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Just the day before yesterday, the largest strike in 24 years broke out in France. Because it was too large, it was rated as a “universal strike” by European media plays.

At first glance, it seems like a strike of this magnitude should be a mess.

But what is unexpected is that the French strike was not only beautiful and interesting, but also fun and lively. It was called the “most hilarious strike” and fully demonstrated the French’s cuteness and romance.

And this “French Cutie Handbook” also showed us that the most correct way to strike was to strikeOpen way.


In fact, since last month, pre-warming content about this strike has flowed out, and even the French people have specially produced a trailer for this strike, which has a kind of “stay tuned” in it. .

In this “Strike Union”, French President Macron is transformed into extermination, while the strike army is represented by the green icon “Paris Mass Transportation (RATP) “and” Brande National Railroad Corporation (SNCF) “two big brothers.

The style of this sand sculpture, I know that this is a strike in France. I do n’t know which Marvel fan is a whim.

Of course, the information conveyed in this “trailer” is indeed very accurate. The main force of the strike was rail transport, so this also led to the suspension of 90% of high-speed rail in France, and public transportation in Paris was completely paralyzed. status.

The movement is not small, and it does have an impact on everyone’s lives, but this strike is for a reason.

On July 8, this year, the Macron government released a report entitled “Building a Universal Retirement System,” announcing the establishment of a unified pension system.

Maybe you do n’t know much. Unlike China ’s pension system, there are always 42 types of retirement systems in France, a country that has always been labeled as “free, equal, and fraternal.”

Some of these occupational groups have preferential treatment after retirement, and most of them belong to the French public service department, such as subway drivers, teachers, firefighters, doctors and so on.

But today’s French government wants to launch this new pension plan to eliminate the special treatment of those groups in the retirement system. To put it bluntly, it means giving less money.

Otherwise, if the retirement benefits of these groups are maintained, the financial burden on the country will continue to increase. According to France’s current social security income, it will not be able to pay this huge amount of money at all.

It goes without saying that people in the public transport system are naturally unhappy as one of the occupational components in the preferential group.

They think they deserve special treatment, because their work is harder than the average person. Driving not only needs to be reversed in black and white, but also requires high concentration during work hours.

The people are scolding one after another, saying that Macron’s “one-size-fits-all” reform is unreliable at all, neither solves the substantive problems, but also explicitly wants to squeeze the hard-earned money of the working people.

Take the Paris public transport company (RATP) , which led the strike, as an example. The average retirement age of ordinary French employees is 63, and Employees at this institution can retire at 55, so their pensions can be more substantial than others.

But if the pension system really changes, there will be little hope for them after their retirement.

In addition to the public transport system, many people from the public service sector participated in the strike, even 80%.Teachers also participated in the strike force, and roughly estimated that the number of participating people reached 800,000.

Of course, the momentum is huge, but the latest situation is not very optimistic. Neither the French government nor the strike unions are willing to compromise.

So the union shouted, “This strike will be labelled indefinitely.” When will Macron be able to cancel his reform plan, the strike can be stopped anytime.

In order to solve the problem, the French people can only be so wayward.

It is precisely because of this that foreigners have thought of confusion, and the French are looking forward to the annual strike of the “Strike Union”.


Although the whole situation sounds a little serious, for French people who live in “strike powers” and “strike powers”, they have long been accustomed to such things.

The “Liberation Daily” also conducted a special opinion poll. 62% of French people expressed support for the December 5 strike. Anyway, France is experiencing a “social crisis”. Macron may not really understand everyone Difficult, why not support it? Must support.

Of course, the French are still very disciplined, and they are not lawless. Strikes are not what you want, but you can stop.

Although the strike is supported by law, there are also many restrictions and rules that need to be followed by those involved in the strike.

For example, before the strike, the route and time need to be applied in advance. When do you start the strike, where do you start and end, and where do you pass, you must say well in advance, and you must follow the time schedule you applied for on the day of the actual strike. get on. To talk about credit.

There is also no salary during the strike. You can ask to strike at any time, but the unit cannot pay for your non-work.

Everyone adheres to these rules, which is why the French “strikes” are basically orderly, even if they are large and numerous.

But what surprised us most was not the French’s deep passion and obsession with the strike,It was the warmth and interest they showed during the strike.


In this mighty French strike parade, the first to catch the eye is probably the oversized teddy bear that is everywhere.

On the day before the strike, the cute Frenchman shoved the bear into the subway gate, expressing the urgency of “Oh hurry and squeeze on the last subway, you can’t take it tomorrow” It is equivalent to predicting the strike again.

On the day of the strike, the style of painting became more joyous and healed. In the morning, the subway station door was locked and left empty. The bears were lined up but could not enter the station. They were stopped outside.