etc. As long as it involves health issues or has direct contact with the human body and food, it seems suitable to spark a little with this technology.

Obviously, Luo Yonghao’s customers this time became B-side vendors.

You may be a bit foggy when you see this. I do n’t know what it is doing, and even if a consumer product claims to use Sharpet material, you ca n’t immediately judge whether it is useful.

Of course, this is also a problem that Luo Yonghao and Sharklet technology face when facing investors, consumers and B-side partners.

In essence, this is a technology promotion meeting, a business invitation conference. Luo Yonghao was at the scene and promised a lot of help to mature manufacturers and start-ups. He personally failed a company. Compared to the English teacher who just crossed the border from the crosstalk to the mobile phone industry, Luo Yonghao now understands the company No doubt it is deeper.

At present, the commercial cooperation reached by this technology is still at a very early stage. Luo Yonghao revealed that the high-end antibacterial chopsticks launched in cooperation with Shuanggun, China’s largest chopstick manufacturer, will be launched next spring.

A few other specific products from Mr. Luo, a long traveler (level 8):

Children’s backpack with Sharklet material, sharkskin inside and out, the original price is 499 yuan, the pre-sale period is 399 yuan; the suitcase with Sharklet material lining, the original price is 1999 yuan, the pre-sale period is 1699 yuan Still not cheap.

Then the question is coming, why is this Niu X technology so unknown? Why has this technology company not been successful before?

According to information from Crunchbase, a foreign investment and financing database, Sharklet was established in 2008. In July 2009, the company received the first investment of 1.2 million US dollars; in December 2012, the company received more than 2 million US dollar financing; however, in 2014, they began to seek financing through equity crowdfunding, but the final transaction amount was not disclosed.

whileAccording to foreign media CompanyWeek reports, Sharklet has raised a total of approximately $ 5.1 million as of 2014, with an additional $ 5 million in grant funding-most of which come from the National Institutes of Health grants. The company’s CEO has stated that they hope to raise $ 10 million in 2015.

But after 2015, the company did not announce financing again, until 2017 was acquired by a Hangzhou Medical Device Company called Peaceful Union (I do n’t know why this name could not be found).

Besides the information, Beijing Shanjie Co., Ltd. was established in May 2018 and holds the trademark of Sharklet. After being acquired in 2017, there have been no clear commercial reports about Sharklet online.

Of course, Mr. Luo himself believes that it takes time for the most advanced technology to be widely accepted. Flush toilet lids were gradually accepted by consumers more than 30 years after they were invented. “Good habits need to be adapted, and those that have been used clean can no longer be dirty.”

Such a technology may be anxious about selling anxiety, but it sounds like it has caught the pain points of modern people, especially the new middle class.

However, Sharklet is just a technology, and Luo Yonghao is not himself engaged in scientific research. All he can do is to make this technology more quickly understood by consumers and manufacturers, and then promote manufacturers to cooperate and sell their own shares. Those Sharklet products of the company.

Why did you choose such a 2B industry?

After experiencing the failure of Hammer Technology, why did Luo Yonghao choose to do 2B’s materials business? This is the most superficial and most inquiring question.

Luo Yonghao also made some answers to this question at the press conference, mainly at three levels:

First, Sharklet technology is really novel and attracts its attention. Second, he believes that there are business opportunities here to make money. Third, it can create social value.

He said that some of Sharklet’s technological achievements have begun to be applied in the electronic cigarette industry. Mr. Luo, who has made a round in the electronic cigarette industry, may be the opportunity he has captured.

Compared to this entrepreneurial project, many people may be more concerned about Luo Yonghao himself.

At the end of the press conference, Luo Yonghao stayed for a while and explained his situation:

“I’m fine, it’s really fine, except that I think the creditors are a little upset … Don’t feel bad about me, I’m not convenient to say ‘I’m doing great’ on Weibo. Most of them haven’t been so good for me. “

With regard to the list of money owed and untrustworthy people, Luo Yonghao was very open-minded, and repeatedly teased himself with it:

“I almost came to Beijing by a slow car and a hard seat.” “Many people say that Mr. Luo is a chat treasure low, but if you owe money to others, don’t worry about low, it is the least to return the money. “

Sadly,’s domain name no longer belongs to Luo Yonghao’s company, and the hammer mobile phone is also a thing of the past. However, judging from the overall effect of today ’s press conference, Luo Yonghao’s condition is still good. There is no sigh that he can’t help sighing in the later period of the hammer.

This is Luo Yonghao’s re-All in entrepreneurship project, but there are still many problems here.

On the one hand, the availability of this technology does not have many successful business cases to prove that some foreign reports have only introduced the technology itself.

On the other hand, although this material technology seems to be applicable to any product that has a health impact, few people at home and abroad have talked about the cost of this technology.

Luo Yonghao was on the dishonest list.Its personal credit has a negative impact, while the health and medical industries are an area that requires extra trust.

Is Luo Yonghao really able to solve this technology and the difficulties faced by this team?

Can it help Teacher Luo fulfill his dream, or take a step back and say, can it make enough money to fill the hole dug by Hammer Technology?

Everything is unknown.